Welcome to the Vateshran Hollows Solo Arena Guide for The Elder Scrolls Online. The Vateshran Hollows Solo Arena is located in The Reach zone, the arena is part of the Markarth DLC which is part of the Greymoor Chapter. In the Vateshran Hollows solo arena you will encounter a total of 7 bosses and plenty of trashpacks. There is also one hidden/extra boss in each of the three stages.

Story: Try not to cross paths with members of the Spiritblood clan. They Show a brutality in battle that even scares other Reachfolk. Whether a gift of their blood or their style of combat training, their warriors do not cease until lay dead.

Table of Contents:

Rewards & Loot

Sets in Vateshran Hollows

There are a total of 6 Ability Altering Weapons (12 with Perfected/Non-Perfected) that you can obtain from the the Vateshran Hollows Solo arena. In addition, there are also 3 normal sets that drop.

Ability Altering Weapons:

5 Piece Sets:

Rewards from Vateshran Hollows

  • Title: Spirit Slayer – The Vateshran’s Chosen Achievement – Trifecta, NoDeath, Speedrun, NoSigil run.
  • Title: of the Undying Song – Hero of the Unending Song – Complete ALL achievements in Vateshran Hollows.
  • Title: Spiritblood Champion – Vateshran Hollows Conqueror Achievement – Defeat all main bosses in Veteran Vateshran Hollows.
  • Skin: Void Pathosis – Vateshran Hollows Conqueror Achievement – Defeat all main bosses in Veteran Vateshran Hollows.
  • Dye: Void Pitch – Honor to the Spiritblood Achievement – Complete Scattered Spirits, Seeker of the Hollows, Fire Walker, Trapped Between Worlds, High Flyer achievements in normal or veteran Vateshran Hollows.

Basic Advice

In this section of the Vateshran Hollows arena guide we are going to take a look at some of the basic advice that can be helpful.

Quest & Saving Your Progress

Before entering the Arena, make sure you accept the repeatable quest “Veteran Vateshran’s Rites” from the NPC named “The Rites Matron”. The quest serves as a savegame, which allows you to leave Vateshran Hollows to play other content, or to log out. If you have the quest active, you can continue the arena from the last boss you killed rather than having to start from the beginning again. If you abandon the quest, you will have to start over from scratch.

How much DPS do I need?

You can play the first three areas of Vateshran Hollows with very low damage just fine, as long as you don’t ignore the bosses’ mechanics here. However: The fight against the final boss of this arena contains a damage check. If you don’t pass it, you will get oneshot. There is no way to avoid this damage check and if your damage output is not high enough to make it past this mechanic, you will not be able to finish this arena, period. The absolute minimum dps needed here is 9118 (You need to kill a mob who has 227952 Health within 25 seconds).

This may sound low, but you have to do this while moving around and avoiding damage. So if your character can barely pass the 10k dps mark on a target dummy while standing still, it might be a good idea to change your build and skills.


On each of the bossfights you can find four sigils. The sigils are a great help because they are really powerful if used in the right moments and can make a difference for new players. You won’t see them being used in score runs by top players, as the use of sigils means a lower score, but they can really help you to get through arena. Use them if you feel like you are in trouble! All the sigil buffs have a duration of 30 seconds. They always spawn at the same location, so you can try to memorize where they are.

  • Sigil of Haste (Wings)
    • This sigil looks like a wing. It grants you the Major Expedition buff, which increases your movement speed by 30%. It also increases your health, magicka and stamina recovery.
  • Sigil of Healing (Goblet)
    • This sigil looks like a goblet and grants you a powerful heal over time.
  • Sigil of Power (Axe)
    • This one looks like an axe and greatly increases your damage done.
  • Sigil of Defense (Shield)
    • This sigil, which looks like a shield, gives you a lot of damage mitigation and additionally reflects all ranged attacks back to the attacker, often causing ranged mobs to even kill themselves.

Note: If you are working on the Trifecta achievement, you can’t use sigils, as this is part of the challenge.


False God, Vicious Serpent & Consuming Trap.

In most of the boss fights, the bosses spawn some adds which don’t have a lot of health and are rather easy to kill. This really helps a lot with sustain of your main resource if you wear False God’s Devotion or the Vicious Serpent set. If you don’t have access to these sets (or if you keep running out of stamina on a magicka character because you dodge and block a lot), don’t despair! The skill “Consuming Trap” can be of great help to you. Just place it on the low health adds before killing them, this will return both magicka and stamina to you. Your main resource usually gets around 8000 resources back, which is huge.

Buff-food & Potions

Please check out the builds that have a Vateshran Hollows setup to get more information on what buff-food and potions you should be using.

Skipping Monsters

The whole arena is very linear and more like a dungeon rather than a classic “arena” with different stages consisting of mob waves. If you have done Maelstrom Arena, Dragonstar Arena or Blackrose Prison, you will immediately notice the difference to those once you start your Vateshran Hollows run. Due to the dungeon-like layout of Vateshran Hollows, it is possible to skip many mobs on your way. Only a few “Gatekeeper”-Mobs, usually standing directly in front of closed doors or other barriers, and the bosses have to die. You will get a lower score if you don’t kill everything in your way, but the achievements (speed run, no-death…) count nonetheless! Skipping mobs to save time is a valid tactic here, in some areas you can just sprint from gatekeeper to gatekeeper. As soon as you kill a gatekeeper mob, all weaker mobs you skipped will despawn.

Example of skipping monsters can be found in one of Alcasts youtube arena runs here.

The Choosing (Entrance Area)

Entrance area with all the portals.

This part of the arena serves as your hub area where you decide which part of the arena to do next. You can see three differently colored portals through which you can access the first three parts of the arena. In the middle, there is a big circle on the ground. After you have cleared the first three areas of the Vateshran Hollows, this circle becomes a glowing portal which you have to use to port to the Champion’s Circle. In there, you will face Maebroogha the Void Lich, the final boss of the arena.

The order in which you do the areas is entirely up to you. However, you should consider a few things:

A. Once you enter an area, you can’t choose a different one even when you port back to the Choosing. Only the portal to the area you just started will be active and usable. You need to beat the last boss of the chosen area to reactivate the other portals.

B. The enemies get stronger for each area you have cleared, they hit harder and have more health. So your first area is at “base difficulty”, the second area is on “medium difficulty” and the area you do last is on “maximum difficulty”. If you have trouble with an area on its highest difficulty, you could restart the arena and practice that area on a lower difficulty first. In this guide you can see the three different health values for each boss, depending on the difficulty stage you fight them on.

C. You can find two secrets in each of the areas, namely a special buff to your resources, and a “hidden” boss. The resource buffs are really powerful and you should consider collecting them even when you are going for the speedrun or no-death-achievements, as they help a lot. Additionally, beating the secret boss of an area grants a different boon to you which can be helpful for later boss fights. However, in a single run, you can only explore the secrets of two areas because you need a special “travel mechanic” that you need to have unlocked in a prior area. So in the area you do first, you can’t do the secret boss fight and you can’t collect the resource buff either.

In the Hunter’s Grotto (“Green Area”), you can grab a buff that increases your stamina. You need to have completed the Brimstone Den before, as you need the Brimstone Orb mechanic for this.

In the Wounding (“Blue Area”), you can find a buff that boosts your magicka. You need the Grappling Hook from the Hunter’s Grotto.

In the Brimstone Den (“Red Area”) you can find a buff that boosts your health.. To unlock this, you need the Portal mechanic which you unlock in the Wounding.

The order in which you should to the areas differs depending on your character build. As a magicka player, you want the Health and Magicka buff. On a stamina character, you want the Health and Stamina buff. The orders therefor are:

  • Stamina: Blue → Red → Green
  • Magicka: Green → Blue → Red

You can learn more about this in the Essence Boosters & Map section of the guide.

Quick Tips & Tricks

  • Builds: All the Solo Builds on AlcastHQ.com do have a special loadout for the Vateshran Hollows solo arena closer to the bottom of the build page.
  • Sigils: All boss fights have sigils, if you have issues killing a boss make sure to use them, they make the fight a lot easier.
  • Difficulty Scaling: No matter what arena you do first, the monsters in the first arena will have the lowest health, the second arena will increase health and damage, and the third arena will have even more health and damage. So it always increases the difficulty of each arena the further you get no matter which arena you do first and which one you do last.
  • Trifecta: The Trifecta achievement (NoDeath, Speedrun, NoSigil run) allows you to skip monsters as they are not a requirement for the achievement, therefore you can save plenty of time in case you are worried you might not make it.
  • Stat Boost: Each Arena has a special modifier increasing your stats in either Stamina, Magicka or Health. The Hunter’s Grotto (Green) has Essence of Endurance, The Wounding (Blue) has Essence of Mysticism and Brimstone Den (Red) has Essence of Fortitude. You can learn more about these and where to find them in the Essence Boosters section of this page.


You can also find builds for Vateshran Hollows on alcasthq.com. Magicka Sorcerer and Magicka Nightblade are the best and easiest setups to clear the arena with due to their long range damage and healing capabilities.

Essence Boosters & Map

Each arena has its Essence which will provide you with a 5000 stat boost in that certain resource. Therefore it is important that you do the arena in a certain rotation.

Magicka Players: Hunter’s Grotto > The Wounding > Brimstone Den. Hunter’s Grotto will give you a grapple hook, that you can use in The Wounding to get to the Essence of Mysticism. The Wounding will give you the ability to use portals, which will allow you to get the Essence of Fortitude in Brimstone Den.

Stamina Players: The Wounding > Brimstone Den > Hunter’s Grotto. The Wounding will give you the ability to use portals, therefore you can get the Essence of Fortitude in Brimstone Den. In the Brimstone Den you will get the ability to use these lava orbs that will allow you to get the Essence of Endurance in Hunter’s Grotto.

It is a bit confusing at first, but if you watch me do a run on magicka or stamina you will understand it easily. In the first arena you go in you won’t be able to get the special buff, therefore we use the above rotation depending on whether you are a stamina or magicka setup.


  • Hunter’s Grotto: Essence of Endurance – Increases your Stamina by 5000.
  • The Wounding: Essence of Mysticism – Increases your Magicka by 5000.
  • Brimstone Den: Essence of Fortitude – Increases your Health by 5000.

Once you pick up the Essence of a certain arena, more smaller orbs (Remnants) will be randomly placed in that area, if you pick one up, you will gain an additional 1000 for that resource, up to 5 Remnants so in total you can gain 10000 extra stats.


  • Hunter’s Grotto: Endurance Remnants – Increases your Stamina by 1000/remnant, up to a total of 5 remnants.
  • The Wounding: Mysticism Remnants – Increases your Magicka by 1000/remnant, up to a total of 5 remnants.
  • Brimstone Den: Fortitude Remnants – Increases your Health by 1000/remnant, up to a total of 5 remnants.

The maps here include the Essences and all the possible spawn locations of the Remnants.

Bosses in Vateshran Hollows

Here you can find a quick overview about all the bosses that you can find in the Vateshran Hollows solo arena. You will see three different health values, that is because the bosses have different health values depending on which arena you do first.

Hunter’s Grotto (Green)

BossHealth Adds
Boss 1: Shade of the Grove1’424’694/ 1’709’633/ 2’421’980Wolves
Boss 2: Rahdgarak2’743’858 / 3’292’630 / 4’664’559Mages, Archers
Secret Boss (Optional): Leptfire Keeper? / ? / ?None


The Wounding (Blue)

Boss 1: Zakuryn the Sculptor & Flesh Abomination659’583 & 989’092 / 791’500 & 1’207’297 / 1’121’291 & 1’710’338Wolves
Boss 2: Iozuzzuneth2’515’203 / 3’018’244 / 4’275’845Eyes & Beamers
Secret Boss (Optional): Xobutar of His Deep Graces1’319’167 / ? / ?Mimics


The Brimstone Den (Red)

Boss 1: Magma Queen1’829’238 / 2’195’086 / 3’109’705Scamps, Iron Atronach, Daedroths
Boss 2: The Pyrelord2’057’893 / 2’469’472 / 3’498’418Fire Colossus & Skeletons
Secret Boss (Optional): Mynar Metron1.583.001 / 2’242’584 / ?None

Arenas & Boss Fights

Green Zone Vateshran Hollows Solo Arena

Green Zone Hunters Grotto

Walking through the green portal in the Choosing brings you to the Hunter’s Grotto. This arena wing is inspired by the realm of Hircine, the daedric prince of the hunt, and therefore “forest-themed”. You will encounter Spriggans, Lurchers and other wildlife creatures here.

On the first part of your journey through the Hunter’s Grotto, you encounter a few Alits, Fire Shalks and Spriggans. Either burn them down or skip them. The first mob you can’t simply run by is the Troll Gatekeeper who is guarding the door to the next part of the area. He shouldn’t pose a real threat to you, but make sure to get out of his ground-smash AoE, this is his most dangerous attack as it deals high damage and could kill you.

The next part of the way leads past optional mobs: two Fletcherfly Hives and a few Fire Shalks. Next gyou will find a giant Bristleback Gatekeeper. When you engage it in combat, it won’t take damage at first. To change this, you need to kill the “Blessed Spriggan” that spawns as soon as you get in fight with the Bristleback. (It spawns on the opposite to the gate, next to the little torch.) Killing the Spriggan grants you a buff named “Blessing of the Grove” which enables you to damage the Bristleback. You shouldn’t have any problems with this mob. The conal charge attack can be interrupted (this did not always work reliably on the Public Test Server though), blocked or easily avoided.

Note: If you did the Brimstone Den before going to the Hunter’s Grotto, you can now take a little detour to the right/south-east. Run down the stone stairs there, towards a river of lava. If you have completed the Brimstone Den, you will be able to use the Brimstone Orb mechanic here to cross the lava. Run down the lava river, into the cavern. At the end you will find a green orb, the Essence of Endurance, a buff that raises your Stamina. Collecting this will spawn Endurance Remnants on random locations inside the Hunter’s Grotto. Collecting these will raise your stamina even further.

You now have to face the first boss of this area.

Boss 1 Green Zone Vateshran Hollows Solo Arena

Boss 1 Shade of the Grove

Boss Health: [HP: 1’424’694 / 1’709’633 / 2’421’980]

Your enemy here is the “Shade of the Grove”, a spirit who can possess other beings. In this fight, it will alternate between three named lurchers who share the same health pool.

To start the fight, kill the three Spriggans in the middle of the room. This will refresh your Blessing of the Grove buff and awaken the first of the three lurchers.

Lurcher Mechanics

As soon as the three Spriggans are dead, the first Lurcher will start to attack. There are three different ones, and they have different attack styles:

  • Marbana: Flame damage
  • Rofsuta: Poison, Thorns
  • Saagranth: Water

When you get the Lurcher’s health to 80%, the first one will become inactive and the next one awakens. From now on, the active lurcher will change every 20 seconds. Once the shared health pool reaches 50%, two lurchers will be active at the same time, but only one of them is vulnerable!

The vulnerable lurcher has a yellow glow around it, pay attention to this. Every 20 seconds, the glow switches to a different lurcher. At 20% health, all three lurchers will be awake simultaneously, with still only one being vulnerable. Always focus on the one glowing yellow.

Spriggan Mechanics

When the fight starts, several Blessed Spriggans will appear around the place. From time to time, one of the Spriggans will start channeling a blue beam/tether on your character. By doing this, the Spriggan wants to steal your “Blessing of the Grove” buff. You need to stop this by interrupting the spriggan quickly. You can either run to the Spriggan and bash it, or use a ranged interrupt skill such as Crushing Shock or Venom Arrow.

If you fail to interrupt in time and the Spriggan successfully manages to steal your buff, your screen will turn blue and you will not be able to damage the lurchers at all. You then need to get a new Blessing of the Grove buff by killing one of the Spriggans. The Spriggans don’t deal damage but they have quite a bit of health and resistances and the need to kill them is completely avoidable and an unnecessary waste of resources (and time), so I really, really recommend you rather learn to interrupt their channeling attack instead of letting them steal your buff. :) The game even gives you an on-screen warning as soon as one of them starts their tether attack (absolutely no add-ons are needed for this), so pay attention to this.

Dire Wolves

From time to time, the boss will spawn two wolves into the arena. They deal a bit of physical damage, which is not a big threat, but they can get annoying if there are too many of them. Just make sure the first pair of wolves is dead until a second pair spawns in. If you have good AoE damage, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Beating this boss grants you the Grappling Hook and allows you to continue further through the Hunter’s Grotto. (PSA: If you want to continue immediately, don’t use the green portal that appears – this will port you back to the Choosing entrance area.)

Example Boss Fight Video

If you want to watch the whole boss fight you can watch the video Shade of the Grove Bossfight here.

After The Boss 

The room where you fought the Shade of the Grove has two exits. The one on the right leads to the final boss of the Hunter’s Grotto, the one to the left leads to the optional boss of this area. Note that you can only do the optional boss if you have played through the Brimstone Den (= the red area) before. If this is not the case, save yourself some time and do not go through the left exit here as it will lead into a dead end for you.

Using the exit on the right will lead you towards a waterfall. Use the Grappling Hook to get across and into the cave. The three Cliffstriders and the salamanders are optional, the only mandatory mob to kill here is the Ogre Gatekeeper. Killing him removes rubble from the next Grappling points and makes them usable. The next section leads past some more optional Cliffstriders, up to an Haj Mota Gatekeeper. After you killed the Haj Mota, continue up the cliffs ahead. Up there, you will face the final boss of this area.

Optional Boss

(You need to have done red area before)

If you decide you want to fight the optional boss, take the left exit. With the grappling hook you just received, you can grapple up onto the ledges all the way into a lava filled cave. Here, you can use the Brimstone Orbs again to make your way through the lava. At the end of the way you will reach a bottomless cave with six platforms. This is where you can fight the optional boss of this area.

You can find the boss explanation here: Leptfire Keeper Boss

Green Zone Boss 2 Vateshran Hollows Solo Arena

Boss 2 Rahdgarak

Boss Health: [HP: 2’743’858 / 3’292’630 / 4’664’559]

Rahdgarak, a minotaur, serves as the final boss of the Hunter’s Grotto. His arena consists of four platforms, two of them are glowing blue, two are glowing orange. Each platform has grappling posts and a Reach Channeler at its inner corner. Grappling onto Rahdgaraks platform starts the fight immediately. This fight is very stamina intense, be prepared for this!

Opening Phase

The first phase of the fight is an easy “warm-up”.. Rahdgarak will use his different abilities. Make sure to dodge or block the heavy attack he does with his hammer, this will oneshot you. His charge attack is very annoying as well, as you need to break free if you let it hit you. At 95%, he will jump to a different platform. You need to follow him by using the Grappling Hook. He will occasionally jump between platforms until his health reaches 80%. Once this happens, more mechanics come into play.

Rahdgarak’s Invulnerability / Color change

At 80% of his health, Rahdgarak will start to glow either blue or orange, depending on the platform you are standing on when this happens, and become invulnerable. You need to grapple onto a platform with the opposite color to be able to damage him again. He will change his color every 30 seconds from now on (but only if you manage to deal damage to him during this period of time. Kiting him around on the very same platform and waiting that he becomes vulnerable again does not work, as he will not change his color then.).


When Rahdgarak changes his color to become invulnerable, he will spawn two archers on the platform he is standing on. They have really little health and if you need resources, it is a good idea to kill them after casting Consuming Trap on them. This makes the very stamina intense fight a lot easier, especially for magicka characters who don’t have any other source for stamina return.

Reach Channelers

Just as Rahdgarak’s health is down to 65%, the four Reach Channelers on the inner corner of each platform will start performing a fire ritual. You need to interrupt this. Channelers who aren’t interrupted within 20 seconds will set the platform they are facing (the one diagonally from them) on fire. Standing in this fire will kill you within seconds. Because of Rahdgarak’s color change mechanic you should always interrupt at least two mages; one on a red and one on a blue platform, so you have each type of platform available to damage Rahdgarak.

The Channelers will constantly retry to perform their ritual, make sure you always keep an eye on them. (You have 20 seconds to interrupt them, and then another mere 20 seconds until they start channeling again.)

As soon as the boss is dead, Aydolan and a portal appear on Rahdgarak’s starting platform. Take the portal to get back to the Choosing and continue with the next part of the arena!

Example Boss Fight Video

If you want to watch the whole boss fight you can watch the video Rahdgarak Bossfight here.

After The Boss

After defeating Rahdgarak a portal will appear. This will finish the Hunter’s Grotto and you can move to the next arena.

Blue Zone Vateshran Hollows Solo Arena

Blue Zone The Wounding

The Wounding is accessible by the blue portal in the Choosing entrance area. This area is inspired by Molag Bal and his realm of Oblivion, Coldharbour. You will encounter many of Molag Bals minions: Xivkyn, Harvesters, Ogrims… If you have a weapon with a Glyph of Prismatic Onslaught with you, use it here!

The first enemies you will encounter here are several Banekin and Winged Twilights. These are skippable, the only mob that needs to die is the Harvester who’s guarding the glowing door to the next part of the way. Kill it and move forward.

Up next are a few more Banekin, Winged Twilights and two Ogrims.

If you have done the Hunter’s Grotto (=green area) before, you can now take a little detour to grab the Magicka buff. For this buff, don’t continue across the wooden bridge, but instead run towards the south(left). You will see two Banekin and a grappling area. Cross the two chasms with the Grappling Hook to find the Essence of Mysticism. Collecting this will spawn additional Mysticism Remnants at random points throughout the Wounding. After collecting the buff, make your way back towards the wooden bridge.

Continue across the wooden bridge. Avoid the moving little shock orbs on the ground, they cause surprisingly high damage. Get rid of the Dire Warden, another Harvester, to open the gate to the first boss of the Wounding.

Boss 1 Blue Zone Vateshran Hollows Solo Arena

Boss 1 Zakuryn the Sculptor & Flesh Abomination

Boss Health: [HP: 659’583 & 989’092 / 791’500 & 1’207’297 / 1’121’291 & 1’710’338]

Zakuryn is a Xivkyn Necromancer. Immediately after starting the fight he will summon a giant Flesh Abomination.

Zakuryn’s most dangerous attack is the Daedric Swell, he lifts his staff up into the air and channels skulls to fly towards you. This channeling attack can be interrupted.

The Flesh Abomination’s most dangerous attack is “Pulverize”, a giant heavy smash with his fist. This is indicated by a glowing, electric AoE. Get out of this or you will get oneshot.This can’t be blocked or shielded.

Zakuryn’s Shield

A little while into the fight, Zakuryn will put a shield around himself and become invulnerable. He will not lose this shield until you either remove it or kill the Flesh Abomination. To break his shield, pull the Flesh Abomination to where Zakuryn is standing and wait for the big, glowing AoE that indicates the Abomination’s Pulverize smash. If Zakuryn gets hit by this, his shield will be broken.

Banekin Portal

Zakuryn will open a portal through which several Banekin will spawn into the arena. They are nice for sustain via Consuming Trap or armor sets. The Banekin can also be killed with the Flesh Abomination’s Pulverize smash.

Enrage / Killing one of them early

If you kill one of the bosses before the other one, the surviving boss will heal for half of its starting health and become enraged, dealing significantly more damage. To avoid this, damage both of them equally to make sure they die at the same time.

Example Boss Fight Video

If you want to watch the whole boss fight you can watch the video Zakuryn the Sculptor & Flesh Abomination here.

After the Boss (Portals)

Defeating Zakuryn unlocks the Wounding Portal mechanic. After using a Wounding portal, you have 20 seconds to make your way forward. If you don’t fulfill the objective (pulling a chain or lever for example) or refresh the timer back to 20 seconds by synergizing an Amplify Sigil, you will get ported back and have to start over again. If you want to kill all mobs for score, you will probably not be able to do that without being ported back at least once.

You won’t be able to use a Wounding Portal again after you completed your task inside.

Use the first Portal that now appeared on the ground next to Aydolan. In the corridor you find yourself in now, you will encounter a few Banekin and two Watchers. An Amplify Sigil can be found halfway. The mobs are skippable. Your objective here is to pull the chain at the end of the corridor, this will port you back to where you used the portal and fix the magic bridge to the west.

Head across the bridge and through the metal gate to encounter a few Banekins, a Winged Twilight, a Xivkyn Hammerfist and a Xivkyn Chillfiend. Notice the eye-like enemy hovering mid-air here? That is a new type of enemy. Those things are Sentinels, if they see you they put a debuff on you. To get rid of that debuff, you can either run away from them, out of their gaze, or kill it.

Kill the Ogrim Behemoth and use the next Wounding Portal. In there you can opt to kill the Banekins, a Xivkyn Kinlurker, a Sentinel and a Harvester, or simply pull the chain at the end to get ported back.

Cross the newly formed bridge.

Walk into the next Wounding Portal here. Inside, either fight the Banekins, the Sentinel and the Xivkyn Hammerfist, or just run up to the chain at the end and pull it. This will form the bridge to the final boss of this area.

Optional Boss

In case you have completed the Hunter’s Grotto before and want to fight the optional boss of this area, this is where you need to take a detour. Go towards the right, where you will find a grappling area. Use the Grappling Bow to make your way across.

you can find the secret boss guide here: Xobutar Of His Deep Graces

Boss 2 Blue Zone Vateshran Hollows Solo Arena

Boss 2 Iozuzzuneth

Boss Health: [HP: 2’515’203 / 3’018’244 / 4’275’845]

Iozuzzunth is a Daedric Titan and the final boss of the Wounding. His fight is pretty straightforward and does not have complicated mechanics.


This Titan will keep standing in the middle of the room. Fighting him at range is a lot easier than on melee, as his melee attack deals a lot of damage. His most dangerous attacks are the melee swing he does with his claws, and a fast-moving wave of coldfire on the ground.


From time to time, a Sentinel will spawn, and if it sees you, it will place a debuff on you. The easiest way to deal with them is to stand directly in front or directly behind them so that Iozzuzunth hits them with his coldfire ground-wave. That takes away the majority of their health and it takes only a few additional hits from you to get rid of the Sentinel. The debuffs they can place on you are a big hindrance so make sure the sentinel dies as fast as possible. You can encounter four different types of them in this fight:

  • Sentinel of Vulnerability: You take more damage
  • Sentinel of Enfeeblement: You deal less damage
  • Sentinel of Dissipation: Your health gets drained
  • Sentinel of Debilitation: You are slowed down

Watchers / Portal

On the stone ring above, Watchers will appear and they will deal damage by firing laser beams at you. To get rid of them, you can use the Wounding portal near the entrance. This will teleport you onto the ringshaped space above. After porting up you have 20 seconds to kill as many watchers as you can, after this time you will be automatically ported back down. Be careful, when you get close to a Watcher it will charge an AoE attack that knocks you back and possibly off the ring. Once you get down again, you will have to wait for about half a minute for the Wounding portal to activate again. During this time, more Watchers will have spawned.

If your damage is very good, you can try to ignore the Watchers completely and just keep moving while damaging Iozzuzunth and the Sentinels, as it is not mandatory to kill any of them. Just make sure to get rid of a few if the damage really gets too intense. If you struggle with resources during the fight, you can port up and kill a few Watchers after placing “Consuming Trap” on them or to proc your False God/Vicious Serpent sets.

Example Boss Fight Video

If you want to watch the whole boss fight you can watch the video Iozuzzuneth Bosssfight here.

After The Boss

Upon Iozzuzunth’s death, a portal back to the Choosing entrance area will open and you can continue your journey.

Red Zone Vateshran Hollows Solo Arena

Red Zone Brimstone Den

This part of the arena can be accessed by walking through the red portal in the Choosing entrance arena. The Brimstone Den is themed after the daedric prince of destruction, Mehrune’s Dagon, and the Deadlands, his realm of Oblivion. This area is mostly covered in lava and “fire-themed”. Be prepared to encounter fire-breathing Daedroths, firecasting Dremora and Flame atronachs! If you have a weapon with a Glyph of Prismatic Onslaught with you, use it here.

The first enemies you meet are a few Scamps and Clannfears. These are skippable, but you have to kill the Daedroth who’s guarding the doorway to the next part of the way.

If you have done the Wounding (=blue area) before, you should not run through the doorway immediately. Instead, take a look towards the right (west). You can see a Wounding Portal on a small platform. Run through the lava and use the portal, it will port you to the area above. Make your way through the lava here and refresh your Wounding buff. You need good selfhealing or shields to survive the lava. At the end of the area here, you will find the Essence of Fortitude which buffs your health by 5000. Collecting this causes additional Fortitude Remnants to appear at random spawn points in the Brimstone Den. Those willbuff your health by an additional 1000.

After absorbing the Essence of Fortitude, you will get ported back to the first area.

Make your way past some Flame Atronachs, clannbanns and scamps towards another Daedroth who serves as a Gatekeeper. Killing him opens another gateway. Behind that gate, you will find the first boss of the Brimstone Den:

Boss 1 Red Zone Vateshran Hollows Solo Arena

Boss 1 Magma Queen

Boss Health: [HP: 1’829’238 / 2’195’086 / 3’109’705]

The Magma Queen is a giant Nixad. In general, the fight is not very difficult as the Magma Queen and her helpers don’t deal much damage, but if you let too many adds alive you can still get overwhelmed.

Lava Geyser mechanic / Iron Atronachs

Occasionally, the Magma Queen will port to a different part of her arena. By doing so, she opens a little Geyser which will start to shoot lava at you. Additionally, every ~30 seconds, an Iron Atronach will appear. Killing it will drop a Flaming Rock. You can synergize this rock and toss it onto a geyser, this will cause the geyser to disappear. Destroying all active geysers will also stun the Magma Queen and all of her adds.


The Magma Queen will summon a portal. Through that portal, scamps will appear. Their different flame abilities deal significant damage if you have too many scamps roaming around at the same time. They have very little health, so I recommend killing them from time to time with your AoE abilities. This can also be used for sustain through Consuming Trap or armor sets. After a portal has been open for about one minute, it will close and a Daedroth will spawn. You should get rif of it.

Flame Walls

Getting the Magma Queen’s Health below 45% will cause two walls of fire to appear. Those will spawn in the lava and then move in a straight line across the platform. You normally can avoid those easily, but if you get hit by them it is not a big deal either as they deal very little damage.

Example Boss Fight Video

If you want to watch the whole boss fight you can watch the video Magma Queen Bossfight here.

After The Boss

Killing the Magma Queen unlocks the Brimstone Orb mechanic which is needed to get across larger areas of lava. Heavy attack the floating Brimstone orb while standing close to it. You will receive the Brimstone Fortification buff, a strong damage shield which enables you to walk through lava.

Now that you are able to walk through lava, continue onwards. Run past a flame atronach to the daedric building structure you see in front of you. Kill the scamps there if you wish, and use the Brimstone Orb here to refresh your buff. Run towards the northeast here until you reach a small island. Kill the gatekeeper Daedroth here, this opens the gateway behind him and lets you continue through the lava.

Continue towards the south-east until you reach a platform with three Dremora Kyngalds. I recommend killing these, because they will aggro when you use the Brimstone Orb in their middle, and they will follow you through the whole area, all the way to the optional boss or the next gatekeeper.

The Brimstone Caretaker, a giant Fire Colossus patrolling this area, is an optional enemy that you can ignore if you want, but it’s worth mentioning that defeating it grants 15,000 score points.

From the platform where you fought the three Kyngalds, run to the south-west and fight the Brimstone Warden (a giant Daedroth) on the next island. This will open the gate to the final boss of the Brimstone Den:

Optional Boss

Want to do the optional boss of this area? If you have finished the Wounding (=blue area) before and have the Wounding portal mechanic unlocked, you can go to the left here. Run through the lava until you see a blocked fire gate. Use the blue Wounding Portal to pull a lever which deactivates the gate and ports you back down. Run onto the little circular platform to start the fight against the optional boss of the Brimstone Den.

You can learn more about the secret boss here: Mynar Metron Boss

Boss 2 Red ZOne Vateshran Hollows Solo Arena

Boss 2 The Pyrelord

Boss Health: [HP: 2’057’893 / 2’469’472 / 3’498’418]

The Pyre Lord is the final boss of the Brimstone Den. His arena is a large rectangular platform with circular shapes at three of its corners. During the fight, he will set these circular shapes to flames.

Fire Breath

From time to time, you can see the Pyrelord inhale air. Step to the side or behind him, as he will use his fire breath attack now. Getting hit by it places an annoying DoT on you. This attack is very obvious and easily avoidable.

Fire Spin / Flame Spout

This is the Pyrelord’s most noticeable ability. Occasionally, he shrouds himself in flames and channels a fire spin with three “flamethrower beams” around him. Standing still in this will deal very high damage to you and kill you within a few moments, so make sure to get out of his spin. It is possible to circle around the Pyrelord in melee range, between two of the beams, but don’t too close to him. If you get inside his bubble-like shield you will receive very high damage and probably die. During this channel, he will also shoot fire projectiles at you. You need good self healing or shields here.

“The Floor is Lava” – Mechanic

From time to time, the Pyrelord will push his sword into the ground and cover the whole platform with lava. Standing in this does a lot of damage. Even after the lava has vanished, the floor remains ignited and you receive environmental damage from standing on it. It is possible to shield or heal through this phase, but there is an easier way: To avoid the damage from this mechanic, keep an eye on the corners on the platform – in one of them there will be a Brimstone Orb. Heavy attack the Orb while standing close to it as soon as the lava is spreading. Every time the Pyrelord does this attack, he will ignite one of the three circular spaces at the platforms corners. You can absorb this fire by stepping on it while you have the Brimstone Orb buff.

Fire Storm

If the Pyrelord manages to ignite all three corners of the arena, he will run in the middle of the platform, engulf himself in flames and become invulnerable for a while. During this, he will shoot fireballs on the ground which will travel all across the arena. After this mechanic, his attacks are buffed and will deal signficantly more damage. His blade is enchanted with fire as well, so even his melee sword attacks deal additional fire damage. To prevent this from happening, you need to absorb the flames at the corners of the platform while having the Brimstone Orb buff on you.

Colossus Mechanic

At 70% and 35% of his health, the Pyrelord will summon a Fire Colossus. The Colossus has all the usual fire colossus abilities, the most dangerous one being the “Fire rain” you should absolutely not remain standing in. He also spawns additional skeleton mobs, these are very helpful for sustain via the Consuming Trap ability or Vicious Serpent/False God armor sets. You should kill the first Fire Colossus before the second one spawns, as two of them are probably too much to handle. The best way to do this is to stand close to the colossus so the Pyrelord follows you. When the Colossus and the Pyrelord are stacked close together, place your AoEs. The second colossus spawns at 30% of the Pyrelord’s health, and it takes a while for him to run onto the platform. You therefore should ignore this one and burn the main boss instead.

Example Boss Fight Video

If you want to watch the whole boss fight you can watch the video Pyrelord Bossfight here.

After the Boss

Once the Pyrelord is dead, Aydolan will appear and open a portal for you to get back to the Choosing entrance arena.

Last Boss Vateshran Hollows Solo Arena

Final Boss Vateshran Hollows

When you have cleared the three different areas, the big circular shape on the ground of the Choosing entrance arena will turn into a portal. Use this to be teleported to the Champion’s circle, where you will encounter the final boss of the Vateshran Hollows.

Maebroogha the Void Lich

Boss Health: [HP: 1’829’238 – Mini Bosses 3x 777’426]

The fight against Maebroogha the Void Lich has four phases. At the end of the first three phases, the boss will cause an explosion and you will have to use one of the three portals located around the main arena to flee from her. Always pay attention to where you are and remember which portals you have already done! You don’t want to get surprised by Maebroogha’s explosion while you are at the wrong end of the arena.

--Base Mechanics and First Phase--

Void Archer / Void Rot / Void Mage

Maebroogha will keep summoning minions during the whole fight. These base adds are not too dangerous, with the archer dealing the most damage. Kill them if they annoy you or if you need sustain.

Shade Colossi

On the edge of the arena you will see several bound Shade Colossi. Damaging them will remove their chains and cause them to attack you. I recommend not doing this and taking care of where you put your AoE abilities, because Maebroogha will summon one of those shades to her aid from time to time anyways. They deal pretty good physical damage and you don’t want several of them hitting you at the same time. Make sure to kill a Shade before you get several of them.

Shades / Chain

Several times throughout the fight, Maebroogha will summon a group of Shades at the edge of the platform. They are carrying a band of energy and will slowly walk towards the middle, closing in on you. Touching the chain will result in a oneshot, so be careful to not accidentally dodge through it while trying to avoid damage from the Colossi or other mobs. You need to kill one of the Shades within 25 seconds to break the line and escape. Focus on one Shade, there is no need to kill several of them.

Move out from between them after you broke the chain and ignore them after this. They will continue towards the middle of the arena and explode there after a little while. If you are still standing within their circle, this will kill you. This is a damage check and if you have insufficient damage output to get past this mechanic, you will not finish this boss fight, there is no way around this. You need to kill a shade, which has 227,952 health, within 25 seconds. This puts the bare minimum dps for this mechanic at ~9100, while moving around and avoiding damage.

You can use Streak as a Sorcerer to teleport through the shades. This also works with Nightblade Shades or Ambush.

Void Eruption

When Maebroogha’s Health hits 10%, she will channel “Void Eruption”, telegraphed by a big, growing AoE spreading out on the whole platform. If you are still standing in this AoE once it explodes, you will die. To avoid this, run towards the edge of the platform and use the grappling hook to get on one of the three floating islands and use the Void Portal there. (PSA: The Grappling Hook is used with “E”, but the portal has to be used with the synergy key “X”, don’t confuse this if you are nervous)


While you are inside a portal, Maebroogha is hovering midair and heals herself up. You need to get out of the portal as fast as you can to keep her from healing up too far! If you manage to finish the portal phase very quickly, Maebroogha will still be close to execute range in the following phase and this will allow you to skip many mechanics.

Maebroogha’s Void Minions will continue to spawn, even while you are in the portal.

Your objective inside the portal is to kill a “Miniboss” as quickly as you can. After the miniboss is dead, a new portal appears at the edge of the arena and allows you to port back to the main fight. However, one special mob or mechanic from the portal will continue to spawn for the rest of the fight.

Blue Portal – Void Chillfiend (777’426)

This portal is the easiest in my opinion. You need to kill a Xivkyn Void Chillfiend here. He attacks you with weak ice projectiles and frost AoEs, but doesn’t do much damage. Maebroogha will learn a new ability when you do this portal. She will now be able to attack you with AoE lightning, both in the main fight and in the Void, and this does quite a bit of damage!

Red Portal – Void Dremora (777’426)

The enemy you need to kill here is the Void Dremora. He is a copy of the Pyrelord and also does the signature Fire Spin. Make sure you don’t get hit by it, circle around the dremora between two of the fire beams. He is accompanied by a Void Flameshaper, and these mobs will continue to spawn for the rest of the fight. The Flameshaper has a dangerous fire channel attack that should be interrupted. This can become difficult during the main fight.

You should kill Flameshapers when they appear, as you don’t want to have several of them around. (This mob is especially annoying when you are dealing with the summoned Shades carrying the chain and a Flameshaper is standing out of your reach, outside of the chain circle.) In my opinion, this is the hardest portal and it takes me the longest time, allowing Maebroogha to heal up for quite a bit. I therefore do this as the first or second portal, never last, so that my final phase with all mechanics overlapping doesn’t take as long. If you have big problems with the Flameshapers however, you can try to do this as your last portal to avoid having to deal with them in more than one phase.

Green Portal – Void Firehorn (777’426)

Inside the green portal, you have to fight against a Void Fireforn. This enemy attacks with fire projectiles, stomps and flame AoE attacks that deal damage and slow you down. The Void Firehon is accompanied by an invulnerable copy of himself. This copy will keep spawning occasionally from now on for the rest of the fight, casting the fire AoEs on you.

--Second to Fourth Phase--

You will have to repeat the cycle three times, until you have done all three different portals. Pay attention to the base mechanics and the additional mobs that spawn. The fight can get really, really messy, with overlapping AoEs you can’t get out of, especially if the Shades with their chain are closing in on you.

If you are really fast inside a portal, Maebroogha will not have healed up by much, so the phase until the next Void Eruption/Portal Phase is very short, alowing you to skip the Shade Chain and other mechanics.

In the fourth phase, after having done all three different portals, you can finally kill Maebroogha. Stay focused, even when all different mechanics are in play. You need very good shields or self-healing to survive this fight.

Example Boss Fight Video

  • Magicka: If you want to watch the whole boss fight you can watch the video here.
  • Stamina: If you want to watch the whole boss fight you can watch the video here.

Secret Bosses

Each of the three arenas has one secret boss. Please check the maps above to see where the location of these bosses are.

Hunter’s Grotto

Leptfire Keeper Boss

Be prepared for what is possibly the most annoying fight of the entire Vateshran Hollows. This boss is a giant fire nix-ox. He will constantly jump between the platforms and force you to use the Grappling Hook to to follow him.

He does not deal a lot of damage, just take a step back when he does his fire spin attack and avoid the fire AoEs this leaves on the ground. The most annoying attack is his conal fire scream. As soon as you land on the same platform as him, he will use this attack to immediately stagger you.

This fight is rather easy but can take a lot of time due to all the grappling. He jumps away from you very, VERY quickly, you sometimes won’t even have time to place all your DoTs on him before he jumps away again. If you play a class which uses several ground-based AoE abilities, this can get really tiresome. Prioritize applying single-target DoTs and direct damage attacks while you can.

For beating the Leptfire Keeper you receive the “Empowered Grapple”, which grants you a speed buff when you use the Grappling Hook. This can be very useful during the fight against Rahdgarak, the final boss of the Hunter’s Grotto. After beating him, make your way back to the room where you fought the Shade of the Grove.

Using the exit on the right will lead you towards a waterfall. Use the Grappling Hook to get across and into the cave. The three Cliffstriders and the salamanders are optional, the only mandatory mob to kill here is the Ogre Gatekeeper. Killing him removes rubble from the next Grappling points and makes them usable. The next section leads past some more optional Cliffstriders, up to an Haj Mota Gatekeeper. After you killed the Haj Mota, continue up the cliffs ahead. Up there, you will face the final boss of this area.

The Wounding

Xobutar Of His Deep Graces

Xobutar is a Xivkyn. If you have ever set foot into the sewers below the Imperial City, you will immediately recognize that he is part of Molag Bal’s Elite troops, he even emits the same creepy sound as his companions roaming the sewers.

Starting the fight will cause Xobutar to port into one of the smaller chambers next to the arena, and a Mimic Xivkyn appears. You can completely ignore the Mimic, as killing it does absolutely nothing and it will just respawn. Just kite it around and avoid its damage until the Wounding portal in the room activates.

Using the Wounding portal will put you into Xobutars chamber where you have 20 seconds to deal as much damage to him as you can. After this period of time, you are ported back into the room with the Mimic. Wait until the portal activates again to get back to Xobutar. This fight is not particularly difficult, but if your damage is low you will need quite a few portal phases to get rid of him. Make sure to get out of his AoEs and if he summons vampiric totems, destroy them, otherwise they will heal him.

Killing Xobutar unlocks a special buff, the “Empowered Teleportation”. Whenever you are inside a Wounding Portal, a Bound Chillfiend will come to your aid. This can be helpful during the fight against the last boss.

Brimstone Den

Mynar Metron

Mynar Metron is an Iron Atronach. The boss will always stay at the edge of the little island, never set foot on it. Its attacks consist of different fire AoEs that you need to step outside of. Occasionally the atronach moves to a different spot at the platform’s edge, forcing you to recast your groundbased AoE abilities.

The fight is very straightforward, your biggest challenge is the limited amount of space to avoid his attacks. If you feel too limited, you can grab the Brimstone Orb buff to get a bit more space by running into the lava. Pay attention to when the buff runs out though.

Beating this boss grants you the “Empowered Brimstone”, a buff that causes the Brimstone Fortification to deal damage to nearby enemies.

Void Pitch Dye

To obtain the Void Pitch Dye like shown here in in this alcasthq twitter post or the alcasthq youtube video you have to complete the “Honor to the Spiritblood” achievement. This achievement can be completed in normal Vateshran Hollows, you don’t need to do veteran mode.

Complete the listed achievements for Vateshran Hollows.

  • Scattered Spirits
  • Seeker of the Hollows
  • Fire Walker
  • Trapped Between Worlds
  • High Flyer

Scattered Spirits Achievement

“Locate the three missing Essences throughout Vateshran Hollows and collect every Remnant of each Type.”

In the Scattered Spirits achievement you have to obtain all the Essences and Remnant Orbs. The Essence location never changes, but the Remnants have a lot of possible locations and each run it will change. Each arena has 1 Essence and 5 Remnants, you can find a full map of all the arenas here. You will have to at least run the arena twice with a different rotation. So first you could do Hunter’s Grotto > The Wounding > Brimstone Den. The second time you can do Brimstone Den > Hunter’s Grotto > The Wounding. The reason why is simple, in the first arena you can’t obtain any Essences or Remnants because you don’t have the right ability to do so yet.

Seeker Spirits

“Locate and defeat all of the hidden challengers in Vateshran Hollows.”

In the Seeker Spirits achievement you have to find the three secret bosses that can be found in Vateshran Hollows. Each of the arenas (Blue, Green, Red) has one secret boss like shown above.

Fire Walker

“Using any Brimstone Orb, travel, then kilometers through lava.”

The Fire Walker achievement has to be completed in the Brimstone Den (Red Arena), after you kill the Magma Queen (First Boss), you will get the glowing lava orbs. Standing close to them and then doing a heavy attack will place a shield on you that makes you immune to lava damage for a while. The orb also respawns after a while, that means technically you can run around in the lava and then repeat the process at the same orb over and over again till you have 10000 kilometers. One normal run gave me around 400 kilometers, so it might take a while to get this done.

Trapped Between Worlds

“Spend 10 minutes affected by the Wounding Portal.”

The Trapped Between Worlds achievement has to be completed in The Wounding (Blue Arena), after you kill the first boss Zakuryn the Sculptor and the Flesh Abomination you will be sent through a portal. You can only stay inside the portal for a limited time, if you don’t catch any of the glowing synergies inside the portal or activate the lever, it will teleport you back to the start and you can go in again.

Therefore you can just teleport inside and run to the end and make sure to pick up the two glowing synergies that extend your time. Don’t activate the lever at the end, which will teleport you outside and deactivate the portal. Just repeat the process till you have this maxed out and once that is done, you can activate the lever and continue.

High Flyer

“Grapple 500 times”.

The High Flyer achievement has to be completed in the Hunter’s Grotto (Green Arena). after killing the first boss called Shade of the Grove, you will obtain a grapple hook to continue. You can just find two grapple hooks that are close to each other and jump forward and backwards with them to get to 500. In one run I had to grapple around 40 times.

Hero Of the Unending Song Achievement – How To

Please check out the ESO-Hub.com Hero of the Unending Song Achievement Guide for more information.


The achievements aren’t hard to do but they will take some time to complete. High Flyer, Trapped Between Worlds and Fire Waker can be done in the same run. Seeker Spirits and Scattered Spirits require at least two runs because you will have to change the order of the arenas that you complete a run. For example, you can do:

  • 1st Run: Hunter’s Grotto (Green) > The Wounding (Blue) > Brimstone Den (Red)
  • 2nd Run: The Wounding (Blue) > Brimstone Den (red) > Hunter’s Grotto (Green)

The reason you have to do this is because in the first arena you can’t pick up the Essence and Remnants and the secret boss won’t be reachable because you don’t have the special ability yet. For Example, in the green arena Hunter’s Grotto you need the lava orb to get to the Essence and the secret boss, but if that is your first arena, you don’t have that special ability yet, because you obtain this in the red arena Brimstone Den.

Good luck!