Arch Wizards are immensely powerful wizards, who live for thousands of years. Their magic created and formed Summerset and the surrounding islands. But even the greatest of the Wizards has the one or the other “dark” secret.

Arch Wizard AD

  • General
    • Skin: Blackmarrow Necromancer Skin
    • Major Adornment: Pact Dragonclaw Circlet
    • Colors: JW= Julianos White / BW= Bloodroot Wine
  • Outfit
    • Hat: None
    • Shoulders: Trinimac Epaulets (JW/JW/BW)
    • Chests: Ebonshadow Jerkin  (JW/BW/BW)
    • Hands: Ebonshadow Gauntlets  (JW/JW)
    • Belt: Ebonshadow Sash  (JW)
    • Legs: Welkynar Breechers  (JW/BW/BW)
    • Boots: Ebonshadow Boots  (JW/BW)
    • Weapon: Ebonshadow Staff  (JW/BW/JW)

How to optain it:

  • Skin: By completing the Scalecaller Peak Challenger Achievement
  • Trinimac Motif: Delve quests in Wrothgar
  • Ebonshadow Motif: Doing blackfeather daily quests
  • Julianos White: completing normal Atherian Archive
  • Bloodroot Wine: Finishing Horns of the reach dungeons on veteran

Tsaesci Mystic

tsaesci mystic outfit fashion

  • Hat: Tsaesci Hat JW/NB
  • Shoulders: Ashlander Epaulets JW/NB
  • Chest: Hlaalu Jerkin JW/NB/NB
  • Hands: Telvanni Gloves JW/NB/NB
  • Belt: Redguard Sash 4 NB/NB/JW
  • Legs: Hlaalu Greaves NB/JW/JW
  • Boots: Tsaesci Boots JW/NB/NB
  • Weapon: Anequina Staff NB/JW/JW

JW=Julianos White, NB=Noxophilic Black

How to obtain:

  • Tsaesci Motif: Crown Store
  • Ashlander Motif: By Ashlander daily quests
  • Hlaalu Motif: By stealing from homes and persons in Vvardenfell
  • Telvanni Motif: By stealing from homes and persons in Vvardenfell
  • Redguard Motif: Can be found in wardrobes and backpacks in Tamriel
  • Anequina Motif: By completing Delve and World boss quests in Elsweyr

Julianos White: By completing Normal Aetherian Archive

Noxophilic Black: By Vampirism Achivement

Dark Apprentice

The expelled Psijic Mages and Apprentice, who got caught practicing blood and undead magic trying to form a new and dark cult to get back their taken powers.

dark apprentice outfit

  • General
    • Skin: Blackmarrow Necromancer Skin
    • Dyes: VV=Voidstone Violet, BW=Bloodroot wine
  • Outfit
    • Hat: Sapiarch Hat (VV, BW)
    • Shoulders: Welkynar Pauldrons (BW, BW, VV)
    • Chest: Fang LairJerkin (VV, BW, BW)
    • Hands: Sapiarch Gloves (VV, BW, BW)
    • Belt: Welkynar Girdle (BW)
    • Legs: Sapiarch Breeches (VV, BW, BW)
    • Boots: Sapiarch Sabatons (BW, VV)
    • Weapon: Psijik Order Staff (VV, BW, VV)

How to optain:

  • Sapiarch motif: Daily contracts in Summerset
  • Fang lair motif: Completing Fang Lair Dungeon
  • Psijik: Varius activitys and dily contracts in Summerset
  • Welkynar motif: Combining Welkynar bindings from Cloudrest trial in Summerset
  • Voidstone Violet: Complete all No Death challenges
  • Bloodroot Wine: Finish Horns of the Reach Dungeons on veteran
  • Skin: By completing the Scalecaller Peak Challenger Achievement

The Suspicious Mage

This is the Suspicious Mage Outfit, we use the Worm Wizard personality in combination with Scalecaller, Ebonheart, Celestial and Pyandonean style. That way well, the mage has its own suspicious look!

Mage Outfits

  • General
    • Personality: Worm Wizard
    • Skin: Z’Maja Skin for Purple Eyes
    • Colors:  TV= Transliminal Violet / BW = Birch White / LG = Lycanthrope Gray
  • Outfit
    • Ebonheart Hat (TV/BW/LG)
    • Scalecaller Arm Cops (TV/BW/LG)
    • Scalecaller Bracers (TV/BW/LG)
    • Celestial Breeches (TV/BW/LG)
    • Scalecaller Robe (TV/BW/LG)
    • Scalecaller Belt (BW/LG)
    • Dro-M’athra Shoes (TV/BW/LG)
    • Pyandonean Staff (TV/BW/LG)

Priest of the Dark-Moon

The Dark Mages seek for powers from the forces of Nirn. They leech of the power of the Daedra to destroy the moons to praise their own dark god.

Priest of the Dark-Moon Outfit

  • Hat: Ebonheart Hat CAB/BG/BG
  • Shoulders: Glass Pauldrons CAB/BG/CAB
  • Chest: Trinimac Jerkin CAB/CAB/BG
  • Hands: Glass Gloves CAB/BG/CAB
  • Belt: Honor Guard Sash BG
  • Legs: Ancient Orc Breeches CAB/BG/BG
  • Boots: Redguard Shoes 2 CAB/BG/CAB
  • Weapon: Glass Staff BG/CAB/BG

Blood Gold=BG, Coldharbour Ash Black=CAB

How to obtain:

  • Ebonheart Motif: Bought with Telvar in Imperial City Ebonheart Camp
  • Glass Motif: Combine Glass fragments from Crafting Writs
  • Honor Guard Motif: By completing Black Rose Prison
  • Ancient Orc Motif: Completing delve quests in Wrothgar
  • Redguard Motif: Can be found in wardrobes and backpacks in Tamriel
  • Blood Gold: Unlocked by the Queenmaker Achievement
  • Coldharbour Ash Black: Unlocked by The God of Schemes Achievement


The Witchmaster was once a doctor, but his fascination of Meridia and other Daedric Princes made him to lose his mind. Now he is on his eternal search for knowledge to defeat the Daedric Princes.

Witchmaster Outfit

  • Skin: Meridian Blessed Skin
  • Hat:–
  • Shoulders: Huntsman Pauldrons AS/SB
  • Chest: Dragon Bone Robe CAB/SB/AS
  • Hands: Xivkyn Glove CAB/AS/SB
  • Belt: Dragon Bone Sash AS
  • Legs: Dragon Bone Guards AS/SB/AS
  • Boots: Dragon Bone Sabatons AS/SB/SB
  • Weapon: Nightflame Staff CAB/SB/SB

SB=Spectral Blue, Coldharbour Ash Black, AS=Adamantine Silver

How to obtain:

  • Meridian Blessed Skin: By completing the Depths of Malatar Conqueror Achievement
  • Huntsman Motif: March of Sacrifices
  • Dragon Bone style: Elsweyr Collectors Edition
  • Xivkyn Motif: Imperial City vaults
  • Nightflame: Crownstore
  • Spectral Blue: Grand Necromancer Slayer
  • Coldharbour Ash Black: The God of Schemes Achievement
  • Adamantine Silver: Dragonstar Arena Conquerer