Updated: Stonethorn DLC, Greymoor Chapter
Type: Solo Cyrodiil & Battlegrounds

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Welcome to the Stamina Dragonknight Build PvP “Legion” for Elder Scrolls Online. Make sure to bookmark the link as I will keep updating the build for each new Update of ESO.

The Stamina Dragonknight Build is optimized for Cyrodiil and Battlegrounds, you will find both setups here. Dragonknights are very tank and therefore it will be beneficial to use a Two hander and Sword & Board setup, one bar to deal damage and the other one for defense.

The build is focusing on high burst damage and a lot of self healing. We use a very common heavy armor gear setup with Clever Alchemist and New Moon Acolyte.

Additionally we run the Balorgh Monster Set to increase our burst damage even further. You can pretty much choose any Monster set that you like for this setup, Balorgh is just nice because it adds so much more damage!

We also do have a secondary setup that utilizes the Mythic item Malacath's Band of Brutality.

  • Cyrodiil & Battlegrounds
  • Heavy Armor 2H/S&B
  • Crazy Burst Damage
  • Strong Healing
  • Good Sustain
  • Very Tanky

Resource Management

Battle Roar activates whenever we use either one of our Ultimates. You have to learn to calculate that in to manage your resources better.

Helping Hands procs evcery time we use Fragmented Shield, you will gain extra Stamina and also extra healing because of the Major Mending buff from the skill.

Combustion procs whenever you apply a poisoned status effect on the enemy, for example from our Venomous Claw skill.

Heavy Attacks restore a big amount of resources too if you hit the enemy. If you hit an off balance enemy due to Dizzying Swing you can even regain twice the amount from a Heavy Attack.

Tri-Stat potions are another important way to regain Health, Magicka and Stamina with one button press. You will find how to craft these in the potion section of the build further below. Make sure to have the Medicinal Use passive from the Alchemy tree to gain the full benefit of potions!

  • Battle Roar passive
  • Helping Hands passive
  • Combustion passive
  • Heavy Attacks
  • Potions

In case you still lack sustain, you can always add a Stamina Recovery or a Stamina Cost Reduction glyph to the jewelry and remove a Weapon Damage glyph.

Cyrodiil Setup

5x Alchemist, 5x New Moon Acolyte, 2x Balorgh, 2x Endurance on a Nord with Lava Foot Soup and Saltrice

  • Unbuffed: , Battle Spirit Buff, out of combat
  • Buffed: Battle Spirit Buff, Tri-Stat Potion, Weapon Damage Enchantment, Balorgh proc, Alchemist proc, Major Resolve, Forward Momentum were active.

Gear Setup 1

  • Our S&B bar is for defense and our Two hander bar is for offense.
  • On the Two hander offensive bar we have New Moon Acolyte active.
  • On the S&B defensive bar we have Alchemist active. Make sure to activate potions ALWAYS when you are on the S&b bar, to gain the damage boost from the Alchemist proc.
  • If you don’t have the Balorgh Monster Set, then Bloodspawn is a good alternative.
ChestClever AlchemistHeavyImpenetrableTri-Stat
BeltClever AlchemistLightWell-FittedStamina
ShoesClever AlchemistHeavyImpenetrableStamina
PantsNew Moon AcolyteHeavyImpenetrableTri-Stat
HandsNew Moon AcolyteMediumWell-FittedStamina
NecklaceNew Moon AcolyteJewelryInfusedWeapon Damage
RingEnduranceJewelryInfusedWeapon Damage
RingEnduranceJewelryInfusedWeapon Damage/ Stamina Cost Reduction
Weapon 1 front barClever Alchemist1H WeapDefendingEscapist’s Poison IX
Weapon 1 front barClever AlchemistShieldSturdyMagicka
Weapon 2 back barNew Moon Acolyte2H AxeNirnhonedWeapon Damage Enchant

Gear Setup 2 Mythic

I recommend either using the Malacath's Band of Brutality or Ring of the Wild Hunt Mythic Item with this setup.

To do that we have to remove the Endurance set from our setup and replace it with the Ring.

In addition, you can also run an Alchemist jewelry piece, yes you will have 6x Alchemist on the S&B bar, but when you swap to the New Moon Acolyte bar, you will have 4x Alchemist, thus benefiting from one extra Weapon damage bonus even on the New Moon Acolyte bar.

  • Malacath’s Band of Brutality will boost your non critical damage, but you can’t crit damage anymore. However, critical heals are still possible.
  • Ring of the Wild Hunt boosts your movement speed.
ChestClever AlchemistHeavyImpenetrableTri-Stat
BeltClever AlchemistLightWell-FittedStamina
ShoesClever AlchemistHeavyImpenetrableTri-Stat
PantsNew Moon AcolyteHeavyImpenetrableStamina
HandsNew Moon AcolyteMediumWell-FittedTri-Stat
NecklaceClever AlchemistJewelryInfusedWeapon Damage
RingMalacath's Band of Brutality or Ring of the Wild HuntJewelryInfusedWeapon Damage
RingNew Moon AcolyteJewelryInfusedWeapon Damage/ Stamina Cost Reduction
Weapon 1 front barClever Alchemist1H WeapDefendingEscapist’s Poison IX
Weapon 1 front barClever AlchemistShieldSturdyMagicka
Weapon 2 backbarNew Moon Acolyte2H AxeNirnhonedWeapon Damage Enchant


Where can I get the gear:

Balorgh: vMarch of Sacrifices, Urgalarg Undaunted Chest
New Moon Acolyte: Craftable
Clever Alchemist: Craftable
Endurance: Guildstores
Bloodspawn: vSpindleclutch II, Maj
Malcath's Band of Brutality: Antiquities
Ring of the Wild Hunt: Antiquities


Cauterize Volatile Armor Noxious Breath Fragmented Shield Resolving Vigor Spell Wall
Forward Momentum Venomous Claw Dizzying Swing Executioner Camouflaged Hunter Take Flight
Sword and Shield Bar DefenseTwo-Hander bar Offense
Slot 1: CauterizeSlot 1: Forward Momentum
Slot 2: Volatile ArmorSlot 2: Venomous Claw/ Flex Spot
Slot 3: Noxious BreathSlot 3: Dizzying Swing
Slot 4: Fragmented ShieldSlot 4: Executioner/
Slot 5: Resolving VigorSlot 5: Camouflaged Hunter
Ultimate: Spell WallUltimate: Take Flight

Skills explanation:

  • Cauterize: Really strong burst heals that will go on you every 5 seconds, you can re-apply it early to gain a faster burst heal.
  • Volatile Armor: Has to be up all the time, gives you a huge resistance buff and also increases your overall incoming healing due to the passives of the skill tree.
  • Noxious Breath: Deals nice direct damage and also applies DoT plus Major Fracture on the enemy.
  • Fragmented Shield: Gives us a small shield, ultimate points and Major Mending 25% extra healing. Always use this after you activate Vigor to get the extra healing boost.
  • Resolving Vigor: You have to keep this up during combat, this is your main heal. If you do not keep up your heal you will die.
  • Spell Wall: Perma block ultimate, fairly cheap and you can recover very easily while this ultimate is up.
  • Forward Momentum: Snare and root immunity, Major Brutality 20% Weapon Damage buff and Minor Endurance 10% Stamina Recovery buff.
  • Venomous Claws: Very strong Damage Over Time effect, should always be applied to the target you are attacking. You can use other abilities here if you want.
  • Dizzying Swing: Your main damage tool, has a small cast time attached to and can set enemies off-balance.
  • Executioner: Deals high execute damage on enemy close to death, use this to finish off enemies. (If you want more splash damage, use Reverse Slice)
  • Camouflaged Hunter: 10% Weapon Crit and Minor Berserk buff, this is only slotted, never used.
  • Take Flight: This is your main ultimate, it has high burst damage and also restores resources because of the Battle Roar passive.

In case you don’t know what what weaving light attacks is, make sure to check out the “Weaving Beginner Guide” which explains how to weave light attacks between abilities, aka animation canceling.

Champion Points

If you need help distributing your Champion Points, make sure to check out the Champion Points Calculator!

Champion Points [810]

The Ritual
49 Mighty, 42 Piercing, 20 Thaumaturge
The Attronarch
37 Shattering Blows, 56 Master-at-Arms, 29 Physical Weapon Expert
The Apprentice
37 Blessed
The Shadow
66 Tumbling, 66 Shadow Ward
The Lover
49 Tenacity
The Tower
61 Warlord, 1 Siphoner, 27 Sprinter
The Lord
19 Quick Recovery
The Lady
48 Hardy, 49 Elemental Defender, 49 Thick Skinned
The Steed
32 Resistant, 73 Ironclad

Champion Points [600]

The Ritual
49 Mighty, 38 Piercing, 20 Thaumaturge
The Attronarch
23 Shattering Blows, 33 Master-at-Arms
The Apprentice
37 Blessed
The Shadow
62 Tumbling, 25 Shadow Ward
The Lover
49 Tenacity
The Tower
47 Warlord, 1 Siphoner, 16 Sprinter
The Lord
The Lady
37 Hardy, 32 Elemental Defender, 34 Thick Skinned
The Steed
45 Resistant, 52 Ironclad

Champion Points [300]

The Ritual
20 Thaumaturge, 27 Mighty, 42 Piercing
The Attronarch
The Apprentice
11 Blessed
The Shadow
23 Tumbling, 23 Shadow Ward
The Lover
49 Tenacity
The Tower
4 Warlord, 1 Siphoner
The Lord
The Lady
23 Hardy, 23 Elemental Defender, 23 Thick Skinned
The Steed
31 Ironclad

Important Info for Stamina Dragonknight Build PvP


For this setup we are using the Lava Foot Soup and Saltrice buff food. This will boost our max Stamina and Stamina Recovery by a lot for this setup. You can buy this food for a cheap price in the guildstores.

Lava Foot Soup and Saltrice
(Max Stamina, Stamina Recovery)

Food buff

Mundus Stone

I recommend running the Warrior Mundus Stone for extra damage. However, if you have sustain issues you can also choose The Serpent to get more Stamina Recovery.

The Warrior (Increased Weapon Damage)
The Serpent (Increased Stamina Recovery)


Nord: The Nord race is strong because of the extra 3960 physical and spell resistance, ultimate regen 5 ulti every 10 seconds, 1500 max stamina and 1000 max health on top of more cold resistance.

Nord (recommended)


You can either use the Tri-Stat potion which you can craft or the crown store potions which have the same effect.

Tri-Stat Potion
(Health, Stamina, Magicka)
(Bugloss, Columbine, Dragonthorn)

Tri Stat Potion


You can use two poisons with this setup, one is for pure damage and the other one will randomly root the enemy for a short duration while also deal a bit of damage.

Damage Health Posion
(Damage Poison, Damage Poison)
(Fleshfly Larva, Nightshade, Nirnroot)

double health poisons

Escapist’s Poison IX
(Immobilize, Damage Poison, Drain Health)
(Wormwood, Butterfly Wing, Columbine)

Escapists Poisons ESO Immobilize & drain


Werewolf? If you want you can also use Werewolf form with this setup.


64 Stamina, 0 Health, 0 Magicka.


In Battlegrounds the Champion Points are deactivated, therefore resource management is a lot harder. We have to make some adjustments to the build, especially in terms of jewelry enchantments and Mundus Stone.

  • Instead of Weapon Damage on our jewelry, we are going to use a 2x Stamina Recovery and 1x Stamina Cost Reduction glyph.
ChestClever AlchemistHeavyImpenetrableTri-Stat
BeltClever AlchemistLightWell-FittedStamina
ShoesNew Moon AcolyteHeavyImpenetrableTri-Stat
PantsNew Moon AcolyteHeavyImpenetrableStamina
HandsClever AlchemistMediumWell-FittedTri-Stat
NecklaceNew Moon AcolyteJewelryInfusedStamina Recovery
RingEnduranceJewelryInfusedStamina Recovery
RingEnduranceJewelryInfusedStamina Cost Reduction
Weapon 1Clever Alchemist1H WeapDefendingEscapist’s Poison IX
Weapon 1Clever AlchemistShieldSturdyMagicka
Weapon 2New Moon Acolyte2H AxeNirnhonedWeapon Damage Enchant

Mundus Stone

(Optional) Instead of the Warrior Mundus Stone we are going to use The Serpent Mundus Stone to boost your Stamina Recovery.

Serpent Mundus Stone (Increased Stamina Recovery)

Update Log

09.08.2019 ADDED the build for the SCALEBREAKER DLC. Stamina Dragonknight Build PVP.
18.08.2019 Fixed typos and some links that listed the wrong sets/skills.
08.09.2019 Updated the build skill layout, StamDK PvP Build.
20.10.2019 Updated the build for the DRAGONHOLD DLC.
21.02.2020 Updated the Build for the HARROWSTORM DLC.
12.05.2020 Updated the Build for the GREYMOOR CHAPTER.
18.08.2020 Updated the Build for the STONETHORN DLC, Greymoor Chapter.

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