Welcome to the Top 3 Beginner Tips for ESO. This is a very short guide to make your life easier and more efficient in the game. If you have any questions about the game you can always join our big community discord, where people will immediately help you out.
Table of Contents for Top 3 Beginner Tips

Tip 1: How to level up Skills and Skill-Lines in ESO

While you are leveling up your freaking amazing character you also want to level up skills and skill-lines. Skills level up when you slot them on your skill bar. So whenever you place a skill onto your skill bar, it will start gaining experience and slowly level up. The most important take away from this note is, that you can wield a destruction staff, but slot restoration staff abilities and the restoration staff abilities will level up as well, along with the skill line. As long as you have a skill of a skill-line slotted, then the skill line will also level up automatically.

top 3 beginner tips ESO
For example my new Stamina Sorcerer, as you can see I have two Dark Magic skills slotted (1 and Ultimate), a Daedric Summoning skill (2), a Storm Calling skill (3), a Two Handed skill (4) and a Dual Wield skill (5). That means I am leveling up 5 different skill-lines at the same time. And because I have two Dark Magic skills slotted I gain more experience in that skill-line because both skills will earn experience for that skill-line.

Tip 2: Attribute Points in ESO

Attribute points are a very important thing for every new Character that you create. You will gain more the higher level you reach. Now the big question is how should you spend the attribute points on a new character? The fastest way to level up like always is gaining experience through killing monsters or doing quests. To do that I recommend putting all points into the offensive attributes. If you are a magicka user, then put all points into magicka. If you are a stamina user, then put all points into stamina. More overall resources means that you can sustain for longer due to the higher resource pool and it also affects your damage on top of that. Overland monsters do not hit really hard, that is why you do not really have to put points into health. And the faster things die, the less damage they can do to you.

top 3 beginner tips ESO

Tip 3: Buff-Food and Potions in ESO

Food is one of the most important features in this game to increase your overall stats. I have seen a lot of new players not using food. You can easily spot players that do not use food, they usually sit around 12-15k health. With food you should be able to hit between 18-22k health. It also increases your magicka and stamina, depending on what type of food you eat.

top 3 beginner tips ESO
Like I mentioned in the video, I do recommend joining a a guild that helps new players, they will happily give you food or drips like Witchmother’s Potent Brew or Dubious Camoran Throne Drink that both increases your health and magicka or stamina. In addition those two drinks also increase your recovery which will help with sustain!

Witchmother’s Potent Brew Drink

This drink can be used at any level, it is used on a lot of magicka builds.

Food buff

Dubious Camoran Throne Drink

This drink can be used at any level, it is used on a lot of stamina builds.

Food buff

The End. I hope those Top 3 Beginner Tips will help you out to start your journey in Elder Scrolls Online! I do have more guides, make sure to check them out as well.

New Player Beginner Guide: https://alcasthq.com/eso-new-player-beginner-guide/