Welcome to the Magicka DPS Sets article. We will discuss some of the best magicka sets that are available at the moment and why they are most commonly used, this article is here to support my builds on the website and to give alternative options.

Magicka Sets

Maelstrom’s Staff

Crushing Wall drops in the Maelstrom Arena but only in the veteran mode. This is a must have for every endgame player, the weapon will increase your dps by around 3-5k. This is a huge overall buff to your single target damage as your Light and Heavy Attacks will deal way more damage. The Maelstrom Staff only works in combination with Elemental Blockade or the other morph of it. Most builds have the skill on the backbar, that is also where your Maelstrom Staff should be otherwise the buff will not apply.

False God’s Devotion

False God’s Devotion comes in two different versions, False God's Devotion and Perfected False God's Devotion. The perfect version has an additional magicka bonus, the unique five piece bonus is exactly the same on both sets, in addition this set also has another extra spell damage bonus on the five piece both on the imperfect and perfect version. This is the new best choice when you can combine this set with a Breton you get 15% spell cost reduction, which means you can easily run Two-Stat Food (Health+Magicka) which results in way more max magicka and max health! For pure damage the set is slightly worse then Siroria, but Siroria is not applicable in most Dungeon and Trial scenarios, so False God’s Devotions wins in most situation.

Mantle of Siroria

Mantle of Siroria comes in two different versions, Mantle of Siroria and Perfect Mantle of Siroria. The perfect version has an additional magicka bonus, the unique five piece bonus is exactly the same on both sets. Siroria drops in Cloudrest which is located in Summerset. In terms of raw strength this is the strongest set in the game, with one little downside to it as it is quite difficult to keep all stacks up. When Siroria is fully charged you can get a whooping 600 Spell Damage from this set, technically even more because modifiers also affect the set. Now the tricky part with this set is, to keep up the stacks, that can be difficult at times when you have to move around a lot on bossfights. This is basically a perfect Target Dummy Humper set but hard to master during Boss fights due to the movement restrictions with the circle. So yes it is a very strong set, but not on all bosses!

Spell Strategist

Spell Strategist is one of the top tier single target sets. In addition, you can also frontbar the set only and still get crazy uptimes of the debuff on the enemy that increases your spell damage. The 500 spell damage can also be further increased with modifiers like increased spell damage from the Major Sorcerery buff. Keep in mind that this set is pure single target, that means it will only work on one specific enemy at a time. Therefore the set has one big downside, you will loose a lot of damage on AoE.

Mother’s Sorrow

Mother's Sorrow can be found in Deshaan. This is currently the most used set and works well in combination with Siroria or Spell Strategist. It gives a huge amount of extra spell critical. Most builds frontbar this set, you will loose the bonus once you swap to the backbar but it is only a minor loss. Most builds are focused around frontbar so you should not stay for too long on the backbar to minimize the loss of the five piece set bonus.

I can highly recommend this set for most situations, it is very strong for both Single Target and AoE damage.

Burning Spellweave

Burning Spellweave drops in City of Ash 1 and 2. It is also one of the stronger sets in terms of spell damage. The nice thing about the set is that you can frontbar it only and once the set is activated, the buff will stay even when you go to your backbar. The only downside is that the uptime is not always high as you need some sort of fire damage to proc the set.


Law of Julianos is a craftable set, the crafting station is located in the west of Wrothgar in the Boreal Forge. This is one of the most used sets, it can be easily acquired because it can be crafted. It is recommended to run this set fully bared, so the spell damage is always active, the spell damage can also be further increased by modifiers like Major Sorcerer.

Elemental Succession

Elemental Succession drops in the Maelstrom Arena on normal and veteran. This is a very powerful set, whenever you deal Flame, Shock, or Frost Damage, you gain 550 Spell Damage for that element for 4 seconds with a 4 second cooldown. That is more spell damage than any other set offers but you have to be careful, it only works on Flame, Shock or Frost damage!


Necropotence drops in Rivenspire. Necropotence is a niche set and usually used on a pet Sorcerer or a magicka Warden as both of those setups have access to pets. The stats of the set also scale with modifiers like increased max magicka from skills like Inner Light. The set is very strong and should definitely be used when possible.

Scathing Mage

Scathing Mage drops in Imperial City Prison, which is part of the Imperial City DLC. The set also performs well but the proc can sometimes be hard to keep up. So in theory if you can get a max uptime on the proc it will perform well, but in reality it is always difficult to get a decent uptime on it. The one positive thing is that the set can be used on the frontbar only and even when you weapon swap the effect will stay active once proced.


Mechanical Acuity is a craftable set, the crafting location can be found in Clockwork City at the Pavillion of Artifice crafting location. It is a niche set and not that often used anymore. But if you have short fights and you want to maximize your critical damage then this is the set you should choose. The set can also be used on the frontbar only and the effect will stay active on the backbar.

Spinner’s Garments

Spinner's Garments drops in Malabal Tor. The set is only useful if you have not reached the spell penetration cap yet. Usually magicka setups in a group setting get close to the cap even without this set, but if you are playing solo you most likely miss out on a lot of group buffs and debuffs and therefore this set can come in handy with the extra spell penetration. Spell penetration is more relevant then spell damage in terms of damage, so the set can really make a difference in your damage output.

Master Architect

Master Architect drops in Halls of Fabrication normal and veteran mode. The set is often used in progression raid groups to help increase dps with propper positioning. You want to have two Master Architect sets in the group in trials, because the buff will affect you and two other people. Now please keep in mind that the buff goes on the two person closest to you, even if they already have the buff. Therefore it is important that you set up propper positioning for your group to get as much from the set as possible. The set is often used on setups that use very cheap Ultimate abilities like Soul Harvest from the Nightblades or Crescent Sweep from Templars.

New Moon Acolyte

New Moon Acolyte is a craftable set from the Dragonhold DLC and can be crafted in the Fur-Forge Cove in Southern Elsweyr. This is one of the most powerful craftable sets ever released in the game, giving you a astonishing 481 Weapon Damage and Spell Damage. However, because it is so powerful it comes with a downside, because it increase the cost of your active abilities by 5%. To reduce the extra 5% cost, you can front bar the set, you will loose the damage on the back bar, but most builds have expensive damage over time effects on the back bar. In addition, many builds are very front bar focused, so you do not spend a lot of time on the back bar where your damage buff is not applied. The set is very powerful, but you have to manage your sustain more.

Monster Sets

There are various good Magicka dps Monster Sets available that you can choose from. Now keep in mind, you also have the option to combine two one piece bonuses monster sets instead of a full one.


Zaan helmet drops in Scalecaller Peak veteran mode and is part of the Dragonbones DLC, the shoulders can be found in the  Urgalarg Chief-bane’s undaunted chest. This set is one of the most popular dps Monster Sets. Zaan has the strongest single target dps out of all monster sets. The only real downside to this set is its limited range which is at a maximum of 8 meters. So you have to be able to stay close to your enemy, otherwise the beam will break and the set goes on cooldown.

Valkyn Skoria

Valkyn Skoria helmet drops in City of Ash 2 veteran mode, the shoulder can be obtained from the Glirion undaunted chest. This is one of the most common monster sets used. A lot of times, especially when you are using food like Witchmother’s Potent Brew or Clockwork Citrus Filet, the one piece bonus is extremely helpful. The one piece health bonus makes up for the loss of health due to the Witchmother’s or Citrus Filet buff-foods, bringing you right back to where you were with normal blue max health max magicka food. The proc itself also does really nice damage and also has an AoE component attached to it.


Grothdarr helmet drops in Vaults of Madness veteran mode, the should can be found in the Glirion undaunted chest. Grothdarr is usually used when you want a lot of AoE damage. The set has a nice radius of 8 meters which can affect a lot of enemies if they are propperly stacked. The one piece bonus can also come in handy if you want to focus on max magicka.


Ilambris helmet drops in Crypts of Hearts 1 veteran mode, the shoulder can be found in the Glirion undaunted chest. This monster set is usually used on Sorcerers which both have shock and fire damage. You need both shock and fire damage to proc both components of the set. If you only have fire damage then only the fire component will proc. The damage for both single target and AoE is very good.


Balorgh helmet drops in March of Sacrifices and the shoulder can be found in the Urgalarg Chief-bane’s undaunted chest. This is a very niche monster set. The set only really has one good application, usually when you can stack up to 500 ultimate points to get everything out of the monster set. So it is usually used when you can fully charge up your ultimate for big trash packs or for bosses that only last a very short time.


Slimecraw helmet drops in Wayrest Sewers 1 and the shoulder can be found in the Maj undaunted chest. If you need access to the Minor Berserk 8% increased damage buff then this is the set you want to use, it is often used on certain setups in the Maelstrom Arena. The set is also often used as a one piece together with a one piece of Zaan to stack two spell critical bonuses.


Iceheart helmet drops in Direfrost Keep and the shoulders can be find in the Glirion undaunted chest. The set is not used to maximize dps, but to maximize mitigation. The shield that this set provides can be very helpful during tight situations. It is often used in Asylum Sanctorium or Cloudrest. It is also often referred to as “The carry set”.