Updated: Flames of Ambition DLC, Blackwood Chapter
Type: Solo Farming
Buildname: Speedy G.

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Welcome to the ESO Farming Build “Speedy G.”. Unlimited stealth cloak mode, unlimited resources and all that at maximum speed. The ESO Farming Build is designed to farm resource nodes or treasure chests. The build isn’t optimized for combat but rather for farming materials as fast as possible. You will manage to make about 60-90k Gold per hour (PC EU prices) with this setup if you can efficiently farm.

With this ESO Farming Build you don’t directly farm gold, you farm materials which you can refine later and harness materials out of it, which you then can sell. You can sell all kinds of materials and make good profit off it. Of course that requires you to know the market prices, on PC you can get Master Merchant which shows you the average price of an item, makes it easier to decide for how much to list something up.

You don’t need a perfect gear setup for this build. Of course if you have the optimal build like listed here, then you will be able to farm things faster which will make you more gold in the end.

  • Fastest Farming Build
  • Maximum Speed Build
  • Permanent Stealth/sneak
  • Easily avoid Fights
  • Full Medium Armor

How Fast Am I?

Lets analyze all the options you have that could increase your speed in for the ESO Farming Build. The speed limit is 200%, walking already accounts for 100% speed. Now what can we do to boost our speed. We also should differentiate our speed while walking and while sprinting.

It becomes quite clear that while sprinting we will get to 200% without any problems. However, we want to get close to 200% with our walk speed in stealth/sneak, and that is what the ESO Farming Build is all about. Therefore, we can sneak all the time, be invisible all the time and have unlimited resources due to a neat trick and pretty much have 200% speed without sprinting. To showcase this, you can watch the Speedy G Video.

Important: We NEED to be a Vampire with this setup to ignore the movement speed penalty in sneak thanks to the Dark Stalker passive.

Walk Speed

Sprint Speed

  • Sprint = 40%
  • Sprint Medium Armor passive Athletics = 1 piece = 3%, 7 pieces = 21%.
  • Coward’s Gear set = While sprinting you gain 30% speed (Major Expedition).
  • Fiord’s Legacy set = While sprinting you gain 15% speed (Unique buff).
  • Swift Warrior Orc passive = While sprinting you gain 10% speed (unique buff).

— The Speed Setup —

Important: Be a Vampire for the Dark Stalker passive to remove the speed penalty in sneak!

Now lets calculate what our speed is with the setup and what options you have to diversify the build.

  • 100% from our base speed.
  • 15% from the Jailbreaker set.
  • 15% from the Steed Mundus Stone.
  • 15% from Swift trait on jewelry purple quality

All this combined already gives us a 145% walk speed buff.

This brings us already to 170% speed while we are sneaking.

Now you have three more options:

  • Use Retreating Maneuver to get another 30% speed but the Major Expedition buff only lasts for 7 seconds and you get kicked out of stealth for half a second when activating it.
  • Use Channeled Acceleration to gain 30% speed Major Expedition buff for 12 seconds and it won’t kick you out of stealth.
  • Use Ring of the Wild Hunt which gives you a 45% speed boost outside of combat.
  • Spend points in the Steed’s Blessing Perk in the Champion Points tree to gain up to 20% speed outside of combat.

So, without even sprinting we can pretty much reach 200% while in permanent sneak and have unlimited resources thanks to the Vesture of Darloc Brae set and a smaller detection radius.

ESO Farming Build Setup

Lets take a look at the overall ESO Farming Build setup. To optimize the Farming Build you want to get the same gear setup like shown below. There are two setups, one without a Mythic item and one with a Mythic item. Both setups can reach the maximum speed limit, but with the Mythic item setup it is easier to reach the limit.

Gear without Mythic Item

It is not important how you allocate gear, just make sure to have Jailbreaker and Vesture of Darloc Brae so you get the five piece bonus effects.

ChestVesture of Darloc BraeMediumDivineStamina
BeltVesture of Darloc BraeMediumDivineStamina
ShoesVesture of Darloc BraeMediumDivineStamina
HeadRandom Monster SetMediumDivineStamina
ShoulderRandom Monster SetMediumDivineStamina
NecklaceJailbreakerJewelrySwiftWeapon Damage
RingJailbreakerJewelrySwiftWeapon Damage
RingJailbreakerJewelrySwiftWeapon Damage
Weapon 1 FrontbarVesture of Darloc Brae2HAny TraitWeapon Damage
Weapon 2 BackbarVesture of Darloc BraeBowAny TraitPoison Damage


Gear with Mythic Item

If you are using the Mythic Item setup, you don’t really need the Major Expedition buff skills such as Rapid Maneuver or Channeled Acceleration like you see below in the slot 3 on the front bar, because you are already at the cap with this.

ChestVesture of Darloc BraeMediumDivineStamina
BeltVesture of Darloc BraeMediumDivineStamina
ShoesVesture of Darloc BraeMediumDivineStamina
ShoulderRandom Monster SetMediumDivineStamina
NecklaceJailbreakerJewelryAny TraitWeapon Damage
RingJailbreakerJewelryAny TraitWeapon Damage
RingRing of the Wild HuntJewelryAny TraitWeapon Damage
Weapon 1 FrontbarVesture of Darloc Brae2HAny TraitWeapon Damage
Weapon 2 BackbarVesture of Darloc BraeBowAny TraitPoison Damage

Where can I get the gear?

Vesture of Darloc Brae: Elsweyr Overland, Guildstores
Jailbreaker: Banished Cells 1 & 2
Ring of the Wild Hunt: Antiquities Mythic Item

other options:
Fiord’s Legacy: Eastmarch
Coward’s Gear: Battlegrounds, Guildstores

Skills for the ESO Farming Build

With the ESO Farming Build you can also dish out some damage. However, you can adjust the skill bars to your liking. Just make sure to not remove skills that we use for cloaking and extra speed.

ESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill icon
ESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill icon
Two Hander MainbarBow bar
Slot 1: RallySlot 1: Arrow Barrage
Slot 2: Shadowy DisguiseSlot 2: Relentless Focus
Slot 3: Rapid Maneuver/ Channeled AccelerationSlot 3: Poison Injection
Slot 4: Dizzying SwingSlot 4: Flex Spot/ Leeching Strikes
Slot 5: Concealed WeaponSlot 5: Resolving Vigor
Ultimate: Replenishing Barrier/ Any UltimateUltimate: Soul Tether


Optional: You can also use the Psijic skill Channeled Acceleration to gain 12 seconds speedbuff, that way you will not be kicked out of stealth (Which happens when you use the Retreating Maneuver buff).

Champion Points for the ESO Farming Build

Below you can find the Champion Points setup for this build. Work your way from top to bottom of the list depending on how many Champion Points you already have. For more information on Champion Points, please visit the Champion Points Overview Page on ESO-Hub.com.

This build works well without any Champion Points. The Champion Point allocation below is just the extra cherry on top.

Preset used for this allocation: https://eso-hub.com/en/champion-points/calculator?preset=83cd9166-f695-4b3a-977c-0a620f44b7a2

Table Explanation:

  • Points Needed: Implies how many Champion Points you will need to make it to that perk.
  • Perk: Hoover over it to see what the perk does. For more information click on it to get redirected to ESO-Hub.com
  • Points Invested: Amount of points that you have to place in the perk at that time.

Craft Tree Points Allocation

This is the most important section for our build, here we can actually increase the farming efficiency of our Character. Master Gatherer, Plentiful Harvest, Treasure Hunter and Steed’s Blessing.

Points neededPerkPoints used
0-150Steed’s Blessing (Slottable)50
225-255Steadfast Enchantment10
255-405Treasure Hunter (Slottable)50
405-630Master Gatherer (Slottable)75
630-780Plentiful Harvest (Slottable)50

You can spend the rest of your points however you want.

Warfare Tree Points Allocation

The Warfare Champion Point tree is by far the most important to increase your damage and damage mitigation.

Points NeededPerkPoints Used
120-270Fighting Finesse (Slottable)50
390-540Deadly Aim (Slottable)50
540-690Thaumaturge (Slottable)50
690-840Biting Aura (Slottable)50
840-960Tireless Discipline40
960-1020Battle Mastery20
1110-1170Battle Mastery20
1170-1200Quick Recovery10
1320-1440Elemental Aegis40
1560-1650Quick Recovery30
1770-1890Eldritch Insight40
1890-2010Flawless Ritual (Only if you have magic damage)40
2010-2100War Mage (Only if you have magic damage)30


Fitness Tree Points Allocation

The Fitness Champion Points tree has useful health and recovery perks.

Points NeededPerkPoints Used
0-150Boundless Vitality (Slottable)50
150-300Rejuvenation (Slottable)50
345-375Mystic Tenacity10
375-495Hero’s Vigor40
495-645Bloody Renewal (Slottable)50
645-795Ironclad (Slottable)50
1029-1149Tireless Guardian40
1476-1521Nimble Protector15
1521-1656Savage Defense45
1656-1776Bashing Brutality40
1776-1806Survival Instincts10
1806-2181Tempered Soul125


Important Info for the ESO Farming Build

In this section of the ESO Farming Build we are going to take a look at things like buff-food, mundus stone, race, potions, passives and attributes.


You can buy this buff food at the guildstores, the food is very cheap to buy.

Longfin Pasty With Melon Sauce
(Max Health, Max Stamina, Max Magicka)

Food buff Longfin pasty with Melom Sauce

Mundus Stone

The Steed Mundus Stone (Increases Movement Speed)


Any race will work for this build. However, with a Khajiit you will be able to sneak closer to enemies without getting detected. As an Orc you can run faster than other races if you want that. If you want to see all the racial passive bonuses check it out here in the racial passives guide.

Kahjiit (Recommended)
Wood Elf
Any Race


Use whatever potions you have available, we do have enough sustain without potions in most scenarios.

Passives for the ESO Farming Build

The ESO Farming Build utilizes the follow passives. However, you can always add more passives to the list in case you got some other skill lines that you want to also use.

You could get more passives such as Fighters Guild etc if you want, but for farming alone it isn’t really necessary.

Crafting Passives

If you do want to farm maximum level materials with the  ESO Farming Build, you need to make sure to have your crafting maxed out. To get max level materials you need to max out:

If you want to know how to level up all your crafting skill lines I do recommend checking out the Crafting Guides on my website, which explain everything in detail.


All into Stamina

Resource Management for the ESO Farming Build

While sneaking the Vesture of Darloc Brae set will always return stamina and magicka, keeping ups pretty much at a 100% all the time. You can also further use potions to boost your sustain, but the set will be more than enough for all non combat actions.

Build Video Speedy G.

The video below showcases the full build in action and explains all the aspects of the ESO Farming Build in detail. Please keep in mind that the video is from an older patch.

Update Log for the ESO Farming Build

21.08.2018 Added Build for the Wolfhunter DLC, Summerset Chapter, Fast Farming Build ESO Speedy G.
29.08.2018 Fixed Gear Locations where you can get them, Fast Farming Build ESO Speedy G.
15.09.2018 Added Crafting Passives information to the Fast Farming Build ESO Speedy G.
05.11.2018 Updated build for Murkmire DLC, Summerset Chapter, Fast Farming Build ESO Speedy G.
10.11.2018 Fixed some typos in the passive section, Fast Farming Build ESO Speedy G.
25.02.2019 Updated the build for the Wrathstone DLC, Elsweyr Chapter, Speedy G. farming build.
06.07.2019 Updated the build for the Elsweyr Chapter.
14.08.2019 Updated the build for the Scalebreaker DLC, Elsweyr Chapter.
19.10.2019 Updated the build for the Dragonhold DLC, Elsweyr Chapter.
17.02.2020 Updated the build for the Harrowstorm DLC, Greymoor Chapter.
05.05.2020 Updated the build for the Greymoor Chapter.
17.08.2020 Updated the build for the STONETHORN DLC, Greymoor Chapter.
23.10.2020 Updated the build for the MARKARTH DLC, Greymoor Chapter.
01.03.2021 Updated the build for the FLAMES OF AMBITION DLC, Blackwood Chapter.