Welcome, here you can find all webstories on from Alcasthq.com related to the Elder Scrolls Online game. I will provide more of these in the future, currently just experimenting around a bit :)

Gates to Oblivion Webstory

Zenimax Online Studios just announced the new Chapter with a teaser trailer to “Gates to Oblivion”.

Magicka Nightblade Build Webstory

Magicka Nightblade Webstory promoting builds on alcasthq.com

Sorcerer Streak Trick Webstory

Showcase of a Sorcerer using Streak to teleport through the shades on the last boss in Vateshran Hollows Arena.

Magicka Sorcerer Builds Webstory

Magicka Sorcerer Webstory promoting builds on alcasthq.com

Chicken vs Meteor, who will win?

In my second webstory I tried to create a video webstory about a chicken that meets a meteor half way.

Dragonknight Webstory

In the first experimental Webstory I decided to showcase my Dragonknight a bit.