Battlegrounds are 4v4v4 PvP (Player versus Player) arenas, which were introduced with the chapter “Morrowind” (which is now available as a DLC). They are freely accessible and you don’t have to own the chapter/DLC.

battleground symbolsBattlegrounds are independent of your alliance and can put you randomly together with other factions, each party has it’s own color.
Additionally, it doesn’t matter whether you or other party members are flagged as a specific role (such as Tank, DD or Healer), as they don’t affect your match making.

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Battleground Header Beginning

The Beginning

Upon reaching level 10 you will receive a message in the mail inviting you to Cyrodiil. This means you are ready for all sorts of PvP. You will not receive a separate message of being invited to Battlegrounds, but be rest assured that you are now able to pick up the starter quest in any Gladiators Quarters.

With this Battlegrounds Beginner Guide I will try to help you understand all the basics and what you can expect from playing Battlegrounds.

In order to get access to Battlegrounds you will have to follow these steps:

  • Press P (default) to open up your Group window
  • Select Battlegrounds from the window’s left menu (at the bottom)
  • Here you can choose specific Battleground modes from the upper right menu, or have a random Battleground chosen for you when you decide to not choose one yourself

If you want to be able to complete quests for Battlegrounds and receive additional rewards, you have to start and complete the introduction quest, which you can pick up in either the capitals or directly at the Gladiator’s Quarters.

Every expansion’s capital has a Gladiator’s Quarters, as well as the starter cities in each area for Daggerfall Covenant (Glenumbra, Daggerfall), Aldmeri Dominion (Auridon, Vulkhel Guard) and Ebonheart Pact (Stonefalls, Devon’s Watch).

The starter quest is called “For Glory” and introduces you to Battlegrounds by participating in any battleground.

There will be three available repeatable daily quests called “Test of Mettle” for which you have to gain 1000 battleground points (can be in separate matches), “Let the Games Begin” for which you have to participate in 5 Battlegrounds and “To the Victor” for which you have to win 3 Battlegrounds.
These quests can be shared with other players.

Alliance Points (AP)

The main reward you will get is Alliance Points. For partaking in PvP combat or by completing the repeatable quests you will receive these. Alliance Points serve different purposes. They are equal to EXP, but are also a currency. Whereas you can buy the basic equipment with in-game gold, you can buy these also with AP, as well as more advanced weapons, gear, motifs, supplies and a lot more.

AP are awarded as a separate currency to your character, but can also be stored in the bank and withdrawn on other characters. These do not count as new AP though on another character, so that you can’t level up with them.

AP will be awarded as a team effort, such as follows:

  • 1st place will award you with about 400 AP
  • 2nd place will award you with about 400 AP
  • 3rd place will award you with about 400 AP

The introduction quest, as well as the Daily quests will award you with an additional 2.000 AP per quest.


As rewards you will obtain a Rewards for the Worthy coffer in your mail for every 20,000 AP earned. The first one of the day will contain a Transmutation Geode that can be split in 4-25 Transmutation Crystals, and will contain a random set item that can only be obtained this way.

Battleground Guide

Alliance Ranks

Just like you progress in the game through EXP, you can progress in your Alliance Rank by gaining AP. You simultaneously level your Alliance War skill line up to Rank 10 and then progress further in your Alliance Rank.

Per rank you gain a skill point, you will receive a new rank icon, unlock new achievements, dyes and titles, get siege weapons and unlock new housing items.

Alliance Ranks are available as both Grade 1 and Grade 2 per rank, so while you have 25 titles, it is 50 total ranks and 50 total skill points.


There are 15 titles available by fulfilling several objectives in either one or more Battlegrounds. These are also called Achievements and you can find them in the Achievement section under J (default) and in the upper right corner you can find the symbol for it.
In the left menu click “Player vs Player” and then click “Battlegrounds”.
Additionally, some of them will award you with Dyes.

Relic Guardian
Defeat 100 Relic carriers in Battlegrounds.

Relic Hunter
Capture 100 Relics in Battlegrounds.

Chaos Champion
Earn your first Chaos Champion medal by dealing 450.000 points of damage to Chaos Ball carriers in a single Battleground match.

Chaos Guardian
Earn your first Chaos Guardian medal by healing at least 375.000 points of damage for Chaos Ball carriers in a single Battleground match.

Chaos Keeper
Take 10.000.000 points of damage cumulatively from carrying the Chaos Ball.

Standard Bearer
Seize 250 Capture Points in Battlegrounds.

Standard Guardian
Earn 500 Defensive Execution medals by defeating opponents attacking one of your capture points.

Grand Champion
Earn a lifetime medal score of 250.000 points in Battlegrounds.

Conquering Hero
Win 50 Battleground matches.

Defeat 1000 opponents in Battlegrounds.

Battleground Butcher
Win a team Deathmatch with 500 points before any other team reaches 200 points.

Finish a team Deathmatch battle with at least 8 more kills than deaths.

The Merciless
Earn your first quadruple medal by defeating 4 opponents in a team Deathmatch battle, each within 10 seconds of the next.

Help your team capture both enemy relics within 10 seconds of each other.

Relic Runner
Capture 3 enemy Relics in a single Battleground match.

Battleground Rewards

Every match you get ap, gold, experience, every match awards you a random piece of gear that is only available in bgs (or buy them in guild stores or coffers or bg merchant (only for weapons)), daily rewards from random bg (2nd place or higher = random weapon, plus supplies, transmutation geode (1 stone ), having chance of receiving style page (Fire Drake (participate in land grab), Storm Lord, (participate in flag games) Battleground Runner (Flag games, winning=higher chance) and Pit Daemon (participate in Death Match) ).

Highscore Rewards = Top 100 in one category –> Random piece of gold gear, if you are Top 100 in two, you get two, in all Top 100 you get three random pieces of gold gear. Resets weekly, have to remain in the Top 100 upon reset.

Battlegrounds Memorabilia , purpose is to sell for 1000 gold to merchants, random

EXP Reward: First Random Battleground and per BG lesser EXP, will keep lesser EXP bonus for more randoms


Battleground Guide

Battleground Modes

All the Battleground Modes require you to work as a team, in order to either receive the maximum of 500 points before the 15 minutes are over per Battleground, or to have the highest group points after the 15-minute period has ended.

Deathmatch: Get Battleground points by killing enemies and avoid dying too much.

Flag Games

  • Capture the Relic: Outmaneuver your enemies by taking their relic and protecting yours.
  • Chaosball: Carry the Chaosball for as long as you can or protect the carrier to gain points.

Land Grab

  • Crazy King: Capture the moving Flags in order to gain points for your group and yourself.
  • Domination: Capture up to 4 Flags and try defending them against your enemies.

Battleground Maps

(missing: Ularra, Deeping Drome, Istirus Outpost, Eld Angvar)

Battleground Beginner Guide

Match Making Rating

Match Making Rating (also known as MMR) is a hidden factor in The Elder Scrolls Online that determines how a player gets placed in a match with similar opponents, starting with Low-Tier.
All we know so far are theories about this, as ZOS withholds the factors that come into play when deciding how the MMR works.

One theory is that the MMR has four tiers; Low-Tier, Mid-Tier, End-Tier and Above-Tier.
It seems that the MMR is sometimes ignored, as there is not always a 100% guarantee that you will be placed in a group with the same skill sets as your own, meaning that you can end up in a Low-Tier Battleground, even though you usually play among End-Tier players.
MMR is not shared across an account, but is specific to each character.
It also seems that the MMR is based on the fulfillment of the objects of the specific Battleground, so that with the higher points you earn as a single player, your MMR also rises.
The game mode doesn’t seem to influence your MMR rating, as it seems to be shared across all game modes.
The Top 100 list does not show your MMR, it is only representative of how much you play.

Battleground Beginner Guide


Here I will explain specifics on how the modes work, or what you can expect from the different modes. I will also tell you about things that are specific to Battlegrounds, such as mechanics or Tips & Tricks.

  • Deathmatch: 1 kill equals 15 points. You can increase your personal score by killing opponents, assist in killing or healing your group. Performing different tasks like killing multiple enemies at once also grants you additional points.
  • Flag Games: About every 10 seconds in the game, you will be awarded 8 points per Flag that you have captured. If you are alone on a Flag point with 1 other enemy player, the capture meter will not move. You will always need the majority in order to outnumber the enemy.
  • Capture the Relic: 1 Relic capture equals 100 points. You can interrupt any enemy taking a relic (by bashing, for example), it doesn’t matter whether it’s in the base or mid-game on the territory.
    While picking up a Relic, you can move around.
    While carrying the Relic, specific abilities such as Cloak or Streak are unavailable to you.
    Be aware of your surroundings and use objects in close proximity to the Relic to hide while picking it up.
  • Chaosball: 10 points every few seconds will be awarded for the carrier of the Chaosball. It damages the carrier for as long as it’s carried, but you can mitigate the damage on a player by additionally standing in the damaging aura of the Chaosball (which is by default symbolized as a red circle on the ground).
    While carrying the Chaosball you are unable to use abilitites such as Cloak or Streak.
    You can improve your personal score by carrying the orb, or by carrying it for a specific amount of time and earning medals, such as 30, 60 and 90 seconds, or healing the Chaosball carrier.
    If the Chaosball is out of reach (such as dying in lava or falling to your death), the ball will reset in the center of the map.

General Tips & Tricks

  • You can utilize your surroundings in order to either hurt or kill other players, or to get rid of them. You can knock enemy players over ledges, down walls, into lava or make them fall to death.
  • In Battlegrounds your respawn is on an overall 20 second timer, meaning that you can only respawn when the time period is up. But this also means that you can die at second 18 and only need to wait 2 seconds before you can respawn in your base.
  • Players can be resurrected by other players (consumes a soul gem), but it can also get interrupted.
  • Every player in Battlegrounds (as well as in Cyrodiil), will receive a buff called “Battle Spirit”. This will increase your Health by 3000 points and reduce healing and damage.
  • Being in stealth won’t count towards the capturing of a Flag