Welcome to the ESO Skyshards Guide. The Skyshard guide is here to help you find out what Skyshards actually are, what their use is, how many you can find and where you can find them all.

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What are Skyshards?

After you leave the tutorial in The Elder Scrolls Online, you find yourself in the world of Tamriel. Wherever you end up, upon exploring, you will sooner or later notice a glowy ray emitted from what looks like a crystal.

These are called Skyshards. skyshard unexplored

Unless you happen to travel to the mainland first and do the Soulless story quest first (or the main story quest), you won’t get an explanation on what a Skyshard is. The Soulless quest used to be the tutorial quest

What do Skyshards do?

A skyshard overlandSkyshards are meant to provide you with a skill point after you have collected three of them.
Upon finding all in an area, such as a region, you will be granted an Achievement. If you have collected all them, you will receive a new dye with which you can colour your costumes or clothes, called Aetherial Blue.
Since you also have to go into solo- and groupdelves in order to find some Skyshards, you will also get some other achievements, unlocking more colours and titles!

In the total 32 regions you can find 452 Skyshards. If we include the one from the Soulless quest this makes a total of 453 Skyshards you can find, which accumulates to 151 Skill points!

Tips for ESO Skyshards

When you go farm Skyshards, it’s good to start with those that are Overland first, meaning not bothering to go into delves in order to collect them. On the maps below the Overland Skyshards are marked Green, whereas the Delve and Public Dungeon Skyshards are marked Yellow.

Here is a list of tips which will help you in the long run:

  • Get Rapid Maneuver from the Assault PvP Skill Line. If you go into Cyrodiil to complete the introduction quest, you will already have Rank 2 and a Skill Point to invest into this.
  • In order to save some money on teleporting, or time, teleport to your guildmates from the guild menu, or friends on your friend list.
  • Either get the Darkstrider or Jailbreaker (or both) if you want to collect all Skyshards. Especially for those in Delves and Public Dungeons.
  • If you go Skyshard hunting in Cyrodiil, try going into a campaign that doesn’t have a high population, or at times where population is low. Most will be in enemy territory and others will also only be available if your faction controls these areas.
  • While you are going on a Skyshard hunt, you can collect lorebooks at the same time, especially if you need the Mages Guild Skill Line. Even doing the Psijic Skill Line is a good idea while collecting Skyshards.
  • In case you aren’t after completion or the achievement, and just want to farm skill points, skip those in the single-player delves. You might want to do the group event though in the Public dungeons, as they provide you with an additional skill point, too.
  • After you are done collecting all Skyshards in a region, you can purchase them in the Crownstore per region (50 Crowns each)

If you collect all the Skyshards listed in your achievement journal, you will even receive an award. Aside from a Skyshard as a housing item, you will also receive this:

Skyshard Reward


All ESO Skyshard Locations

  • Green = Overland Skyshards
  • Yellow = Delve and Public Dungeon Skyshards

Blackwood Zone Skyshards ESO

Location of all the ESO Blackwood Skyshards
Skyshard #Found at:
1In the ruins of a fort along the coast
2Outside the marshy walls of a fort overrun with enemies
3Behind the statue of a warrior
4On an island in the sea
5Where the floating roads sink beneath the water
6Southeast of where the forgotten tower sits
7Hidden where specters guard a dead fortress
8In a place where a misstep leads to a long fall
9Where the rocks pile high and the trees stand tall
10By the island where the haj mota prowls
11In a hidden corridor by the blooming red blossoms
12On a platform above where the dead and living walk
13Nestled in the moss where the behemoth stalks
14High above where the Goblins scheme
15Watched over by flaming skulls
16Where spiders creep and birds speak
17In a cave by the false night’s sky
18In a rocky alcove, guarded by a vicious wamasu



Like mentioned above, the fastest way to gain Skyshards is to pick up the Overland ones first, because that takes a lot less time than going into each delve or dungeon separately.