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Welcome to the “Fashion ESO” category of the website. Fashion has its own big place in the Elder Scrolls Online. Some players like to call the fashion in ESO “Endgame”, because without a good looking character you won’t be taken seriously!

Elder Scrolls Online offers a wide variety of fashion items, unlike most other MMOs, you actually can obtain most of the fashion items in the game and not exclusively within the paid store. That means you can look good without having to pay for it! You will have to get achievements and clear content though, to obtain motifs and outfit styles.

Below you can find interesting fashion articles for ESO. The “Skins Showcase” page shows off all the available skins in the game that you can apply to your character. The “Polymorph Showcase” focuses on the available polymorphs that will turn your character into a complete different being.

Many of the sets in ESO have visual effects attached to them, you can see some of the visual effects in the “Visual Effects Showcase“. We also prepared some Knight, Barbaric and Mage style outfits for you, where you can get some inspiration for your outfit.

If you want to learn every detail about fashion in ESO, I recommend checking out for a full overview of fashion items in ESO.

Fashion Articles:

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Mage Outfits for Elder Scrolls Online ESO

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Aldmeri-Arch-Wizard Arch Wizards are immensely powerful wizards, who live for thousands of years. Their magic created and formed Summerset and the surrounding islands. But even the greatest [...]

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