This article is showcasing the new Artifact Volendrung that you can obtain in Cyrodiil. Only one player can use the weapon at a time! Volendrung has been unleashed on Cyrodiil in all campaigns! After picking up the weapon, your ability bar will swap out, stats will be adjusted and you’ll be the living embodiment of this ancient weapon!

  • This Artifact Weapon can be wielded by any player in Cyrodiil, and spawns in the world about 4-5 times a day.
  • You must keep feeding the weapon Alliance Points (repairing structures or resurrecting other players doesn’t count) or else the power of the weapon will drain your life (i.e. it kills your character).
  • Added a tutorial for this weapon, led by Sheogorath in each Alliance starter gate where quest boards are located
This weapon might be a bit TOO STRONG? 🔨🔨


  • Rourken’s Rebuke
  • Malacat’s Vengeance
  • Accursed Charge
  • Pariah’s Resolve
  • Sundering Swing
  • Ruinous Cyclone (Ultimate)

The Volendrung Weapon overall is pretty strong, also keep in mind you do not have any ability costs!

VolendrungVolendrungVolendrung  VolendrungVolendrung Volendrung

The picture is from the ultimate Ruinous Cycline.