Welcome to the Antiquities Grind Guide for ESO which will show you how to level up the Scrying and Excavation skill-line fast. You can already find a basic Antiquities Guide that explains the whole system on the website. This guide here will focus on getting you from level 1 to the maximum level as fast as possible.

Thanks to Inklings (Twitch, Twitter) for sharing the datasheet he created for the Antiquities system.

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Experience Points

To reach the maximum level you will have to gain a total of 700 points for the Scrying and Excavation skill-line. They level up in a similar speed and achievements also count towards experience points.

LevelExperience Points

Leads Experience Gain

Depending on the quality of the lead that you work on, you will gain a different amount of experience points. At first, you will only be able to use green leads, once you reach level 3 you can also work on blue leads and so on.

You can get green, blue, purple, gold leads at any level. However, you will need a specific level to actually be able to use the leads! So for example, you can get gold leads even if you are at level 1 or you don’t have the skill-line at all, but you can only use them (scry, excavate) when you are level 7.

Lead QualityExperience Points GainedUnlocked at Level
Green – “Simple”11
Blue – “Intermediate”33
Purple –  “Advanced”55
Gold – “Master”107
Red – “Ultimate”1010

Time To Grind!

Now that the basics are covered, how do we get to level 10 as fast as possible in the Antiquities System?

Level 1-3 Grind

By far the fastest way to get from level 1 to level 5 is in Artaeum. The zone is very small, that means you don’t have to run very far to get to the next digging site, that way you can repeat this process a lot faster, whereas on bigger maps you will have to travel further.


  • Once you obtained the scrying and excavation skill-line like shown in the other Antiquities basics guide, you will get a green lead for each zone, Artaeum included.
  • The basic green lead that you get in each zone can be repeated as many times as you want, making it very easy to pump your level up to 3.

Now all you have to do is grind with the green lead in Artaeum (or any other place) and repeat the process till you hit level 3. The green lead can be used as many times as you want, therefore you can always instantly repeat the process and gain experience!

Artaeum Map ESO

1 Grind Start Antiquities System

Level 3-5 Grind

From level 3 to 5 we also stay in Artaeum for the fastest leveling process. With level 3 you will be able to use blue leads. Once you finish the basic green lead it will always include a blue lead as a reward. And there we already have our next hamster wheel.

  • Complete the green lead, obtain a blue lead from the reward, complete the blue lead. That way you gain 4 experience points (1 from green, 3 from blue).
  • The blue lead will disappear, time to complete the green lead again to obtain the blue lead through the reward.
  • Repeat till you hit level 5.

Image: Here you can see once you complete the green lead you will always obtain a blue lead.

2 Grind green blue leads antiquities system ESO

Level 5-7 Grind

Here is where it gets a bit more interesting, the concept is the same, but now we are going through ALL the zones in The Elder Scrolls Online. We will once again start with Artaeum.

  • Complete the green lead, obtain a blue lead from the reward, complete the blue lead, obtain a purple lead from the reward, complete the purple lead. That way you gain 9 experience points (1 from green, 3 from blue, 5 from purple).
  • Both the blue lead and purple lead will disappear once you have completed them.

Now we have the problem that we can’t repeat this process, because the purple lead won’t come back! Only the green lead and the blue lead can be farmed like this.

Solution: Repeat the process in ALL ZONES. So we can do the green lead, blue lead, purple lead and move onto the next zone. That is possible because remember, we get a green lead in each zone as a “freebie”.

That should get you to level 7 for both scrying and excavation. Now you can technically already use gold leads, to get the different parts needed for a Mythic Item.

Level 7-10

To make the last jump to level 10 we will already focus on getting gold leads (or any other lead). That way you can already be productive while you are grinding it up.

The best ways to farm leads:

  • Treasure Chests
  • World Bosses
  • Psijic Rifts
  • Public Dungeons (Bosses & Treasure Chests)
  • Thieves Troves
  • Random Monsters

You can find a full list of all the lead drop locations in the Antiquties Location List Guide.

With this method you can already get plenty of leads before even reaching level 10!

Mythic Item Leads

Here you will find the locations of all the different pieces that need to be obtained to create an item. You need to be LEVEL 7, otherwise you won’t be able to use gold leads. All the Mythic item leads are gold quality! (Note: You can already get gold leads on a lower level, but you won’t be able to use them.)

You can also find a full list of all Mythic Items here:


Pearls of Ehlnofey

You need 5 items to be able to create the Mythic item Pearls of Ehlnofey. Location of the 5 pieces:

  • Auridon – Aetherquartz Prayer Beads – Ondil Auridon Delve Boss
  • Grahtwood – Coral Clasp – Public Dungeon Bosses
  • Rivenspire – Great Eltheric Pearl – Crypt of Hearts 2 Last Boss
  • Auridon – Nilumin River Pearls – Banished Cells 1 Last Boss
  • The Reach – Silver Strand of Syrabane – Safeboxes

Ring of the Pale Order

You need 5 items to be able to create the Mythic item Ring of the Pale Order. Location of the 5 pieces:

  • Bangkorai – Aurmine Ancestral Signet – Chests
  • Alik’r Desert – Direnni Elegy Loop – Coldrock Diggings Delve Boss
  • Wrothgar – Onix Accent Stones – Accursed Nursery World Boss
  • Glenumbra – Order-Etched Gallery Rail – Bad Man’s Hallow Trash Monsters
  • The Reach – Pale Order’s Golden Band – Unknown

Bloodlord’s Embrace

You need 5 items to be able to create the Mythic item Bloodlord’s Embrace. Location of the 5 pieces:

  • Rivenspire – Thirsting Girdle – Last Boss in Crypts of Hearts 1
  • Coldharbour – Sanguine Doublet – Public Dungeon Boss Village of the Lost (Excluding the Group Event)
  • Glenumbra – Goblet Gorget – Spindleclutch (The Whisperer)
  • Shadowfen – Fanged Cuirass – Public Dungeon Boss (Sanguine’s Demense)
  • Imperial City Sewers (Dig site is in Khenarthi’s Roost) – Hecatomb Tassets – General Kryozote Boss in Imperial City Sewers (Most likely all bosses drop it)

Malacath’s Band of Brutality

You need 5 items to be able to create the Mythic item Malacath’s Band of Brutality. Location of the 5 pieces:

  • Betnikh – Malacath’s Brutal Scourge Hoop – Random Monsters
  • Wrothgar – Malacath’s Brutal Might Loop – Public Dungeon Bosses (Old Orsinium)
  • Stormhaven – Malacath’s Brutal Ritual Oil – Public Dungeon Bosses (Bonesnap Ruins)
  • Imperial City (Dig site is in Bal Foyen) – Malacath’s Brutal Rune Core – Imperial City Upper District Bosses
  • Reaper’s March – Malacath’s Brutal Ritual Dust – World Bosses

Ring of the Wild Hunt

You need 5 items to be able to create the Mythic item Ring of the Wild Hunt. Location of the 5 pieces:

  • Greenshade – Symbol of Y’ffre – World Bosses
  • Grahtwood – Face of the Serpent – Elden Hollow Last Boss
  • Glenumbra – Band of Water – Public Dungeon Bosses Bad Man’s Hallow
  • Malabal Tor – Face of the Wolf Beast – World Bosses
  • Murkmire – Charm of the Shapeless – World Bosses, Teeth of Sithis + Tsofeer Cavern Delves

Snow Treaders

You need 5 items to be able to create the Mythic item Snow Treaders. Location of the 5 pieces:

  • Eastmarch – Snowy Sabre Cat Fur Strip – Direfrost Keep (Drodda of Icereach)
  • The Rift – Petrified Snow-Cedar – World Bosses
  • Bleackrock Isle – Auri-El Metal Carvings – Random Monsters
  • Cyrodiil – Magicka-Imbued Metal Plates – Cyrodiil Delve Bosses
  • Western Skyrim – Glacial Metal Rivets – Blackmaw Boss in Labyrinthian (Probably any boss in that dungeon)

Thrassian Stranglers

You need 5 items to be able to create the Mythic item Thrassian Stranglers. Location of the 5 pieces:

  • Summerset – Nautilus Shell Guards – Public Dungeon Bosses, All World Bosses in Karnwasten
  • Auridion – Inert Anemone Inlay – All World Bosses
  • Artaeum – Coral Plating – Artaeum Fishing
  • Artaeum/Summerset (Digsite in Eyevea) – Sticky Integument Leather – Psijic Portals in Artaeum or Summerset
  • Stros M’Kai – Bouyant Steel – Fishing (Saltwater)

Torc of Tonal Constancy

You need 5 items to be able to create the Mythic item Torc of Tonal Constancy. Location of the 5 pieces:

  • Alik’r Desert – Torc Strand of Lore – World Bosses
  • Bangkorai – Torc Strand of Song – Captain Blackheart in Blackheart Haven Dungeon
  • Deshaan – Torc Strand of Power – World Bosses
  • Craglorn – Torc Throat Guards – Anka’Ra Crucible World Boss Event, Chests Near World Boss Event
  • Stonefalls – Torc Tonal Focus – Bosses in Crow’s Wood

Skill-Lines Showcase

In this section of the Antiquities Guide you can find a full list of all the obtainable passives from both skill-lines.

Scrying Skill-line

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Excavation Skill-line

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