Sand Warrior

Sand Warriors are nomads who are exiled from the Dunmer and live with the cruel deserts from Alik’r to the Red Mountain. Sand Warriors have learned to perfectly disguise themselves from the dangers of the desert.

Warrior Barbaric

  • General
    • Color: AS= Antique Silver/ DY= Dominion Yellow/ AQ= Anequina Sunrise
  • Outfit
    • Hat: Ashlander Helmet (AS/DY/AS)
    • Shoulders: Ashlander  Pauldrons (AS/DY/AS)
    • Chest: Ashlander Cuirass (AS/DY/AQ)
    • Hands: Ashlander Gauntlets (AS /DY/AS)
    • Belt: Ashlander Girdle (AS)
    • Legs: Ashlander Guards (DY/DY/AS)
    • Boots: Ashlander Sabatons (AS/DY/DY)
    • Weapon: Skinchanger Staff (DY/AS/DY)

How to obtain it:

  • Ashlander Motif: completing Ashlander daily quests in Vardenfell
  • Dominion Yellow: Getting the Dominion Hero Achievement
  • Skinchanger Motif: New Year festival boxes
  • Anequina Sunrise: Savior of Elsweyr Achievement

Wild Archer

The Wild Archers hiding in many woods. Even you don’t see them, they see you due to very good disguise and old knowledge of their woods, collected over many Era.

Wild Archer Barbaric Outfit

  • Skin: Dreadhorn Shaman
  • Hat:
  • Shoulders: Woodelf Pauldrons 4 PG/AS
  • Chest: Barbaric Jerkin AS/BB/BB
  • Hands: Ancient Elves Gloves AS/BB/BB
  • Belt: Barbaric Sash BB
  • Legs: Argonian Guards 1 AS/BB
  • Boots: Dead-Water Shoes AS/BB
  • Weapon: Dead-Water Bow PG/PG/PG

Dyes: Polished Steel Gray= PG, Brewers Brown=BB, AS=Antique Silver

How to obtain:

  • Dreadhorn Shaman Skin: Falkreath Hold Challenger Achievement
  • Woodelf Motif: Looting chests and bags in Tamriel
  • Barbaric Motif : Looting chests and bags in Tamriel
  • Ancient Elfes Motif: Looting chests and bags in Tamriel
  • Deadwater Motif: Daily quests in Murkmire
  • Polished Steel Gray: Master of Refinement Achievement
  • Antiquesilver: Master Jewelry Crafter
  • Brewers Brown: Master Chef Achievement

The Weaponsmith

Weaponsmith Outfit

  • Skin: Spiderkith Skin
  • Hat: Huntsman Helmet PS, AS, PS
  • Shoulders: Sai Sahan’s Arm Cops AS, PS
    Chest: Pellitine Cuirass PS, AS, PS
  • Hands: Malacath Gauntlets PS, AS, AS
  • Belt: Yokudan Girdle AS, AS, AS
  • Legs: Yokudan Greaves PS, AS, PS
  • Boots: Yokudan Shoes AS
  • Weapon: Outlaw Maul 3 PG, PG, PG

Dyes: PS= Polished Steel Gray, AS= Antique Silver, PG=Prefects Gray

How to obtain:

  • Spiderkith Skin: By completing the Cradle of Shadows Challenger Achievement
  • Huntsman Motif: By completing Marsh of Sacrifices
  • Sai Sahan Motif: Anniversary Box
  • Pellitine Motif: Hunting dragon Dailys
  • Malacath Motif: World boss quests in Wrothgar
  • Yokudan Motif: Repeatable quests in Carglorn
  • Outlaw Motif: World boss and delve quests in Hews bane
  • Polished Steel Gray: Master of Refinement Achievement
  • Antique Silver: Master Jewelry Crafting Achievement
  • Prefects Gray: Reaching Alliance Rank Prefect

Old Orc Warrior

This old Orc Warrior was once enslaved and fights back for his old position as Clan elder and regain honor for his family.

Old Orc Warrior Outfit

  • Hat: – 
  • Shoulders: Dead-Water Pauldrons WS/WS
  • Chest: Barbaric Jerkin WS/AB/WS
  • Hands: Prisoner’s Chains WS
  • Belt: Primal Sash WS
  • Legs: Prisoner’s Trousers 1 WS
  • Boots: Barbaric Shoes WS/AB/AB
  • Weapon: Breton Axe 4 WS/AB/AB
  • Elder Argonian Axe WS/AB/WS

WS=Windhelm Steel, AB=Atmoran Bronze

How to obtain:

  • Dead-Water Motif: Daily quests in Murkmire
  • Barbaric Motif: Can be found in wardrobes and backpacks in Tamriel
  • Prisoner Motif: Reach level 40
  • Primal Motif: Can be found in wardrobes and backpacks in Tamriel
  • Breton Motif: Can be found in wardrobes and backpacks in Tamriel
  • Elder Argonian motif: Daily quests in Murkmire