Welcome to the ESO Mural Mender Achievement Guide for the Elder Scrolls Online. For the Mural Mender Achievement, you have to find several fragments of an ancient Khajiiti mural and bring them back to the “House of Histories” in the city of Riverhold. By doing so, you will be rewarded with an exact replica of the said mural for your own house, as well as 50 Achievement points. To access and complete the Mural Mender Achievement you need to own the Elsweyr Chapter.

1. Getting the Quest “The Song of Kingdoms”

Go to the House of Histories in Riverhold (North on the map). Walk through the first room and enter the door to the Kingdom’s Exhibit. You will find two Khajiit inside, one of them is Iraya who will offer you a quest. You learn from her that the “Rithana-di-Renada” is an ancient Khajiiti mural that she and her brother had restored from 16 different fragments. Unfortunately, thieves stole each and every one! Offer to help her find the missing fragments and she will send you to the Tomb of the Serpents, because the very nice and not very intelligent thief has left a note referring to it.

2. Tomb of the Serpent / Anequina Fragment

After getting the quest, go to the Tomb of the Serpent, a delve not far from Riverhold. Once you reach the fragment, you will encounter a Shadow of Rajhin who confesses he stole the mural. He wants you to find the remaining 15 pieces and gives you a book with 15 clues on where to find them.

Pick up the Anequina Fragment and go back to the House of Histories. You can talk to Izanji there, place the mural piece you found, and then head on your way to find the other ones. You have a book with all the clues. Figure them out yourself (which I found to be a lot of fun) or you can simply check my map here:

3. Finding the other fragments

Here you can find all the fragments for the Mural Mender Achievement for ESO.

  1. Anequina / inside of Tomb of Serpents Delve (Found during Intro Quest)
  2. Riverhold: Inside Abode of Ignominy Delve
  3. Rimmen: Inside Rimmen Necropolis Public Dungeon, in the corner of the room with the lava pits
  4. Kenarthia: South East of Rimmen Wayshrine, inside ruin of a house
  5. Dune: East of Star Haven Wayshrine, beneath a stone arch
  6. Verkarth: Inside the “Predator Mesa” Delve
  7. Meirvale: West of “The Prowl” landmark, inside a small cave
  8. Pellitine: Between “Moon Gate of Anequina” and Sunspire, inside a small temple-like structure
  9. Alabaster: Scar’s Edge world boss, directly to the south of the icon, very close to it.
  10. Senchal: At Ashen Scar’s Southern side, in a tent.
  11. Orcrest: Inside Orcrest Public Dungeon
  12. Corinthe: Inside the weeping scar, middle between weeping scar and shadow dance ruins landmarks, below a tree
  13. Helkarn: Walk south from the Stitches, follow the “dotted” path on the map, and then run right towards the Dragon Spot. Fragment is in the middle of four pillars.
  14. Bruk’ra: Inside “The Tangle” Delve, central room
  15. Tenmar: At “Two Moons at Tenmar Temple” Landmark, in the courtyard. Behind a statue of a female khajiit, to the right of the entrance of the temple building
  16. Torval: North of Talon Gulch World Boss, where the road takes a curve. To the left of the road in a tree stump.

Locations of all Fragments:

4. Turning in the fragments and additional quest

Once you have found the above fragments and turned them in at the House of Histories, Iraya will come back into the room and offer you an additional quest. She will tell you that she is disappointed that there is no music, because according to the legends, the mural is supposed to play a song of the Khajiiti people. Offer to help her once again, and inspect the mural.
Rajhin’s Shadow will reappear and admit he stole another thing: the Singing Crystal. He sends you off to the “Sugar-Slinger’s Den”. For that, simply follow the quest marker to the North of Riverhold. At its position, you meet the Khajiit Qa’jahd who will bring you to the Den.

Inside the Sugar-Slinger’s Den, you should make sure to sneak, as being spotted by the NPCs will give you a bounty. The Crystal is located in the upper area of the cave, you can reach it by walking upstairs in the big room.

Once you obtained the Singing Crystal, return to the House of Histories and place the crystal on the mural. You can now hear the .. uhm.. beautiful “song”. The mural in the museum even has a fancy lightshow!

Completing the quest will unlock a Replica of the Rithana-di-Renada for your own home, and you will also get a Robe of the Crafty Alfiq Set with the Divines trait. The Replica does also have the sound and the light show! Congratulations for completing the Mural Mender Achievement!