The ESO Companion System is part of the Blackwood Chapter that will launch later this year in June. The ESO Companion System lets you unlock companions through quests. Companions can fight alongside you in combat and provide utility and support for you while you explore Tamriel.

Once you have a companion unlocked you can level the companion up to make him/her even more powerful. There is also a full dialog system attached to each companion in ESO. You can also equip them with gear and slot individual skills. The Companion combat behavior can be set to either be a full healer or damage dealer or a mix of both, whatever you pick!

Companions Feature Overview

  • Level Up System
  • Dialog System
  • Gear System
  • Skills System
  • Set Combat Behavior
  • Solo and Group Content (Not usable in PVP and Solo Arenas)

Companions System ESO

Where can I use my Companions in ESO?

You can use companions in ESO almost everywhere, except in PVP. For example, while playing solo you will always be able to bring your companion with you to help you in combat. In group content such as dungeons they function as a replacement in case you miss a group member.

Therefore you could actually enter a 4-man dungeon with 3 players + 1 companion. Or you want to enter a trial but can’t find 2 addition members, then you could simply go in with 10 players + 2 companions. Please keep in mind, this has not been confirmed.

Companion System Overview 2

You can always despawn Companions on a click if you don’t need/want them. There are two different companions available at launch of the Blackwood Chapter. They are unlocked via quests in the Blackwood zone.

All companions have their own unique identities. The companions can like or dislike your actions. In the future, we will be updating our Companion Overview Page for everything related to companions.

Once you unlock a companion they start at level 1 and they can level up by gaining experience with you through quests or combat. You can also slot skills for the companion and change their looks (Costumes, Outfits & Mounts!).