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Welcome to the Stamina Necromancer Build PvP “Bloodrush” for Elder Scrolls Online. Make sure to bookmark the link as I will keep updating the build for each new Update of ESO. The Bloodrush Build is optimized for Cyrodiil.

The Bloodrush Build features the new Necromancer class for Elder Scrolls Online. Crazy burst damage paired with high resistance and good sustain. We are using a very offensive setup with Warrior's FurySeventh Legion Brute and Balorgh which allows us to get ridiculous Weapon Damage numbers when we are fully buffed! We also use the Titanic Cleave to gain a lot of cleave and AoE damage in general with this setup that helps fight against several targets.

  • Necromancer Class
  • Cyrodiil Group Build
  • Two Hander/ Sword & Board
  • Heavy Armor
  • Strong AoE Damage
  • Strong Healing
  • Powerful Burst

Changes from the previous version

This build was added with the Elsweyr Chapter.

Resource Management

A lot of our sustain is tied to Heavy Attacks. Because we use Heavy Armor we benefit from the passive Revitalize. You also want to make sure to use Heavy Attacks on the Sword & Board bar, because these Heavy Attacks are slightly faster then the Two Hander ones! The next important thing is that you always keep your Spirit Mender to gain damage mitigation and it also increases your Magicka and Stamina Recovery by 200 because of the Undead Confederate passive. We also run one infused necklace with cost reduction enchantment to make our stamina abilities cheaper. You also want to make sure to use Tri Stat Potions (check here), that way you can always pop a potion when you need it and you will regain all your stats, this can be a life saver! We also use a buff food that gives us more sustain, you can either use Dubious Camoran Throne or the slightly better but way more expensive Artaeum Brooth.

  • Heavy Attacks
  • Undead Confederate
  • Infused Cost Reduction Glyph
  • Tri-Stat Potions
  • Dubious Camoran Throne

Cyrodiil Setup

  • Unbuffed: Out of combat
  • Buffed: Major Brutality, Weapon Damage Enchant, Tri Stat Potion, Seventh Legion, Fury, Balorgh with 250 Ulti.


Gear Setup

  • 5-2 Setup: We are using a 5-2 setup, 5 pieces heavy and 2 medium.
  • No Master Weapons? If you do not have any Master Weapons, you could also use the Agility to gain some extra stats or simply use a Alchemist Two Hander.
  • Alchemist vs Seventh: You can also use Seventh Legion, it has a lot shorter uptime though keep that in mind.
ChestWarrior's FuryHeavyImpenetrableStamina
BeltWarrior's FuryHeavyImpenetrableStamina
ShoesWarrior's FuryHeavyImpenetrableStamina
PantsWarrior's FuryHeavyImpenetrableStamina
HandsWarrior's FuryHeavyImpenetrableStamina
NecklaceClever AlchemistJewelryInfusedStamina Cost Reduction
RingClever AlchemistJewelryProtectiveWeapon Damage Glyph
RingClever AlchemistJewelryProtectiveWeapon Damage Glyph
Weapon 1 2HTitanic Cleave2H SwordNirnhonedWeapon Damage Glyph
Weapon 2 S&BClever Alchemist1H SwordNirnhonedEscapist Poisons
Weapon 2 S&BClever AlchemistShieldImpenetrableEscapist Poisons

Where can I get the gear?

Fury: Cyrodiil PvP Vendor
Clever Alchemist: Craftable
Seventh Legion: Bankorai, Guildstore
Titanic Cleave: vet Dragonstar Arena
Balorgh: March of Sacrifices, Urgalarg Chest


Forward Momentum Blighted Blastbones Critical Rush Reverse Slice Brawler Pestilent Colossus
Skeletal Archer Beckoning Armor Resolving Vigor Spirit Guardian Reverberating Bash Spell Wall
Two Hander MainbarS&B second bar
Slot 1: Forward MomentumSlot 1: Skeletal Archer / Hexproof
Slot 2: Blighted BlastbonesSlot 2: Beckoning Armor
Slot 3: Critical RushSlot 3: Resolving Vigor
Slot 4: Reverse SliceSlot 4: Spirit Guardian
Slot 5: BrawlerSlot 5: Reverberating Bash
Ultimate: Pestilent ColossusUltimate: Spell Wall


Championpoints [810]

The Ritual
49 Mighty, 37 Precise Strikes, 36 Piercing
The Attronarch
66 Master-at-Arms, 14 Physical Weapon Expert, 40 Shattering Blows
The Apprentice
28 Blessed
The Shadow
40 Shadow Ward, 28 Tumbling, 25 Befoul
The Lover
49 Tenacity, 49 Mooncalf
The Tower
56 Warlord, 1 Siphoner, 22 Sprinter
The Lord
43 Quick Recovery
The Lady
49 Hardy, 49 Elemental Defender, 23 Thick Skinned
The Steed
56 Ironclad, 50 Resistant

Championpoints [600]

The Ritual
37 Mighty, 31 Precise Strikes, 37 Piercing
The Attronarch
44 Master at Arms, 23 Shattering Blows
The Apprentice
The Shadow
40 Shadow Ward,  28 Tumbling
The Lover
43 Tenacity, 43 Mooncalf
The Tower
1 Siphoner, 40 Warlord, 5 Sprinter
The Lord
28 Quick Recovery
The Lady
37 Hardy, 37 Elemental Defender, 23 Thick Skinned
The Steed
44 Ironclad, 31 Resistant

Championpoints [300]

The Ritual
31 Piercing, 27 Mighty, 28 Precise Strikes
The Attronarch
13 Master at Arms, 1 Physical Weapon Expert
The Apprentice
The Shadow
The Lover
49 Mooncalf, 49 Tenacity
The Tower
2 Warlord
The Lord
The Lady
23 Hardy, 23 Elemental Defender, 23 Thick Skinned
The Steed
31 Ironclad

Important Info for Stamina Necromancer Build PvP


Dubious Camoran Throne
(Max Health, Max Stamina, Stamina Recovery)
(White Meat, Beetle Scuttle, Insect Parts River Bait, Guts Lake Bait)

Food buff

Mundus Stone

you want to use the Serpent Mundus Stone to get more Stamina Recovery for your setup.

The Serpent (Increased Stamina Recovery)


Nord and Orc are the top two choices for this build. If you want to learn more about the different racial passives that each race offers, check out my Race Guide which explains everything in detail.

Nord (recommended)


Tri-Stat Potion
(Health, Stamina, Magicka)
(Bugloss, Columbine, Mountain Flower)

Tri Stat Potion


Make sure to run poisons on the S&B bar, those poisons help root the enemy and also drain stamina.

Escapist Poison
(Immobilize, Speed reduction, Drain Stamina)
(Blessed Thistle, Columbine, Namiras Rot)



All into Stamina

Update Log

19.05.2019 Added the Stamina Necromancer PvP Build for the Elsweyr Chapter