In this Morphing Guide for ESO I am going to explain to you the basics of what in-game skills are, how they work and how to utilize their full strength.

The Elder Scrolls Online has, like every game, a set of skills that you utilize in order to interact with the world.

Morphing Guide Purchase Ability

As a Healer you want skills that support your party members or heal them back up to their full health, whereas as Damage Dealer you want to cause as much damage as possible, while benefiting from other perks.

You have to spend a skill point in order to purchase a skill and you can get skill points throughout the game by accomplishing different things like leveling up or finishing a major quest.

Upon purchase it will either be placed automatically into a free spot on your skill bar, or, when it is already full, be available via Drag & Drop or by right clicking on the skill and choosing in which ability slot it is supposed to go.

This Morphing Guide will explain to you how to further process these skills.



How to achieve morphing, though?

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In The Elder Scrolls Online, skills have a base effect. Over time these skills gain experience, much like you. This helps in not only leveling the skill line the skill is in, but also in making it stronger and finally achieving the ability to morph this skill with this Morphing Guide.

Each skill has 4 ranks, but you have to fill each rank, even the last one. Which makes it technically 5 ranks, but the skills themselves have 4 stages.

You can never go down a rank in a skill once you have earned these, so even unlearning a skill at a Skill Reset Shrine won’t make you have to level it up again.




But what is morphing now?

Morphing describes that you are picking an advanced version of the base skill. As said earlier, upon reaching rank 4 and leveling it to maximum, you will be able to choose an advanced version of the skill.

All the morphs are different. A former skill based on Magicka can now turn into a Stamina based skill, or a former Single Target skill can now become a Multiple Target skill. But don’t worry, this Morphing Guide will explain everything fully!

It is incredibly important that you read which morph you are taking, otherwise you will be stuck with it as you can’t reset the skill without any help.

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But I chose the wrong morph!

Fear not, for there is a solution to your problem. Actually, several, but let me explain.

Morphing Guide Skill Reset ShrineIn the base game there are three major cities for each faction. Mournhold in Deshaan, Elden Root in Grahtwood and Wayrest in Stormhaven.

Additionally, we have Vivec City in Vvardenfell and Alinor in Summerset for the DLCs, and Rimmen in Elsweyr in the newest chapter/expansion.

What do all of these have in common?

All of these have Shrines. Three different ones, each for another purpose. They are called after Gods, so they can vary from region to region, but a common one for example is Shrine to Mara (in case you ever want to marry in-game), and two Rededication Shrines, one where you can set all your attributes points back and one to reset your skills.

You can either reset all your skill points, or your morphs, but it won’t reset them automatically. You can choose whether you want to change only separate skills or reset a whole skill line. In case you just want to change a morph, click on the + sign and simply choose your new skill.

You will not be charged for every skill, instead you will have to pay the overall fee for the total amount of your applied morphs.

Morphing Guide Skill Respec Scroll Nara


Last but not least we got the Skill Respecification Scroll.

With this scroll you can choose to reset a skill for example, or choose a different morph.

It is a one-time only item, allowing you to change the skills to your likings without costing you any in-game gold.

You can either purchase these in the in-game Crown Store for 700 Crowns (even though I advise against it, it’s just way too expensive), or get these as a reward for leveling your characters, or sometimes as a Daily Login reward.