Welcome to the Dolmen Grind Guide for ESO, Dolen farming is one of the easiest ways to gain experience and level up the Fighters Guild at the same time. It gives decent experience and an unlimited amount of players can join the dolmen grind. It is not the best experience gain in the game, but it is decent enough to be worth it plus you really don’t need anything at all to participate.

You can binge watch series or watch some of my videos on AlcastHQ Youtube. If you want to know the fastest way to grind then I can recommend checking out my Powerleveling Guide for advanced players. In the advanced guide I also go more into depth on how you can boost your experience gained per hour.

  • Good EXP
  • Easy Grind
  • No Gear needed
  • can binge watch
Dolmen Farming Guide ESO - Fast and Easy Leveling!

How to Dolmen Farm

Once you reach the zone Alik’r Desert, all you have to do is go to one of the three dolmens and ask for a group. For example on the PC EU server people have auto invite active so as soon as you type +dolmen in the zone chat you will get an invite to the big group that farms experience at the dolmens.

This zone is especially nice since all of the three dolmens are very close to their Wayshrine. That is why it is called the Alik’r Dolmen Grind.

You can increase experience gain by using Experience Scrolls or Ambrosia Experience Potions and Training Gear!

How to get to the dolmen farming spot?

Easiest way to get there is by opening your friends or guild roster and then teleport to someone that is in the Alik’r Desert (this even works if you are not in the same alliance). If you are completely new then I recommend joining a guild via the Guild Finder feature in the game and ask someone to port you there.

Don’t forget the Fighters Guild

Make sure to get the Fighters Guild before you start this grind. The Fighters Guild levels up quite fast by doing these Dolmens (because that is how they are leveled up as seen in the screenshot). If you do not have the Fighters Guild yet it will not start leveling it up. If you do not know where to get these, make sure to check out the location of the Fighters Guild for all three alliances!

You can find the Fighters Guild in each Start Town as displayed in the pictures below: