In this guide you can find a full list of all the Antiquities that you can obtain and where they drop from.

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Note: The mentioned locations are confirmed drops only. More monsters might drop certain leads, please keep that in mind.

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Table of Contents

Mythic Items & Related Guides

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Alik’r Desert

Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Alik’r Desert.

Ancestral Orc GlovesGreenTreasure Map ChestMotifSimple
Antique Map of The Alik’r Desert (Picture)GreenFound at the Inn (Requires Pathfinder Achievement)FurnishingSimple
Satakal SkinrazerGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Dwarven Spine CouplingBlue“Curious Dwemer Rubble” in a corner of Rkulftzel Crafting Location (Song of Lamae Set)Ebon Dwarven Wolf Part (Picture)Intermediate
Na-Totambu Two-Fingered GauntlestBlueReward for excavating Satakal SkinrazerTreasureIntermediate
Weathered Dwarven CogsBlueAldunz Delve, Boss Thinks-in-GearsEbon Dwarven Wolf Part (Picture)Intermediate
Ancestral Orc SwordsPurpleTreasure Map ChestsMotifAdvanced
Hegathe Divining RodPurpleReward for exacavating Na-Totambu blue leadTreasureAdvanced
The Heartland (Picture)PurpleCyrodiil Chests, Cyrodiil Delve Bosses, Cyrodiil Cave Monsters, Treasure Maps in Cyrodiil, Monsters in Cyrodiil, Gati the Storm Sister in IC sewersFurnishingAdvanced
Coil of Satakal (Picture)GoldSafebox in SentinelFurnishingMaster
Dwarven Leather Saddle SeatGoldVolenfell Dungeon Last BossEbon Dwarven Wolf Part (Picture)Master
Torc Strand of Lore (Mythic Item)GoldWorld BossesTorc of Tonal Constancy PartMaster



Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Artaeum.

Faded Psijic FolioGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Warped Scrying DipperBlueReward for excavating Faded Psijic FolioTreasureIntermediate
Ritemaster’s SlatePurpleReward for excavating Warped Scrying DipperTreasureAdvanced
Coral Plating (Mythic Item)GoldArtaeum –  Artaeum FishingThrassian Stranglers PartMaster



Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Auridion.

Ancestral High Elf BowsGreenTreasure Map ChestMotifSimple
Antique Map of Auridon (Picture)GreenFound in Firsthold City (up North) in the “Overlook Inn” Barkeeper NPC (Requires Pathfinder Achievement)FurnishingSimple
Festival of Defiance TokenGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Scale-Etched Slither PipeBlueReward for Excavating Festival of Defiance TokenTreasureIntermediate
Aldmeri Golden EmbellishmentsPurpleThieves Troves in any zoneAldmeri Symphonia partAdvanced
Ancestral High Elf ChestsPurpleTreasure Map ChestMotifAdvanced
Aquiline Calian SpherePurpleReward for excavating Scale-Etched Slither PipeTreasureAdvanced
Maormeri Serpent Shrine (Picture)PurpleSafeboxes, Treasure Map Chests, Public Dungeon Boss, Random Monster, Thieves TrovesFurnishingAdvanced
Echoes of Aldmeris (Picture)GoldChests, Pack Merchants BagFurnishingMaster
Inert Anemone Inlay (Mythic Item)GoldAll World BossesThrassian Stranglers PartMaster


Bal Foyen

Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Bal Foyen.

Ancestral Nord BeltsGreenTreasure Map ChestMotifSimple
Basalt-Table Game SetGreenFreebie Starter leadTreasureSimple
Ancestral Nord StavesBlueTreasure Map ChestMotifIntermediate
Great House Gold ChaliceBlueReward for excavating Basalt Table-Game SetTreasureIntermediate
Resdayni Signet RingPurpleReward for excavating Great House Gold ChaliceTreasureAdvanced
The Dutiful Guar (Picture)PurpleSafeboxes, Thieves TrovesFurnishingAdvanced
Tri-Angled Truth Altar (Picture)PurpleSafeboxesFurnishingAdvanced
Malacath’s Brutal Rune Core (Mythic Item)GoldIMPERIAL CITY – Upper District Bosses (Dig Site in Bal Foyen)Malacath’s Band of Brutality PartMaster



Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Bangkorai.

Ancestral Orc Leg GreavesGreenTreasure Map ChestMotifSimple
Antique Map of Bangkorai (Picture)GreenFount at the Inn (Need Pathfinder Achievement)FurnishingSimple
St. Pelin’s CodGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Dwarven Rib FrameBlueKlathzgars Centurion in Klathzgar DelveEbon Dwarven Wolf Part (Picture)Intermediate
Wyrd Root FigureBlueReward for excavating St Pelins clodTreasureIntermediate
Ancestral Orc ShieldsPurpleTreasure Map ChestMotifAdvanced
Dwemer Trade BarPurpleReward for excavating Wyrd Root FigureTreasureAdvanced
Frostlancer Construction CratePurpleGladiator’s Rucksack from Cyrodiil Daily QuestContainerAdvanced
Sloped Dwarven GuardsPurpleAny Boss in Razak’s Wheel Public DungeonEbon Dwarven Wolf Part (Picture)Advanced
Tall Papa’s Lamp (Picture)PurpleSafeboxes, Thieves Trove, World Bosses, Public Dungeon Bosses, Nightstand in Anchor’s Point Inn, Evermore, Klathzgar Delve BossFurnishingAdvanced
Torc Strand of Song (Mythic Item)GoldCaptain Blackheart in Blackheart Haven DungeonTorc of Tonal Constancy PartMaster



Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Betnikh.

Orcish Siege GearGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Ancestral Orc BeltsGreenTreasure Map ChestMotifSimple
Ancestral Orc StavesBlueTreasure Map ChestMotifIntermediate
Ayleid Tendrilled EyeBlueReward for excavating Orcish Siege GearTreasureIntermediate
Ayleid Lightwell (Picture)PurpleTreasure Map, Thieves Trove, Safebox, Nodes, Any random Monster in the zoneFurnishingAdvanced
Cornerstone of Reman IIPurpleReward for excavating Aylied Tendrilled EyeTreasureAdvanced
Malacath’s Brutal Scourge Hoop (Mythic Item)GoldRandom MonsterMalacath’s Band of Brutality PartMaster
Warcaller’s Painted Drum (Picture)GoldRandom MonsterFurnishingMaster


Bleackrock Isle

Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Bleackrock Isle.

Ancestral Nord AxesGreenTreasure Map ChestMotifSimple
Rune-Carved Steering OarGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Ancestral Nord HelmetsBlueTreasmure Map ChestMotifIntermediate
Cloven Ritual MaskBlueReward for excavating Rune-Carved Steering OarTreasureIntermediate
High King SunstonePurpleReward for excavating Cloven Ritual MaskTreasureAdvanced
Ruby Dragon Skull (Picture)PurpleTreasure Chest, Nodes, Thieves Troves, Random MonstersFurnishingAdvanced
Auri-El Metal Carvings (Mythic Item)GoldRandom MonstersSnow Treaders PartMaster
Brazier of Frozen Flame (Picture)GoldRandom MonstersFurnishingUltimate


Clockwork City

Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Clockwork City.

Series Two Animo CoreGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Apostle’s ScourgeBlueReward for excavating Series Tweo Animo CoreTreasureIntermediate
Elegiac VesselPurpleReward for excavating Eligiac VesselTreasureAdvanced
Mnemonic Star-Sphere (Picture)GoldFoul Bait FishingFurnishingMaster



Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Coldharbour.

Tormentor’s RollerGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Inert Daedric ManaclesBlueReward for excavating Tormentors RollerTreasureIntermediate
Daedric Pillar of Torment (Picture)PurpleChest, Nodes, Village of the Lost Public Dungeon Bosses, World Bosses, Vaults of Madness MonstersFurnishingAdvanced
Ebony-Forged Dwarven LimbsPurpleWorld BossesEbon Dwarven Wolf Part (Picture)Advanced
Shattered Iron MaidenPurpleReward for excavating Inert Daedric ManaclesTreasureAdvanced
Magicka-Imbued Metal Plates (Mythic Item)GoldCyrodiil Delve BossesSnow Treaders PartMaster
Sanguine Doublet (Mythic Item)GoldPublic Dungeon Boss Village of the Lost (Excluding the Group Event)Bloodlord’s Embrace PartMaster
Void-Crystal Anomaly (Picture)GoldNodesFurnishingMaster



Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Craglorn.

Watcher’s Ritual StoleGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Cracked Serpent PendantBlueReward for excavating Watcher’s Ritual StoleTreasureIntermediate
Sacrificed Weapons of the FourPurpleReward for excavating Cracked Serpent PendantTreasureAdvanced
Spellscar Shard (Picture)PurpleTreasure Chest, Random Monsters, Chest Event in Skyreach, Thieve TrovesFurnishingAdvanced
Aetherquartz Tonal ResonatorGoldSkilled Seamstress & Mthamaz Delve, Boss The Brass HatchlingEbon Dwarven Wolf Part (Picture)Master
Altar of Celestial Convergence (Picture)GoldFinal Boss of Craglorn TrialsFurnishingMaster
Ebon Dwarven Wolf HeadGoldRkundzelft Group Delve, Mzeklok BossEbon Dwarven Wolf Part (Picture)Master
Large Aetherium LensesGoldThe Last Sentinel Boss in Rkhardahrk DelveEbon Dwarven Wolf Part (Picture)Master
Torc Throat Guards (Mythic Item)GoldAnka’Ra Crucible World Boss Event, Chests Near World Boss EventTorc of Tonal Constancy PartMaster



Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Deshaan.

Ancestral Nord BootsGreenTreasure Map ChestMotifSimple
Antique Map of Deshaan (Picture)GreenFound in Mournhold at the “The Flaming Nix” Inn (Need Pathfinder Achievement)FurnishingSimple
Coiled Snake CandlestickGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Ancestral Nord MacesBlueTreasure Map ChestMotifIntermediate
Torn Netch-Leather MaskBlueReward for excavating Coiled Snake CandlestickTreasureIntermediate
Brittle Linen Pilgrimage MapPurpleReward for excavating Tom Netch-Leather MaskTreasureAdvanced
Blessed Dais of Almalexia (Picture)GoldSafebox in any zoneFurnishingMaster
Dwarven Articulated PawsGoldDarkshade Caverns Boss Sentinel of RkugamzEbon Dwarven Wolf Part (Picture)Master
Dwarven HorngripGoldDark Shade Caverns Boss Engine Guardian BossEbon Dwarven Wolf Part (Picture)Master
Torc Strand of Power (Mythic Item)GoldWorld BossesTorc of Tonal ConstancyMaster



Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Eastmarch.

Ancestral Nord Leg GreavesGreenTreasure Map ChestMotifSimple
Antique Map of Eastmarch (Picture)GreenFound in Windhelm at the “Cold Moon” Inn (Pathfinder Achievement)FurnishingSimple
Nord Copper Shield BossGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Wolf-head BroochBlueReward for excavating Wolf-head BroochTreasureIntermediate
Aligned Dwarven PlatesPurpleMzulft Normal MonstersEbon Dwarven Wolf Part (Picture)Advanced
Ancestral Nord ShieldsPurpleTreasure Map ChestMotifAdvanced
Royal Ivory HiltPurpleReward for excavating Wolf-head BroochTreasureAdvanced
Sacred Chalice of Ysgramor (Picture)PurplePublic Dungeon Boss in Hall of the Dead, World Bosses, NodesFurnishingAdvanced
Carved Whale Totem (Picture)GoldRandom MonstersFurnishingMaster
Snowy Sabre Cat Fur Strip (Mythic Item)GoldNormal or Veteran Direfrost Keep (Drodda of Icereach)Snow Treaders PartMaster



Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Eyevea.

Yellowed Grummite PearlGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Sheogorath Madness CubeBlueReward for excavating Yellowe Grummite PearlTreasureIntermediate
Inert Daedric SpellstonePurpleReward for excavating Inert Daedric SpellstoneTreasureAdvanced
Sticky Integument Leather (Mythic Item)GoldSUMMERSET or ARTAEUM Psijic Portal (Only dig site is in Eyevea)Thrassian Strangler PartMaster



Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Glenumbra.

Ancestral Orc BowsGreenTreasure Map ChestMotifSimple
Antique Map of Glenumbra (Picture)GreenFound in Daggerfall City at the “The Rosy Lion” Inn (Pathfinder Achievement)FurnishingSimple
Manmer Coupled IdolGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Rislav Tryptic PanelBlueReward for excavating Manmer Coupled IdolTreasureIntermediate
Ancestral Orc Chest PiecesPurpleTreasure Map ChestMotifAdvanced
Jeweled Skull of Ayleid Kings (Picture)PurpleLead drops in Cyrodiil Treasure Chests or Heavy Sacks, Random Monster, Imperial City upper District Bosses (Only dig site is in Glenumbra)FurnishingAdvanced
Physnatic Scroll CasePurpleReward for Excavating Rislav Tryptic PanelTreasureAdvanced
Band of Water (Mythic Item)GoldPublic Dungeon Boss Bad Man’s HallowRing of the Wild Hunt PartMaster
Goblet Gorget (Mythic Item)GoldSpindleclutch (The Whisperer)Bloodlord’s Embrace PartMaster
Kingmaker’s Trove (Picture)GoldTreasure ChestFurnishingMaster


Gold Coast

Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Gold Coast.

Ornate Nose RingGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Antique Map of the Gold Coast (Picture)GreenFound in Anvil City at the “Mudcrab and Suds” Inn (Pathfinder Achievement)FurnishingSimple
Water-worn Anvil BustBlueReward for excavating ornate Nose RingTreasureIntermediate
Book of Dark RitesPurpleReward for excavating Water-worn Anvil BustTreasureAdvanced
Golden Idol of Morihaus (Picture)GoldAny Minotaur MonsterFurnishingMaster
Meridian Sconce (Picture)GoldDepths of Malatar Last Boss Symphony of BladesFurnishingMaster



Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Grahtwood.

Ancestral High Elf BootsGreenTreasure Map ChestMotifSimple
Antique Map of Grahtwood (Picture)GreenFound in Elden Root City at the “Outside” Inn (Pathfinder Achievement)FurnishingSimple
Bosmer Hunting HornGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Ancestral High Elf MacesBlueTreasure Map ChestMotifIntermediate
Ayleid StatuetteBlueReward for excavating Bosmer Hunting HornTreasureIntermediate
Eight-Star Chandelier (Picture)PurpleTreasure Chest, Public Dungeon Root Sunder Ruins, Nodes, Random Urn in Elden Root Town, Safeboxes, Elden Hollow DungeonFurnishingAdvanced
Shattered Camoran Antler CrownPurpleReward for excavating Ayleid StatuetteTreasureAdvanced
Face of the SerpentGoldElden Hollow 1 Last Boss (Normal or Veteran)Ring of the Wild Hunt PartMaster
Preserved Music Box MechanismGoldSafebox (In any zone)Aldmeri SymphoniaMaster
St. Alessia, Paravant (Picture)GoldBattlegrounds RewardFurnishingUltimate



Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Greenshade.

Ancestral High Elf DaggersGreenTreasure Map ChestMotifSimple
Ancient Fertility TotemGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Antique Map of Greenshade (Picture)GreenFound in Marbruk City at the “The Parchment & Horn” Inn (Pathfinder Achievement)FurnishingSimple
Ancestral High Elf ShouldersBlueTreasure Map ChestMotifIntermediate
Protective Tar Warding SigilBlueReward for excavating Ancient Fertility TotemTreasureIntermediate
Den of the Eldest ShoesPurpleReward for excavating Protective Tar Warding SigilTreasureAdvanced
Greensong Gathering Circle (Picture)PurplePublic Dungeon Boss Rulanyil’s Fall, Thieves Trove, Chests, Safeboxes, MoS monstersFurnishingAdvanced
Branch of Falinesti (Picture)GoldNodesFurnishingMaster
Symbol of Y’ffre (Mythic Item)GoldWorld BossesRing of the Wild Hunt PartMaster


Hew’s Bane

Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Hew’s Bane.

Halved Lion Mane’s Wig PieceGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Coiled Serpent LockBlueReward for excavating Halved Lion Mane’s Wig PieceTreasureIntermediate
Portrait of Lady VadayaPurpleReward for excavating Coiled Serpent LockTreasureAdvanced
Yokudan Skystone Scabbard (Picture)PurpleSafebox in Abah’s Landing, Treasure Map, ChestsFurnishingAdvanced
Morwha’s Blessing (Picture)GoldReward for completing a Heist. Tip Board Daily Quest in the Thieves Den.FurnishingMaster
Antique Map of Hew’s Bane (Picture)GreenFound in Abah’s Landing City at the “The Serpent and the Senche” Inn (Pathfinder Achievement)FurnishingSimple


Khenarthi’s Roost

Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Khenarthi’s Roost.

Ancestral High Elf AxesGreenTreasure Map ChestMotifSimple
Ancestral High Elf BeltsGreenTreasure Map ChestMotifSimple
Khenarthi Skooma PipeGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Ancestral High Elf HelmetsBlueTreasure Map ChestMotifIntermediate
Ancestral High Elf StavesBlueTreasure Map ChestMotifIntermediate
Ancient Fishing RodBlueReward for excavating Khenarthi Skooma PipeTreasureIntermediate
Pilazjo’s Training BladePurpleReward for excavating Ancient Fishing RodTreasureAdvanced
Sweet Khenarthi’s Song (Picture)PurpleThieves Trove, Treasure Map, Kwama Worker Random Monster, Chest, Enchanting & Cloth NodeFurnishingAdvanced
Cat’s Eye Prism (Picture)GoldPsijic Portal, NodesFurnishingMaster
Hecatomb Tassets (Mythic Item)GoldLead drops in IMPERIAL CITY from General Kryozote, Zamachar, Ebral & Krosogar, Imperial City Sewers, Emperor Leovic Boss (Only the dig site is in Khenarthi’s Roost)Bloodlord’s Embrace PartMaster


Malabal Tor

Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Malabal Tor.

Ancestral High Elf GlovesGreenTreasure Map ChestMotifSimple
Antique Map of Malabal Tor (Picture)GreenFound in Baandari Trading Post at the “Silver Moons” Inn (Pathfinder Achievement)FurnishingSimple
Spinner’s Singing BoneGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Jeweled Ayleid ScabbardBlueReward for excavating Spinners Singing BoneTreasureIntermediate
Ancestral High Elf SwordsPurpleTreasure Map ChestMotifAdvanced
Hollowbone Wind Chimes (Picture)PurplePublic Dungeon Boss in Crimson Cove, Chest, Fighter’s Guild Daedra Warp, Thieve Troves, BackpacksFurnishingAdvanced
Silvenar’s ScepterPurpleReward for excavating Jeweled Ayleid ScabbardTreasureAdvanced
Silvenari Sap-Stone (Picture)PurpleThieves Trove, Treasure Map Chests, SafeboxFurnishingAdvanced
Face of the Wild Beast (Mythic Item)GoldWorld BossesRing of the Wild Hunt PartMaster



Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Murkmire.

Antique Map of Murkmire (Picture)GreenFound in Lilmoth City at the “The Lusty Argonian Footman” Inn (Pathfinder Achievement)FurnishingSimple
Naga Skull-TrapGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Stone-Chief’s Xul-VaatBlueReward for excavating Naga Skull-TrapTreasureIntermediate
Nisswo’s Soul Tender (Picture)PurpleSafebox at the armorer in Lilmoth, Treasure Map, World Boss Bok-Xul, Any Boss in Cavern DelveFurnishingAdvanced
Vakka Bok Sun BowlPurpleReward for excavating Stone- Chief’s Xul-VaatTreasureAdvanced
Charm of the Shapeless (Mythic Item)GoldWorld Bosses + Any Boss in DelvesRing of the Wild Hunt PartMaster


Northern Elsweyr

Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Northern Elsweyr.

Antique Map of Northern Elsweyr (Picture)GreenFound in Rimmen City at the “The Sugar Bowl” Inn (Pathfinder Achievement)FurnishingSimple
Faded Khajiit ClawGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Khajiit Plague MaskBlueReward for excavating Faded Khajiit ClawTreasureIntermediate
Khajiit Prayer ClothPurpleReward for excavating Khajiit Plague MaskTreasureAdvanced
Moth Priest’s Cleansing Bowl (Picture)PurpleImperial Sewer Bosses, Imperial Sewers Monsters, Imperial City Boss Volghass, Imperial Sewer General Malvicus (Story quest of Imperial City), Backpacks in Imperial CityFurnishingAdvanced
Stained Glass of the Lunar Phases (Picture)GoldAny Dragon Boss FightFurnishingUltimate


Reaper’s March

Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Reaper’s March.

Ancestral High Elf LegsGreenTreasure Map ChestMotifSimple
Antique Map of Reaper’s March (Picture)GreenFound in Rawl’Kha City at the “The Waxing Crescent” Inn (Pathfinder Achievement)FurnishingSimple
Two Moons CenserGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Hunt-Lord’s DjeridBlueReward for excavating Two Moons CenserTreasureIntermediate
Ancestral High Elf ShieldsPurpleTreasure Map ChestMotifAdvanced
Mane’s Frayed CrownPurpleReward for excavating Hunt-Lord’s DjeridTreasureAdvanced
Shocklancer Construction CratePurpleGladiator’s Rucksack from Cyrodiil Daily QuestContainerAdvanced
Malacath’s Brutal Ritual Dust (Mythic Item)GoldWorld BossesMalacath’s Band of Brutality PartMaster
Moonlight Mirror (Picture)GoldSafeboxFurnishingUltimate
Sorcerer-King’s Blade (Picture)GoldCheydinhal + Vlastrus Quest RewardFurnishingMaster



Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Rivenspire.

Ancestral Orc DaggersGreenTreasure Map ChestMotifSimple
Antique Map of Rivenspire (Picture)GreenFound in Shornhelm at the “Dead Wolf” Inn (Pathfinder Achievement)FurnishingSimple
House Tamrith Official SealGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Ancestral Orc ShouldersBlueTreasure Map ChestMotifIntermediate
Northpoint Fouding CoinBlueReward for excavating House Tamrith Official SealTreasureIntermediate
Riven King’s Throne (Picture)PurpleSafebox, Daedric Incursion Random World Event, Wood Node, Thieves Trove, ChestsFurnishingAdvanced
Spire of Erokii FriezePurpleReward for excavating Northpoint Founding CoinTreasureAdvanced
Remnant of the False Tower (Picture)GoldNodesFurnishingMaster
Thirsting Girdle (Mythic Item)GoldIllambris Athro Boss Crypts of Hearts 1Bloodlord’s Embrace PartMaster



Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Shadowfen.

Ancestral Nord DaggersGreenTreasure Map ChestMotifSimple
Antique Map of Shadowfen (Picture)GreenFound in Stormhold City at the “Coin Brothers’ Cornerclub Inn (Pathfinder Achievement)FurnishingSimple
Child’s Ragged Tree DollGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Ancestral Nord ShouldersBlueTreasure Map ChestMotifIntermediate
Silver Wish MedaillonBlueReward for excavating Child’s Ragged Tree DollTreasureIntermediate
Onyx Shadowscale Scroll CasePurpleReward for excavating Silver Wish MedaillonTreasureAdvanced
Fanged Cuirass (Mythic Item)GoldPublic Dungeon Boss (Sanguine’s Demense)Bloodlord’s Embrace PartMaster
Nest of Shadows (Picture)GoldArx CoriniumFurnishingMaster


Southern Elsweyr

Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Southern Elsweyr.

Antique Map of Southern Elsweyr (Picture)GreenFound in Senchal City at the “The Sweet Breezes” Inn (Pathfinder Achievement)FurnishingSimple
Spiked Scalebreaker BoltGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Meteoric-Iron PraviseBlueReward for excavating Spiked Scalebreaker BoltTreasureIntermediate
Ancient Dragonguard LurePurpleReward for excavating Meteoric-Iron PraviseTreasureAdvanced
Moons-Blessed Ceremonial Pool (Picture)GoldBackpack in Moonlit Cove, Urn in Moonlit Cove, Urn in Senchal, Backpack in Senchal, Backpack in Forsaken CitadelFurnishingUltimate
Shrine of Boethra (Picture)GoldWorld Boss DragonFurnishingUltimate



Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Stonefalls.

Ancestral Nord BowsGreenTreasure Map ChestMotifSimple
Antique Map of Stonefalls (Picture)GreenFound in Davon’s Watch city at the “The Watch House” Inn (Pathfinder Achievement)FurnishingSimple
Nedic WineskinGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Bronzed War HornBlueReward for excavating Nedic WineskinTreasureIntermediate
Dwarven Steam ConduitBlueDelve Boss Inner Sea ArmatureEbon Dwarven Wolf Part (Picture)Intermediate
Ancestral Nord ChestsPurpleTreasure Map ChestMotifAdvanced
Ashen Infernace Gate (Picture)PurpleSafebox, Random Monsters, Treasure Chest, Crow’s Wood Public DungeonFurnishingAdvanced
Chimer Military InsigniaPurpleReward for excavating Bronzed War HornTreasureAdvanced
Firelancer Construction CratePurpleGladiator’s Rucksack from Cyrodiil Daily QuestContainerAdvanced
Torc Tonal Focus (Mythic Item)GoldAll Bosses in Crow’s WoodTorc of Tonal Constancy PartMaster



Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Stormhaven.

Ancestral Orc BootsGreenTreasure Map ChestMotifSimple
Antique Map of Stormhaven (Picture)GreenFound in Wayrest City at the “Cloudy Dregs” Inn (Pathfinder Achievement)FurnishingSimple
Secession Stamp BlockGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Ancestral Orc MacesBlueTreasure Map ChestMotifIntermediate
Nedic Hex TotemBlueReward for excavating Secession Stamp BlocTreasureIntermediate
Direnni Palatial ArtPurpleReward for excavating Nedic Hex TotemTreasureAdvanced
Dwarven BreastguardPurpleEarthforge Pressure Room 3, Curious Dwemer Rubble near the Orgnum’s Scale Clother StationEbon Dwarven Wolf PartAdvanced
Noble Knight’s Rest (Picture)PurpleTreasure Map Chest, Public Dungeon Boss Bonesnap RuinsFurnishingAdvanced
Beacon of Tower Zero (Picture)GoldPsijic Portals, NodesFurnishingMaster
Malacath’s Brutal Ritual Oil (Mythic Item)GoldPublic Dungeon Boss (Bonesnap Ruins)Malacath’s Band of Brutality PartMaster


Stros M’kai

Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Stros M’Kai.

Ancestral Orc AxesGreenTreasure Map ChestMotifSimple
Hunding SextantGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Ancestral Orc HelmetsBlueTreasure Map ChestMotifIntermediate
Goblin Steam MillBlueReward for excavating Hunding SextantTreasureIntermediate
Worn Dwarven GearsBlueWolves outside Bthzark, Dwarven Spider inside Ruins, Assassin Beetle MonsterEbon Dwarven Wolf Part (Picture)Intermediate
Dwarven Puzzle Box (Picture)PurpleSafebox, Thieves Trove, Chest, Random Monsters, NodesFurnishingAdvanced
Dwemer Astrological ChartsPurpleReward for excavating Goblin Steam MillTreasureAdvanced
Bouyant Steel (Mythic Item)GoldFishing (Saltwater)Thrassian Strangler PartMaster
Dwemer Star Chart (Picture)GoldChest, Any random Monster in the zoneFurnishingMaster



Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Summerset.

Antique Map of Summerset (Picture)GreenFound at the Inn (Pathfinder Achievement)FurnishingSimple
Apraxic DecanterGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Jurisreeve’s EyeBlueReward for excavating Apraxic DecanterTreasureIntermediate
Lacquered Wooden Tone-BoxBlueAlinor Jewelry Box ContainerAldmeri Symphonia PartIntermediate
Kinlord’s Tree of AldmerisPurpleReward for excavating Jurisreeve’s EyeTreasureAdvanced
Alinor Allemande (Video)GoldTheatre of Rellenthil NPC (Location)EmoteMaster
Nautilus Shell Guards (Mythic Item)GoldBosses in Karnwasten Public Dungeon, All World BossesThrassian Stranglers PartMaster
Prismatic Sunbird Feather (Picture)GoldGryphon MonstersFurnishingMaster


The Rift

Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in The Rift.

Ancestral Nord GlovesGreenTreasure Map ChestMotifSimple
Antique Map of The Rift (Picture)GreenFound in Riften City at the “Shadehome” Inn (Pathfinder Achievement)FurnishingSimple
Augur’s BonesGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Akaviri Lord’s BannerBlueReward for excavating Augur’s BonesTreasureIntermediate
Cracked Dwarven Gear ShaftsBlueDelve Boss AvanchzelEbon Dwarven Wolf Part (Picture)Intermediate
Ancestral Nord SwordsPurpleTreasure Map ChestMotifAdvanced
Ebony Fox Totem (Picture)PurpleSafebox, Public Dungeon Boss The Lion’s Denn, Treasure ChestFurnishingAdvanced
Giant Chieftain’s CrownPurpleReward for excavating Akaviri Lord’s BannerTreasureAdvanced
Petrified Snow-Cedar (Mythic Item)GoldWorld BossesSnow Treaders PartMaster
Rune-Carved Mammoth Skull (Picture)GoldMamoth MonsterFurnishingMaster



Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Vvardenfell.

Antique Map of Vvardenfell (Picture)GreenFound at the Inn (Pathfinder Achievement)FurnishingSimple
Refitted Dwarven RodGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Massive Ash-herder GrapnelBlueReward for excavating Refitted Dwarven RodTreasureIntermediate
Bleeding Beetle Door LocPurpleReward for excavating Massive Ash-herder GrapnelTreasureAdvanced
Sixth House Ritual Table (Picture)PurpleTreasure Chest, Group Boss in Nchuleftingth Public Dungeon, Group Challenge Boss Forgotten Wastes, Delve Khartag PointFurnishingAdvanced
St. Nerevar, Moon-And-Star (Picture)GoldDaily Reward Box in VvardenfellFurnishingMaster


Western Skyrim

Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Western Skyrim.

Nord Scrimshaw PendantGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Dwemer Body MarkingBlueDwarven Spider Boss in The Scraps DelveBody MarkingIntermediate
Dwemer Face MarkingBlueColossus Charging Station World Boss in BlackreachHead MarkingIntermediate
Silvered Nord Drinking HornBlueReward for excavating Nord Scrimshaw PendantTreasureIntermediate
Ysgramor’s Chosen Body MarkingBlueAt the end of Morthal Barrow from the Danger in the Holds Main QuestBody MarkingIntermediate
Ysgramor’s Chosen Face MarkingBlueUndearneath the Dragon BridgeHead MarkingIntermediate
Companion’s CoronetPurpleHigh king’s Chamber, Blue PalaceMajor AdornmentAdvanced
Dwemer CrownPurpleClockwork Criterion in NchuthnkarstMajor AdornmentAdvanced
Inclined Dwarven PanelingPurpleBosses in Nchuthnkarst (Excluding Group Event Boss)Ebon Dwarven Wolf Part (Picture)Advanced
King’s Belt PlatePurpleReward for excavating Silvered Nord Drinking HornTreasureAdvanced
Seat of the Snow Prince (Picture)PurplePentarch Khorb during the Main quest in Kagnthamz, World Bosses, Safe Box, Nchuthnkarst BossFurnishingAdvanced
Al-Esh Ascension CoinGoldBear Monster in Blackreach. Also spawns on top of a dresser on the top floor of the Antiquarian Circle Building, you have to examine the Curios Coin Collection (Requirement: You MUST have done all green/blue/purple “freebie” leads in ALL zones before you can loot it!)TreasureUltimate
Font of Auri-El (Picture)GoldAny Monster in Blackreach, Trash Monsters in Kyne’s Aegis TrialFurnishingMaster
Glacial Metal Rivets (Mythic Item)GoldBlackmaw Boss in Labyrinthian (Probably any boss in that dungeon)Snow Treaders PartMaster



Here you can find the full list of the Antiquities that drop in Wrothgar.

Antique Map of Wrothgar (Picture)GreenFound at the Inn (Pathfinder Achievement)FurnishingSimple
Armless Stone EffigyGreenFreebie Starter LeadTreasureSimple
Worn Orcish CauldronBlueReward for excavating Armless Stone EffigyTreasureIntermediate
Orsinium Cracked Iron BellPurpleReward for excavating Worn Orcish CauldronTreasureAdvanced
Tusks of the Orc-Father (Picture)PurpleTreasure Chests, Public Dungeon Bosses, Monsters, UrnsFurnishingAdvanced
Anvil of Old Orsinium (Picture)GoldPublic Dungeon Old Orsinium, Mobs by the Forge before you enter the group eventFurnishingUltimate
Malacath’s Brutal Might Loop (Mythic Item)GoldPublic Dungeon Boss Old OrsiniumMalacath’s Band of Brutality PartMaster