You might wonder how to get the Skeleton Polymorph that you see that a lot of people wear kind of like a costume.  In this guide we are going to take a look at how you can obtain the Skeleton Polymorph in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Time: 10-20 Minutes to complete the Quest for the Skeleton Polymorph!

Info: There is also a guide for the Cadaverous Skeleton Polymorph!

The Quest

You have to go to the Ebonheart Pact area into the south where the Shadowfen zone is located. Once there, you want to locate the Stillrise Wayshrine ad then proceed to go into the Stillrise Village where you pick up the quest called “The Thin Ones” which will lead you to the main quest for the Skeleton Polymorph called “The Bargain’s End”. The quest giver is called Chieftain Suhlak in the building in the middle of the village.

Once you pick up the quest you can simply follow the instructions.

Stillrise Village, Shadowfen Zone ESO

Skeleton Polymorph Quest Giver Chieftain Suhlak

Full Walkthrough

If you want to see the full quest and how it’s done, please check out the video guide where I walk you through from the start until you get the Skeleton Polymorph.

Skeleton Polymorph

Here you can find a few pictures that showcase what the Skeleton Polymorph looks like.

Skeleton Polymorph Image 1 ESO Skeleton Polymorph Image 2 ESO Skeleton Polymorph Image 3 ESO