Introduction to Litany of Blood Achievement

This Guide will help you find all the necessary targets to successfully complete the Litany of Blood Achievement.


  • All targets must be killed using the Blade of Woe, otherwise it does not count.
  • The target will be in the city where it should be located. The target can walk throught most of the city, so it is never at the same spot
  • The clues in the Litany of Blood are not literal, they have to be interpreted.
  • “You will know them by their eye.” All targets will have one white eye, this is the dead giveaway you should be looking for once you find a target that matches the clues.
  • You can start the quest after you have progressed to a certain point of the main story. Once thats the case you can talk to Nevusa.

You receive two rewards upon completion of the Achievement

  • Executioner title
  • Cadaverous Assassin Polymorph

Video Litany of Blood Achievement Guide

The Video shows you the locations of the characters, keep in mind. The Characters are never at the same position, but they look the same.

ESO Litany of Blood - Achievment Guide by Alcast

Target Names & Timestamps

  • 01:14 Cimalire (Skywatch)
  • 01:28 Dirdelas (Elden Root)
  • 01:38 Calareth (Marbruk)
  • 01:53 Sihada (Vulkwasten)
  • 02:10 Dablir (Rawl’Kha)
  • 02:22 Dinor Girano (Davon’s Watch)
  • 02:36 Cindiri Malas (Mournhold)
  • 02:51 Gideelar (Stormhold)
  • 03:01 Hakida (Windhelm)
  • 03:14 Eldfyr (Riften)
  • 03:26 Cesarel Hedier (Dagerfall)
  • 03:38 Alix Edette (Wayrest)
  • 03:54 Bulag (Shornhelm)
  • 04:07 Ebrayd (Sentinel)
  • 04:19 Berea (Evermore)

Cadaverous Assassin Polymorph

Litany of Blood Achievement