Welcome to the ESO Gold Farming Guide. This gold farming guide shows an easy way to make gold in ESO. You can make around 60-100k gold per hour with this method. You farm materials which you can directly sell or refine to extract gold materials. These materials can then be sold on the open market to make easy money in ESO.

The nice thing about this gold farming method is, that you don’t require any experience to clear hard content, as you just farm materials in the overland zone.

Please also keep in mind that prices are different on each server, so the amount you earn can differentiate a lot.

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The Perfect Build to Farm Gold in ESO

Speedy G Fastest Vampire Build Gold Farming ESO

The “Speedy G.” Farming Build is optimized for this method. The build has unlimited resources, runs at the maximum speed possible and also lets you stay in stealth permanently. That is nice because you can simply run past all the monsters without them attacking you. That speeds up the gold farming in ESO a lot.

The Location for Gold Farming in ESO (Non-DLC)

Everyone can access the zone Craglorn. Remember, every zone works with this method, I am just showcasing you my recommended zone. The reason why I have chosen Craglorn is because the zone also drops Nirncrux trait material which can be worth quite a lot. But like I said, there is a lot of zones where you can farm materials, find the best zone or spot for you and memorize it. I also showcase a few gold farming routes here on the map that result in very high materials farmed per hour.

ESO Gold Farming, How to make Gold in ESO

What are the requirements?

Theoretically there are none, this is an easy method. However, if you have a more optimized build like mentioned above, then you will of course farm more materials per hour which will result in more gold. You don’t need to have perfect legendary gear, it is just important that you have the right gear sets like listed in the build to optimize the gold farming output.

Crafting Perks

Having maximum crafting perks will give you access to the highest tier materials when you harvest a resource node, that is also very important. However, if you don’t have that yet you can also farm lower tier materials or chests.

Addons for Gold Farming

There is various addons that you can use to improve your experience with this method.

  • Master Merchant: You can use Master Merchant to check the current average selling prices.
  • Votan’s Mini Map: This helps finding your way through the zone, as it puts a mini map on your screen that you can configure.
  • Harvest Map: Shows you where materials are and can also produce 3D farming nodes.

Test Gold Farming Method for ESO

I have done a full showcase and test of this method during a live stream on my twitch channel. You can watch the full test here on youtube.

Resource Farming test with Speedy G.

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