This Champion Points Beginner Guide for ESO is here to help you understand this very complex skill system and get rid of misconceptions and questions that you might have.

It is a very unique way of improving your character and an often misunderstood leveling system.

Important! Champion Points can be used on all of your characters. They are account-wide, and they can be spent on a new character, meaning that if you decide to start a new character, it will already have all the Champion Points you earned on your level 50+ toon.

While you can play on PC/Mac on both Mega Servers with your one account, they do count as two separate ones, so nothing transfers.

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You can also check out the Champion Point Calculator that will tell you how to set your Champion Points correctly while leveling.

Where the Champion Point system started

It was first introduced in Update 6 back in 2015 to The Elder Scrolls Online. Rewarding you for continuing to play past level 50, this Passive Skill system offers way more flexibility than the Passive Ability system found in your Skill section. This Champion Points Beginner Guide will help you in understanding all aspects of the Champion Point system.

With reaching level 50, you immediately receive 10 Champion Points. This is due to the fact that Champion Points replaced Veteran Ranks which were removed from The Elder Scrolls Online in 2016, and for every Veteran Rank you would earn 10 Champion Points.

For everything your character does you accumulate EXP, be it quests, crafting, exploration or combat. It will also be very fast gaining ranks in the beginning, whereas the further you progress in ranks it starts to become harder as you need more EXP to gain a Champion Point rank.

What Champion Points are in detail

As mentioned before, after reaching level 50, you will continue earning experience points. These fill up the experience bar of Champion Points and it will take turns on what kind of Champion Point constellation you earn.

Champion Points are split between three main trees, representing three different colours. The three main trees are named after constellations and are devoted to different goals.

Champion Points Beginner Guide Warrior Symbol
The Warrior (red tree) stands for Protection and Health.

Champion Points Beginner Guide Mage Symbol
The Mage (blue tree) stands for Damage and Magicka.

Champion Points Beginner Guide Thief Symbol
The Thief (green tree) stands for Utility and Stamina.



Up until 300 Champion Points you earn basic resources for every 3 Champion Points spent in the respective trees. They alternate between 79 and 80 resources gained. So, if for example you spend 3 Champion points in the blue tree, you can gain either 79 or 80 Magicka, depending on how many Champion Points you have already spent.

You will receive more health though for every 3 Champion Points spent up to a maximum of 300 Champion Points (after that point you stop gaining resources), so for the red tree this makes a total of 1748 Health gained, whereas you receive 1591 Magicka and 1591 Stamina total.


Every constellations offers 4 perks each which makes it 36 in total. These are even more powerful passives that unlock at specific points spent in a tree. They unlock at 10, 30, 75 and 120 points that you spent in one specific tree and can either help you in general gameplay like an inspiration boost to research, or increases your damage with a light or heavy attack.
They will unlock after each other, so that you won’t lose any of the foregoing perk after you have unlocked it.

You also don’t need to spend it all in one passive. The points count per tree spent.

Champion Points Beginner Guide Red Tree


Right now the Champion Point system has two caps. One is the Soft Cap at Champion Points 810. This means that beyond this point, any points earned cannot be spent on new Champion Point Passives. So, per constellation tree, you can only spend 270 points.

The hard cap is 3600 points. Beyond that point you don’t gain any experience anymore and cannot receive more Champion Points.

Zenimax Online Studios (ZOS) has currently initiated a hold on increasing the Champion Points Soft Cap due to power creep, that means the 810 Champion Points will stay for a while.

Champion Points Beginner Guide Green Tree

Enlightenment (Boost)

In order to gain experience quickly and to make it easier to catch up with the Soft Cap, every day you receive 400,000 EXP of Enlightenment, depending on what time your first character reached level 50.
Only level 50 characters can be Enlightened and the pool is shared across all your level 50 characters on that account.

After twelve days you will reach the maximum of Enlightenment you can get per account, which is currently 4,800,000 EXP.

When your Enlightenment is used up, you will return to the standard rate of gaining experience points.

Champion Points Beginner Guide Blue Tree


The Champion Point Passives will gain you a lot of benefits in the beginning, as you only need a couple of points to increase their strength.

This is called Diminishing Returns. It means that you need to invest more points into gaining a benefit the further you progress in the rank.

Furthermore, gaining benefits of Passives are determined by two factors: the actual amount and the rounded down amount.

In general, Champion Point ranks round down. You need to meet so called Jump Points in order for them to count as their full value. If you want to learn more about it, you can go read this guide on Champion Point Jump Points as it explains it in its entirety.

Video Guide Champion Points

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