Updated: Harrowstorm DLC, Greymoor Chapter
Type: Solo Cyrodiil & Battlegrounds

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Welcome to the Stamina Dragonknight Build PvP “Legion” for Elder Scrolls Online. Make sure to bookmark the link as I will keep updating the build for each new Update of ESO.

The Stamina Dragonknight Build is optimized for Cyrodiil and Battlegrounds, you will find both setups here. The build is focusing on timed high burst damage, self healing and can take a lot of hits. You literally get everything with the setup we are running here, you also have options to choose from. Our stamina recovery is fairly low, but we have passives such as Battle Roar that will proc everytime we use an ultimate and we can time our potions correctly. Access to Major Mending also gives us a huge healing boost that other classes do not have, so overall our healing really excels. And whenever we get into a tricky situation, we can use the Spell Wall ultimate and turn into godmode for 7 seconds to recover.

Warrior's Fury, Seventh Legion Brute and Bloodspawn are the sets that we are using, it is a heavy armor build focused on high weapon damage and strong healing. All the sets contribute a lot to healing, because the more weapon damage, the stronger your stamina heals get.

  • Cyrodiil & Battlegrounds
  • Heavy Armor S&B/ 2H
  • Crazy Burst Damage
  • Strong Healing
  • Good Sustain
  • Very Tanky

Changes from the previous version

Added a secondary gear setup to the build for easier accessibility.

Resource Management

There is a lot of ways to get sustain, like I already mentioned Battle Roar procs every time you activate an Ultimate. Helping Hands procs every time you use Fragmented Shield, so you get sustain and extra healing boost plus a small shield. Combustion procs whenever you apply a poisoned status effect on the enemy. We are also using an infused Stamina Cost Reduction Glyph on one of our Jewelry pieces that helps to reduce overall cost of all our abilities.

Now you want to do a lot of heavy attacks, you need to learn to time your burst damage properly, you want to have recovery phases with heavy attacks, because they restore a lot of resources in heavy armor due to the Revitalize passive and S&B heavy attacks are faster then other weapon heavy attacks. Activate potions when you need them to give you the necessary boost, usually during an offensive phase because you will also get CC immunity if you use the potions I recommend, allowing you to not get interrupted while you push your combo.

Cyrodiil Setup

5x Fury, 5x Seventh, 2x Bloodspawn (I did not use Agility in the screenshot, so you should get more max stamina on the S&B bar)

  • Unbuffed: out of combat
  • Buffed: Fully buffed, Major Brutality, Tri Stat Potion, Blood Spawn Proc, Fury Max Stacks, Seventh Legion Proc with Steed Mundus and Nord. Using the Artaeum Food for regen and health recovery.


ChestWarrior's FuryHeavyImpenetrableTri-Stat
BeltWarrior's FuryHeavyWell-FittedTri-Stat
ShoesWarrior's FuryHeavyWell-FittedTri-Stat
PantsWarrior's FuryHeavyImpenetrableTri-Stat
HandsWarrior's FuryHeavyImpenetrableTri-Stat
NecklaceSeventh Legion BruteJewelryTriuneWeapon Damage
RingSeventh Legion BruteJewelryTriuneWeapon Damage
RingSeventh Legion BruteJewelryInfusedStamina Cost Reduction
Weapon 1Agility1H WeapNirnhonedDamage Health Poison IX
Weapon 1AgilityShieldImpenetrableStamina
Weapon 2Seventh Legion Brute2H AxeNirnhonedWeapon Damage Enchant

Secondary Gear Setup

You can also run this setup if you want.

ChestClever AlchemistHeavyImpenetrableTri-Stat
BeltClever AlchemistHeavyWell-FittedTri-Stat
ShoesClever AlchemistHeavyWell-FittedTri-Stat
PantsClever AlchemistHeavyImpenetrableTri-Stat
HandsClever AlchemistHeavyImpenetrableTri-Stat
NecklaceNew Moon AcolyteJewelryTriuneWeapon Damage
RingNew Moon AcolyteJewelryTriuneWeapon Damage
RingNew Moon AcolyteJewelryInfusedStamina Cost Reduction
Weapon 1Agility1H WeapNirnhonedDamage Health Poison IX
Weapon 1AgilityShieldImpenetrableStamina
Weapon 2New Moon Acolyte2H AxeNirnhonedWeapon Damage Enchant

Where can I get the gear?

Blood Spawn: vet Spindleclutch II, Maj Undaunted Chest
Seventh Legion Brute: Bankorai Overland
Warrior's Fury: Cyrodiil
Troll King: vet Blessed Crucible, Glirion
Shacklebreaker: Craftable
Agility: Guildstores

Monster Set:

You can also run the The Troll King Monster Set to boost your health recovery by a lot in combination with the Seventh Legion health recovery + Steed Mundus health recovery + Bewitched Sugar Skulls buff food.

troll king proc1


Venomous Claw Cauterize Noxious Breath Fragmented Shield Resolving Vigor Spell Wall
Rally Dizzying Swing Fossilize Executioner Volatile Armor Take Flight
Sword and Shield MainbarTwo-Hander bar
Slot 1: Venomous Claw or Race against TimeSlot 1: Rally
Slot 2: CauterizeSlot 2: Dizzying Swing
Slot 3: Noxious BreathSlot 3: Fossilize
Slot 4: Fragmented ShieldSlot 4: Executioner/ Reverse Slice
Slot 5: Resolving VigorSlot 5: Volatile Armor
Ultimate: Spell WallUltimate: Take Flight

Skills explanation:

  • Venomous Claws: Very strong Damage Over Time effect, should always be applied to the target you are attacking. (you can also use Race Against Time if you have the Psijic Guild, helps to remove snares, gives speedbuff and some extra crit.)
  • Cauterize: Really strong burst heals that will go on you every 5 seconds, you can re-apply it early to gain a faster burst heal.
  • Noxious Breath: Deals nice direct damage and also applies DoT plus Major Fracture on the enemy.
  • Fragmented Shield: Gives us a small shield, ultimate points and Major Mending 25% extra healing. Always use this after you activate Vigor to get the extra healing boost.
  • Resolving Vigor: You have to keep this up during combat, this is your main heal. If you do not keep up your heal you will die.
  • Spell Wall: Permablock ultimate, fairly cheap and you can recover very easily while this ultimate is up.
  • Rally: Gives you a heal and Major Brutality 20% Weapon Damage.
  • Dizzying Swing: Your main damage tool, has a small cast time attached to it though.
  • Fossilize: Unblockable, undodgeable stun.
  • Executioner: Deals high execute damage on enemy close to death, use this to finish off enemies. (If you want more splash damage, use Reverse Slice)
  • Volatile Armor: Has to be up all the time, gives you a huge resistance buff and also increases your overall incoming healing due to the passives of the skill tree.
  • Take Flight: This is your main ultimate, it has high burst damage and also restores resources all the time because of the Battle Roar passive from Dragonknights!

In case you don’t know what what weaving light attacks is, make sure to check out the “Weaving Beginner Guide” which explains how to weave light attacks between abilities, aka animation canceling.


If you need help distributing your Champion Points, make sure to check out the Champion Points Calculator!

Championpoints [810]

The Ritual
49 Mighty, 42 Piercing, 20 Thaumaturge
The Attronarch
37 Shattering Blows, 56 Master-at-Arms, 29 Physical Weapon Expert
The Apprentice
37 Blessed
The Shadow
66 Tumbling, 66 Shadow Ward
The Lover
49 Tenacity
The Tower
61 Warlord, 1 Siphoner, 27 Sprinter
The Lord
19 Quick Recovery
The Lady
37 Hardy, 37 Elemental Defender, 48 Thick Skinned
The Steed
56 Resistant, 73 Ironclad

Championpoints [600]

The Ritual
49 Mighty, 38 Piercing, 20 Thaumaturge
The Attronarch
23 Shattering Blows, 33 Master-at-Arms
The Apprentice
37 Blessed
The Shadow
62 Tumbling, 25 Shadow Ward
The Lover
49 Tenacity
The Tower
47 Warlord, 1 Siphoner, 16 Sprinter
The Lord
The Lady
37 Hardy, 32 Elemental Defender, 34 Thick Skinned
The Steed
45 Resistant, 52 Ironclad

Championpoints [300]

The Ritual
20 Thaumaturge, 27 Mighty, 42 Piercing
The Attronarch
The Apprentice
11 Blessed
The Shadow
23 Tumbling, 23 Shadow Ward
The Lover
49 Tenacity
The Tower
4 Warlord, 1 Siphoner
The Lord
The Lady
23 Hardy, 23 Elemental Defender, 23 Thick Skinned
The Steed
31 Ironclad

Important Info for Stamina Dragonknight Build PvP


Your best choice is the Artaeum Takeaway Broth. A lot of extra stats on top of the very good health recovery which is very important for the build. Now the only downside to this is, that buff food is VERY EXPENSIVE. You could use Dubious Camoran Throne as alternative, but you will loose the health recovery.

Food buff

You could use TRI STAT Food, but your stamina recovery will drop very low so I recommend you getting more Stamina Cost Reduction Glyphs if you chose these foods.

Longfin Pasty With Melon Sauce

This Tri Stat buff food can be bought in the store and is very cheap. This is the best food you can use on a Stamina Dragonknight due to the extra Magicka for our utility skills.

Food buff

The other option you have is to craft the Bewitched Sugar Skulls which gives slightly better max resources than Longfin Pasty and also has additional Health Recovery which is pretty OP in combination with Seventh Legion and Troll King.

Bewitched Sugar Skulls
(Max Health, Max Stamina, Max Magicka, Increased Health Recovery)
(Scrib Jelly, Flour, Columbine, Bervez Juice, Honey)

This buff food will be released during the Witches Festival Event 2019.

bewitched sugar skills food

Mundus Stone

I recommend using the Steed Mundus Stone to get the extra juicy Health Recovery and movement speed.

The Steed Mundus Stone (Increased Health Recovery & Movement Speed)


There is a few races that are very good for this setup.

Nord: Nord is strong because of the extra 3960 physical and spell resistance, ultimate regen 5 ulti every 10 seconds, 1500 max stamina and 1000 max health on top of more cold resistance. Other races also work but are not optimal.

Orc: 258 Weapon Damage, 2000 Stamina and higher movement speed, that in combination with the steed mundus stone allows you to kite enemies way better.

Redguard: We use quite a bit of Weapon abilities on this build, the 8% cost reduction is nice for sustain, plus it also works for your Spell Wall ultimate! Plus the Adrenaline Rush passive is also really strong.

Nord (recommended)


You can choose between a few potions, I usually recommend the Tri-Stat potions because they give a lot of extra magicka that we also need and the extra health can be used as a burst heal. The Immovability potions are nice if you want to go on offensive mode to not get interrupted while you push your combo. The Speed potions are nice if you need extra movement speed and a lot of extra healing.

Tri-Stat Potion
(Health, Stamina, Magicka)
(Bugloss, Columbine, Dragonthorn)

Tri Stat Potion

Essence of Immovability
(Stamina, Weapon Critical, CC Immunity)
(Wormwood, Columbine, Dragonthorn)

Essence of Immovability potion crit

You can also use Essence of Speed which gives you speed, extra health recovery for the full duration and Major Vitality. You already have Major Mending from Fragmented Shield which is 25% extra healing, and you can combine this with Major Vitality which would be another 30% extra healing. The ingredients are super expensive though.

Essence of Speed
(Speedbuff, Restore Health, Major Vitality)
(Scrib Jelly, Dragon’s Bile, Powdered Mother of Pearl)

essence of speed vitality potions


You want to run Poisons on the S&B bar, they add A LOT of extra pressure on the enemy.

Damage Health Posion
(Damage Poison, Damage Poison)
(Fleshfly Larva, Nightshade, Nirnroot)

double health poisons


Werewolf? If you want you can also use Werewolf form with this setup.


20 Magicka, 44 Stamina

Bonus – More Options

In addition, you also have the option to use Psijic Abilities. I like to run Channeled Acceleration or Deep Thoughts on the front bar. The moment you slot a Psijic skill, you get access to a few pretty neat features. Whenever you block you gain a small shield from the passive Concentrated Barrier, and because we block a lot on the frontbar it is a nice thing to have that will go off constantly and absorb a little bit of damage. If you are using either of the abilities during a fight you also gain Deliberation as long as you are channeling the attack. Deep Thoughts can return a lot of resources if used properly, Channeled Acceleration is nice because it gives you a speed buff, but like I mentioned both of the two abilities give you the passives!

Yes we have to sacrifice a bit of damage, so you need to decide if you want the extra damage or the extra defense.

Channeled Acceleration Cauterize Noxious Breath Fragmented Shield Resolving Vigor Spell Wall
Rally Dizzying Swing Fossilize Executioner Volatile Armor Take Flight

Instead of Executioner you could also run Reverse Slice to get some extra splash damage. However, Executioner itself has a 400% execute damage bonus which is nuts and we usually try to take down one enemy at a time.

Combos & How to Play


Defense wise a lot of the things are already built into the setup. Your main thing you need to focus on is keeping up Volatile Armor. It gives Major Resistances and also procs Seventh Legion Brute. With our setup you can block a lot, if you do it on the S&B bar you can absorb so much damage it’s insane. If that is not enough you can activate Spell Wall to enter godmode for 7 seconds. Nice thing about that is, your Power Slam actually gets up to 50% stronger, and having the Spell Wall active actually counts as “blocking” towards the stacks.

In this clip I took quite a big hit and got stunned, I broke free very fast and blocked for 1 second to mitigate most incoming damage, used my heal and dodge rolled to avoid literally 90% of the incoming damage and I am good to run away.


Always keep Resolving Vigor up because it is your main heal and in combination with Fragmented Shield it gives you a huge boost to health. You also want to keep up Cauterize all the times because it gives another huge heal!

Whenever you drop low, activate your tri stat potion to instantly give you 10k Health and 7k Magicka and Stamina!


Always keep Noxious Breath on the enemy and make sure to light attack between each ability. Light attacking can also proc the poisons on our weapon which is a lot of extra damage and once you think you can burst an enemy down, use Dizzying Swing and Take Flight into Executioner, that will kill off most targets.


The build changes a lot with battlegrounds, so make sure to have the right equipment ready if you want to give it a go. Sustain is a lot tougher and therefore we are going to use Medium Armor.

NecklaceSeventh Legion BruteJewelryInfusedStamina Cost Reduction
RingSeventh Legion BruteJewelryTriuneStamina Cost Reduction
RingSeventh Legion BruteJewelryTriuneWeapon Damage
Weapon 1Agility1H WeapNirnhonedDamage Health Poison IX
Weapon 1Agility1H ShieldImpenetrableStamina
Weapon 2Seventh Legion Brute2H AxeNirnhonedWeapon Damage Enchant

Buff Food

You can either run Dubious Camoran Throne or the slightly more expensive version Artaeum Takeaway Brooth. Both work for the setup. Just keep in mind that the Artaeum food has nice health recovery which works well together with the Steed Mundus Stone and Troll King!

Artaeum Takeaway Broth (Max Health+Max Stamina+Stamina Recovery+Health Recovery)
Dubious Camoran Throne Max Health+Max Stamina+Stamina Recovery)

Food buff

Update Log

09.08.2019 ADDED the build for the SCALEBREAKER DLC, Elsweyr Chapter, Stamina Dragonknight Build PVP.
18.08.2019 Fixed typos and some links that listed the wrong sets/skills.
08.09.2019 Updated the build skill layout, StamDK PvP Build.
20.10.2019 Updated the build for the DRAGONHOLD DLC, Elsweyr Chapter.
21.02.2020 Updated the Build for the HARROWSTORM DLC, Greymoor Chapter.

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