The Knight of Numidium

The Knights of Numidium are restless machines, who fight everyone who stands in their way to rebuild the legendary Numidium.

Knight of Numidium Fashion Outfit

  • Hat: Engine Guardian’s Mask DG/DG/AS
  • Shoulders: Engine Guardian’s Shoulder DG/AS/AS
  • Chest: Apostle Jack AS/DG/AS
  • Hands: Apostle Gauntlets DG/AS
  • Belt: Dremora Girdle DG/AS
  • Legs: Apostle Greaves DG/AS/AS
  • Boots: Apostle Boots AS/AS/DG
  • Weapon: Skyforge Smith Hammer AdS/AdS/AdS
  • Engine Guardian Shield DG/AS/DG

DG= Divine Gold, AS= Antique Silver, AdS = Adamantine Silver

How to obtain:

  • Engine Guardian Mask: Darkshade Caverns 2
  • Engine Guardian Shoulder: Maj chest
  • Apostle Motif: Daily Quests in Clockwork City
  • Dremora: Witches festival
  • Skyforge Hammer: With Master Crafter Achievement
  • Engine Guardian Arms Pack: Crown Store
  • Divine Gold: Legendary Jewelry Crafter Achievement
  • Antique Silver: Master Jewelry Crafter Achievement
  • Adamantine Silver: Dragonstar Conqueror Achievement

Shadow Knight

The Shadow Knights are a secret Order of Warriors who defend the Ebonheart Pact leaders with their lives. They left their beloved families and homes to serve their homeland.

Shadow Knight Outfit

  • Hat: Order of the Hour Helm CAB/RR
  • Shoulders: Ebonheart Epaulets CAB/RR
  • Chest: Worm Cult Cuirass CAB/RR/RR
  • Hands: Ebonheart Gauntlets RR/CAB/CAB
  • Belt: Hlaalu Girdle RR
  • Legs: Hlaalu Greaves CAB/RR/CAB
  • Boots: Militant Order Sabatons CAB/RR
  • Weapon: Hollowjack Sword
  • Shield: Lyris Titanborn’s Shield

Coldharbour Ash Black=CAB, Ruby Throne Red= RR

How to obtain:

  • Order of the Hour Motif: By completing Kvatch Arena daily quests
  • Ebonheart Motif: Bought with Telvar in Imperial City Ebonheart Camp
  • Worm Cult Motif: Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes
  • Hlaalu Motif: By stealing it from homes, persons and safeboxes
  • Militant Order Motif: Purchasable with Alliance points at Supply merchants
  • Hollowjack Motif: Obtainable by opening plunder skulls during the Witches Festival
  • Lyris Titanborn Motif: Anniversary Box

Coldharbour Ash Black: Unlocked by The God of Schemes Achievement

Royal Knight

Royal Knight outfit fashion

  • Hat: Militant Ordinator Hat VV/BW/VV
  • Shoulders: Sai Sahan’s Arm Cops VV/BW
  • Chest: Daggerfall Cuirass BW/VV/VV
  • Hands: Glass Gauntlets BW/BW/VV
  • Belt: Daggerfall Belt VV
  • Legs: Divine Prosecution Greaves BW/VV
  • Boots: Stormlord Sabatons BW/VV
  • Weapon: Daggerfall Sword BW/VV/VV
  • Daggerfall Shield BW/VV/VV

BW=Birch White, VV=Voidstone Violet

How to obtain:

  • Militant Order Motif: Buyable at Battleground Supply Merchant
  • Sai Sahan Motif: Anniversary Jubilee Boxes
  • Daggerfall Motif: Buyable in the Daggerfall camp in IC
  • Glass Motif: Mending Glass chapters from Daily Writs
  • Divine Prosecution Motif: Summerset CE edition
  • Stormlords Motif: Battlegrounds

Voidstone Violet: All Death Challenges Achievement

Birch White: Expert of Refinement Achivement



Old King’s Knight

Old King's Knight Outfit

  • Hat: Ebony Hat AS/AS/AS
  • Shoulders: Worm Cult Pauldrons AS
  • Chest: Skinchanger Cuirass AS/AS/AS
  • Hands: Malacath Gauntlets AS/AS/AS
  • Belt: Huntsman Sash AS
  • Legs: Ra Gada Greaves   AS/AS/AS
  • Boots: Worm Cult Sabatons AS/AS
  • Weapon: Welkynar Greatsword

AS= Adamantine Silver, JW= Julianos White, BW= Bloodroot Wine

How to obtain:

  • Ebony Motif: By purchasing it Rolis Hlaalu with Writ Vouchers.
  • Worm Cult Motif: Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes
  • Skinchanger Motif: New Live Festival Gift Boxes
  • Malacath Motif: Completing World Boss daily quests
  • Huntsman Motif: By completing March of Sacrifices
  • Ra Gada Motif: Completing Focus Points and defeating World and Delve bosses
  • Welkynar Motif: Combining Motif Fragments from Cloudrest