Magicka Sorcerer Healer Build PvE for Summerset, Elder Scrolls Online

surge magicka healer sorcerer build pve

Magicka Sorcerer Healer Build “Surge” – Summerset Chapter

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Welcome to the Magicka Sorcerer Healer Build PvE “Surge” for Elder Scrolls Online. Make sure to bookmark the link as I will keep updating the build for each new Update of ESO. The Surge Healer Build is made for Dungeons.

Magicka Sorcerers have very strong burst heals thanks to the Twilight Matriarch pet. You can also support your group with Minor Intellect, increases everyones Magicka Recovery by 10% when you use Empowered Ward, this also shields your pet and yourself at the same time. Running Boundless Storm makes us fast as it applies Speedbuff for us and also gives u Major Ward and Major Resolve, increasing our Resistances by 5280. At the same time Boundless Storm also has a chance to apply Concussion, which means monsters will take 8% more damage for a short duration.

  • Dungeon Build
  • Insane Resource Mangement
  • Insane Healing Output
  • Group Support
  • Buff/Debuff Setup
  • Light Armor

Changes from the previous version

Updated Champion Points. With the changes to how Two Handers now count as two piece bonus, healers received a huge buff, we can now wear a 5 5 2 setup and use a 5 Light, 1 Heavy, 1 Medium setup. Vestment of the Olorime is replacing Spell Power Cure. The Olorime set has a 12 player target cap, compared to Spell Power Cure which is a 6 player target cap. In addition, Olorime applies Major Courage for 30 seconds, whereas Spell Power Cure only lasts for 10 seconds.

The Gossamer set applies Major Evasion to your group members, giving them a 15% dodge chance for attacks. This set can be useful in certain situation. In addition we also run Nightflame which applies a heal over time effect on the ground.

Resource Management

We have more than enough Magicka Recovery to be able to sustain without any issues. Now on this build we are using 2x Spellcost reduction Glyphs in combination with Witchmothers Brew Drink to give us enough sustain. Also do not forget to Heavy Attack as Resto Staves give you 30% more resources back! In case you still have sustain issues, which I doubt, you could use Dark Conversion to transfer Stamina into Magicka.

Dungeon & Trial Setup

surge magicka healer sorcerer build pve

Spellpower Potion, Boundless Storm and Major Courage buff were active when I took the screenshot.


In addition to the setups below, here is a list with other very good Healer sets that you can use:

Gear Setup 1

Gear Set Weight Trait Enchantment
Chest Perfect Vestment of Olorime Light Infused Tri-Stat
Belt Perfect Vestment of Olorime Light Divine Magicka
Shoes Perfect Vestment of Olorime Light Divine Magicka
Pants Perfect Vestment of Olorime Light Infused Tri-Stat
Hands Perfect Vestment of Olorime Light Divine Magicka
Head Nightflame Heavy Infused Tri-Stat
Shoulder Nightflame Medium Divine Magicka
Necklace Gossamer Jewelry Arcane Spellcost Reduction
Ring Gossamer Jewelry Arcane Spellcost Reduction
Ring Gossamer Jewelry Arcane Spelldamage
Weapon 1 Gossamer Resto Staff Powered Damage Magicka Enchantment
Weapon 2 Gossamer Lightning Staff Charged Shock dmg

Gear Setup 2 Beginner

Gear Set Weight Trait Enchantment
Chest Kagrenac's Hope Heavy Infused Tri-Stat
Belt Kagrenac's Hope Light Divine Magicka
Shoes Kagrenac's Hope Light Divine Magicka
Pants Kagrenac's Hope Light Infused Tri-Stat
Hands Kagrenac's Hope Light Divine Magicka
Head Molag Kena Light Infused Tri-Stat
Shoulder Torug's Pact Light Divine Magicka
Necklace Willpower Jewelry Arcane Spellcost Reduction
Ring Willpower Jewelry Arcane Spellcost Reduction
Ring Willpower Jewelry Arcane Spelldamage
Weapon 1 Torug's Pact Resto Staff Powered Damage Magicka Enchantment
Weapon 2 Torug's Pact Lightning Staff Charged Shock dmg

Where can I get the gear?

Vestments of Olorime: Cloudrest
Gossamer: Cradle of Shadows
Nightflame: Elden Hollow 2

Other useful sets:

Spell Power Cure: White Gold Tower
The Worm's Raiment: Vaults of Madness
Healing Mage (Mending): Aetherian Archive
Sanctuary: Banished Cells
Jorvuld's Guidance: Scalecaller Peak
Kagrenac's Hope: Craftable In the Earth Forge (You must have completed the Fighters Guild quest line to have access to craft this Set. Requires 8 Traits to craft pieces of this Set)
Willpower: Imperial City Vaults, Guildstore
Master's Restoration Staff Veteran Dragonstar Arena
The Maelstrom's Lightning Staff: Maelstrom Arena
Torug's Pact: Craftable (Requires 3 Traits)
Molag Kena: White Gold Tower


Remember, Healers often need to change a few skills out during runs. So this setup is not maced into stone, adjust it to your needs.

  • Healing Ward: This ability only needs to be used if an member takes a lot of damage and drops low on health.
  • Combat Prayer: This needs to be on the group members all the time to heal them and increase their damage by 8%.
  • Healing Springs: This is your main healing tool, its pretty cheap and heals a lot over time.
  • Empowered Ward: If you think your pet and you need shielding, you could use Empowered Ward instead of Healing Ward. Also gives your group members Minor Intellect, increasing Magicka Recovery by 10%.
  • Twilight Matriarch: The pet has an insanely strong heal, in case your group members are spread too far, just activate this, as long as they stand in a 28m range they will get healed.
  • Absorption Field: When your group members stand in the Negate, they will get healed and the enemies will get stunned for a short duration.
  • Boundless Storm: Keep this ability up all the time, it gives you Major Ward and Resolve to increase Physical and Spell Resistance by 5280, plus you actually can concuss enemies. And you get Major Expedititon Speed buff.
  • Elemental Blockade: Keep this on the ground as much as possible, when that Elemental Shock Blockade is on the ground with your charged trait, concussion and off balance will almost proc on cooldown, increasing group DPS by a lot.
  • Elemental Drain: This ability needs to be on the enemy as much as possible, it debuffs their Spell Resistance and gives Magicka Steal to your whole group, increasing sustain by a lot.
  • Energy Orb: Use this as much as possible, when group members activate the Synergy, they restore a lot of resources.
  • Aggressive Warhorn: This is your main Ultimate, it buffs the groups resources and increases the critical damage modifier for 10 seconds.
Restoration Staff Mainbar Shock Staff bar
Slot 1: Healing Ward/ Empowered Ward Slot 1: Boundless Storm
Slot 2: Combat Prayer Slot 2: Elemental Blockade
Slot 3: Healing Springs Slot 3: Elemental Drain
Slot 4: Empowered Ward Slot 4: Energy Orb
Slot 5: Twilight Matriarch Slot 5: Twilight Matriarch
Ultimate: Lights Champion Ultimate: Aggressive Warhorn


Championpoints [750 CP]

The Ritual
23 Thaumaturge
The Attronarch
18 Master-at-Arms, 9 Staff Expert
The Apprentice
75 Blessed, 73 Elfborn, 15 Spell Erosion, 37 Elemental Expert
The Shadow
10 Tumbling, 46 Shadow Ward
The Lover
75 Arcanist, 75 Tenacity
The Tower
44 Warlord
The Lord
The Lady
49 Hardy, 49 Elemental Defender, 48 Thick Skinned
The Steed
81 Ironclad, 23 Spell Shield

Championpoints [300 CP]

The Ritual
The Attronarch
The Apprentice
61 Blessed, 40 Elfborn, 1 Spell Erosion
The Shadow
The Lover
49 Arcanist, 49 Tenacity
The Tower
2 Warlord
The Lord
The Lady
23 Hardy, 23 Elemental Defender, 23 Thick Skinned
The Steed
31 Ironclad

Important Info for Sorcerer Healer Build PvE


Witchmothers Brew Drink (Max Health, Max Magicka, Magicka Recovery)
Clockwork Citrus Filet

Mundus Stone

The Atronach ( Increased Magicka Recovery)




Spell-Crit Potions
(Spell-crit, Spell Damage, Magicka)
(Cornflower, Ladys Smock, Water Hyacinth)

In case you are still unsure on how to mix the ingredients together, you can check out a alchemy simulator here: Alchemy Simulator 


  • Daedric Summoning: All passives
  • Dark Magic: All passives
  • Storm Calling: All passives
  • Restoration Staff: All passives
  • Destruction Staff: All passives
  • Light Armor: All
  • Heavy Juggernaut
  • Fighters Guild: All
  • Mages Guild: All
  • Undaunted: All
  • Racial: All
  • Alchemy: Medicinal Use
  • Psijic Order: optional

Update Log

11.05.2018 Added Build for Summerset Chapter Sorcerer Healer Build PvE
26.05.2018 Fixed a typo, Nightflame drops in Elden Hollow 2 (did list cloudrest) Sorcerer healer Build PvE
03.07.2018 Added Build Video for Sorcerer Healer Build PvE
08.07.2018 Fixed a typo in the set location section, Gossamer drops in Cradle of Shadows, Sorcerer hHaler Build PvE

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