Updated: Dragonhold DLC, Elsweyr Chapter
Type: Dungeon, Trial, Arena & Overland

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Welcome to the Stamina Necromancer Bow Build PvE “Blight” for Elder Scrolls Online. Make sure to bookmark the link as I will keep updating the build for each new Update of ESO. The Blight Build is optimized for Trials, Dungeons & Arenas.

If you are new to the game I highly recommend checking out the Stamina Necromancer Beginner Guide. Make sure to also check out the Two Hander and Dual Wield Build!

This Necromancer bow build functions similar to other bow builds, you can play close up, mid range or at max range depending on your current skill setup. For our main setup we run Arms of RelequenTzogvin's Warband and a Monster set of your choice depending on how close to the enemy you can play. You can also run other sets that are explained in the Stamina DPS Sets guide.

  • Necromancer Class
  • High Burst Damage
  • High Single Target damage
  • High AoE Damage
  • Good Sustain
  • Bow & Bow Setup
  • Trials, Dungeon & Arenas

Changes from the previous version

Updated the build for the Dragonhold DLC, no major changes to the build in this patch.

From the patch notes:

  • Frozen Colossus: The Major Vulnerability from this ability and its morphs now last 8 seconds after dealing any damage, rather than 3 seconds after the final smash. Enemies hit by Major Vulnerability cannot be affected again for 20 seconds after it applies, to prevent situations where this debuff could be kept up indefinitely by rotating an army of Necromancers.
  • Rapid Rot: Increased the damage bonus for this passive to 15%, up from 10%.

Resource Management

Keeping up the Skeletal Archer will allow you to have the Undead Confederate passive up a 100% of the time. Make sure to activate potions on cooldown to keep up the recovery passives and make sure to use the right food, that way we can almost reach 1950 Stamina Recovery which should be enough to sustain. In case you still have trouble, you can also do heavy attacks to restore stamina.

Trials & Dungeons Setup


You will find 3 different setups here. Setup 1 is the preferred setup. For people that do not have all the gear yet can use the Setup 2 which is easier to obtain and beginners can use Setup 3.

  • Setup 1 is with Trial Gear
  • Setup 2 is without Trial Gear
  • Setup 3 is for Beginners

There are a lot of good Stamina Sets available, you can find more viable stamina dps sets in this Stamina DPS Sets Article. I also elaborate on specific sets that are often used in this article to give you a bit more insight as to why they are used.

Gear Setup 1

  • Lokkestiiz: You can also use Tooth of Lokkestiiz instead of Tzogvin, please make sure to use Barbed Trap to get the Minor Force buff again.
  • Monster Set: If you want to go at max range, I can recommend Slimecraw. If you want to stay mid range or melee I would recommend going for Velidreth.
ChestPerfect Arms of RelequenMediumDivineStamina
BeltPerfect Arms of RelequenMediumDivineStamina
ShoesPerfect Arms of RelequenMediumDivineStamina
PantsPerfect Arms of RelequenMediumDivineStamina
HandsPerfect Arms of RelequenMediumDivineStamina
NecklaceTzogvin's WarbandJewelryBloodthirstyWeapon Damage
RingTzogvin's WarbandJewelryBloodthirstyWeapon Damage
RingTzogvin's WarbandJewelryBloodthirstyWeapon Damage
Weapon 1Tzogvin's WarbandBowPreciseDamage Health Poisons IX
Weapon 2Caustic ArrowBowInfusedWeapon Damage Enchant

Gear Setup 2

ChestHunding's RageHeavyDivineHealth
BeltTzogvin's WarbandMediumDivineStamina
ShoesTzogvin's WarbandMediumDivineStamina
PantsHunding's RageMediumDivineHealth
HandsHunding's RageMediumDivineStamina
NecklaceTzogvin's WarbandJewelryRobustWeapon Damage
RingTzogvin's WarbandJewelryRobustWeapon Damage
RingTzogvin's WarbandJewelryRobustWeapon Damage
Weapon 1Hunding's RageBowPreciseDamage Health Poisons IX
Weapon 2Hunding's RageBowInfusedWeapon Damage Enchant

Gear beginner

This gearsetup is pretty easy to get, you need to ask a guildmate to craft you Hundings Rage and Night Mothers Gaze. You can buy Agility in Guildstores, if you want really cheap pieces just buy the Healthy Trait ones, then you can actually invest all points into Stamina and you should get to a decent Health level.

ChestHunding's RageHeavyDivineHealth
BeltHunding's RageMediumDivineStamina
ShoesHunding's RageMediumDivineStamina
PantsNight Mother's GazeMediumDivineStamina
HandsNight Mother's GazeMediumDivineStamina
HeadNight Mother's GazeMediumDivineStamina
ShoulderNight Mother's GazeMediumDivineStamina
NecklaceAgilityJewelryRobustStamina Recovery
RingAgilityJewelryRobustWeapon Damage
RingAgilityJewelryRobustWeapon Damage
Weapon 1Hunding's RageBowPreciseAbsorb Stamina Enchant
Weapon 2Hunding's RageBowInfusedWeapon Damage Enchant

Where can I get the gear?

Tzogvin's Warband: Frostvault
Berserking Warrior: Hel Ra Citadel
Perfect Arms of Relequen: Cloudrest
Velidreth: Cradle of Shadows
Kra'gh: Fungal Grotto 1
Twice-Fanged Serpent: Sanctum Ophidia
Vicious Serpent: Aetherian Archive, Sanctum Ophidia, Hel Ra Citadel
Hunding's Rage: Craftable
Night Mother's Gaze: Craftable
Agility: Guildstore
Stormfist: Tempest Island
Maelstrom Bow: Maelstrom Arena
Caustic Arrow (Master's Bow): Dragonstar Arena


  • Venom Skull: You can use it, but Venom Skull is tougher on your sustain compared to Lethal Arrow.
  • Necrotic Potency: This ability can be used to drain corpses to get ultimate.
  • Trap? We do not run Rearming Trap because we do get Minor Force from the Tzogvin Set.
Skeletal Archer Blighted Blastbones Lethal Arrow Acid Spray Detonating Siphon Pestilent Colossus
Arrow Barrage Necrotic Potency Poison Injection Soul Splitting Trap Echoing Vigor Pestilent Colossus
Bow MainbarBow-second bar
Slot 1: Skeletal ArcherSlot 1: Arrow Barrage
Slot 2: Blighted BlastbonesSlot 2: Necrotic Potency
Slot 3: Lethal ArrowSlot 3: Poison Injection
Slot 4: Acid SpraySlot 4: Soul Splitting Trap
Slot 5: Detonating SiphonSlot 5: Echoing Vigor
Ultimate: Pestilent ColossusUltimate: Pestilent Colossus



If you need optimized defensive Champion Points for a specific trial I recommend checking out my Maximize Damage Mitigation in Trials Article.

Championpoints [810]

The Ritual
56 Mighty, 40 Thaumaturge, 52 Precise Strikes, 47 Piercing
The Attronarch
61 Master-at-Arms, 14 Physical Weapon Expert
The Apprentice
The Shadow
52 Shadow Ward, 52 Tumbling
The Lover
49 Tenacity, 100 Mooncalf
The Tower
17 Warlord
The Lord
The Lady
49 Hardy, 49 Elemental Defender, 48 Thick Skinned
The Steed
81 Ironclad, 43 Spellshield

Championpoints [600]

The Ritual
43 Mighty, 37 Thaumaturge, 40 Precise Strikes, 36 Piercing
The Atronach
44 Master at Arms
The Apprentice
The Shadow
20 Shadow Ward,  31 Tumbling
The Lover
49 Tenacity, 100 Mooncalf
The Tower
The Lord
The Lady
49 Hardy, 49 Elemental Defender, 23 Thick Skinned
The Steed
61 Ironclad, 18 Spell Shield

Championpoints [300]

The Ritual
31 Thaumaturge, 27 Mighty, 28 Precise Strikes
The Attronarch
13 Master at Arms, 1 Physical Weapon Expert
The Apprentice
The Shadow
The Lover
49 Mooncalf, 49 Tenacity
The Tower
2 Warlord
The Lord
The Lady
23 Hardy, 23 Elemental Defender, 23 Thick Skinned
The Steed
31 Ironclad

Important Info for Stamina Necromancer Bow Build PvE


Because the Necromancer has a passive that increases health Last Gasp and we also put 20 points into the health attribute, we can actually run Max Stamina + Stamina Recovery food! We loose a bit of health and stamina but we gain a lot of extra Stamina Recovery!

Food buff

Mundus Stone

The Shadow (Increased Critical Damage)


If you want to learn more about the different racial passives that each race offers, check out my Race Guide which explains everything in detail.

Wood Elf
Dark Elf


Weapon Crit Potions 
(Weap dmg, Weap Crit, Stamina)
(Blessed Thistle, Dragonthorn, Wormwood)

Weapon Power Potions


Damage Health Poison
(Damage Poison, Damage Poison)
(Fleshfly Larva, Nightshade, Nirnroot)

double health poisons



20 Health, 44 Stamina

Rotation & Target Dummy

In case you don’t know what what weaving light attacks is, make sure to check out the “Weaving Beginner Guide” which explains how to weave light attacks between abilities, aka animation canceling.


You basically want to use Blighted Blastbones on the frontbar three times per rotation, keep up your DoTs and if you still have time use Lethal Arrow as spammable. You could use Venom Skull, but I found Lethal Arrow to be stronger and easier to sustain.

Arrow Barrage > LA > Poison Injection > LA > Soul Splitting Trap > Weapon Swap

LA > BB > LA > Skeletal Archer > LA > Lethal Arrow > BB > 2x Lethal Arrow (with LA) > BB > LA > Weapon Swap


BB = Blighted Blastbones
LA = Light Attack

Detonating Siphon: This ability is only there for the extra 3% damage. Most of the times the hitbox causes issues and it does not hit the enemy, if you can make it hit the enemy you can add it to your rotation.


The build differs a bit from the setup here. I have a special role downstairs that is why I am using 5x Scavenging DemisePerfect Arms of RelequenSlimecraw here. With an infused bow and Absorb Stamina Enchantment because we do not have any Healer to support us downstairs, need to get the sustain from somewhere else + lots of Heavy Attacks.

Update Log

11.08.2019 Updated Stamina Necromancer Bow Build for the SCALEBREAKER DLC, Elsweyr Chapter, Stamina Necromancer Bow Build PvE.
23.09.2019 Fixed typo in the Champion Points 600 Setup.
20.10.2019 Updated the Build for the DRAGONHOLD DLC, Elsweyr Chapter.

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