Welcome to the Antiquities System Guide for the Greymoor Chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Antiquities System Guide will include both a showcase and a how to of the Scrying and Excavation skill-line lines. Travel across Tamriel to recover lost artifacts with the new Antiquities System. Scry the location of ancient relics and excavate them to uncover Tamriel’s hidden history and become a world-renown Archaeologist!

Table of Contents for the Antiquities Guide

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Possible Rewards from the Antiquities System:

  • Mythic Items
  • New Markings, Adornments, and Emotes
  • Valuables that you can sell in the store.
  • Three new Ancestral motifs
  • Deadly new siege weapons called Magicka Lances
  • A new mount, the Ebon Dwarven Wolf mount
  • New Furnishings.

Where do I Start?

You have to go to the city of Solitude in Western Skyrim. You can go inside the building which is marked on the map here and talk to Verita Numida to start your journey.

Location of Antiquities System ESO

Antiquities System

You will find the new category “Antiquities” in your Quest Journal. The Antiquities System also has two new skill-lines Scrying and Excavation. Both of these will make it easier for you to successfully scry and excavate Antiquities.

  • Scrying = Uncover hidden loot location in Tamriel
  • Excavation = Digging process


Scryable refers to what you can currently scry in the respective region you are.  If you pressed “scry” on one of these 4 items you would open up the scrying window that you will see below.

You basically do all the scrying that you can do from this section.

Other Tabs

All the other zone names will show you “Leads” that you already have and could scry once you go into the zone.


Leads can have different levels. Depending on how far you are already leveled up, you can scry different quality leads.

  • Green = Simple Difficulty
  • Blue = Intermediate Difficulty
  • Purple = Advanced Difficulty
  • Gold = Master Difficulty
  • Orange = Ultimate Difficulty (Mythic Items)

1 Antiquities Lead Location Account wide ESO


Once you click on one of the available “Scryable Leads”, you will be placed in the scrying window. Here you have to find a way to connect all the 6 points together. If you manage to connect all 6 points, only 1 location will be marked on the map where the item can be. If you miss some, more locations will pop up and the search progress will take more time.

While you are leveling up the Scrying skill-line, you will get more and more skills that are very useful to make the scrying process easier.

Coalescence Skill

Unites hexagonal cluster of facets in the Antiquarian’s Eye, converting the symbols to match that of the central facet. Facets = Symbols.

Dilation Skill

Claim all facets of the selected type that touch your area of control, as well as matching facets directly adjacent.

Farsight Skill

Claim a line of facets, stretching out from your area of control.

Scrying Mechanic ESO Antiquities

Once you successfully connected all the dots, the location will show on the map. Go there and search the Antiquity, time to excavate!

Digging Location of Antiquity ESO


Excavation has two things, first you need to find the dig site with the help of the Antiquarian’s Eye, and secondly you have to excavate it.

Antiquarian’s Eye

Very important, make sure to quickslot the “Antiquarian’s Eye” that you got when you received the skill-lines. Because once you are inside the search area, you can simply use this item to show you what way you have to go, it will lead you directly to the loot.

Antiquarians Eye How to use it Arrow ESO How to find dig hole Antiquities system ESO

Excavate Loot

Once you are in the excavation window, you have a few skills that you can use to your advantage. There is an Augur, Hand Brush, Heavy Shovel and a Trowel.

Augur Skill

Indicates how near the Antiquity is to the selected location.

  • Red = Far far away
  • Orange = Far away
  • Yellow = Close
  • Green = Right here!

Hand Brush Skill

Removes a single layer of soil or rock while excavating. Also generates Intuition, allow for more advanced digging techniques.

Trowel Skill

Removes a deep but narrow portion of soil and rock while excavating.

Heavy Shovel Skill

Removes a full layer of dirt and rocks within a large area. The shovel only affects a single contiguous height of dirt and rocks.

Excavation Process Items ESO

What is the best way to do this?

The easiest way to find the proper location is to use the augur in all four corners and the middle, that way you should pretty much find more or less the location you are looking for.

Excavation Process find items easy ESOExcavation Process dig here items find eso


Once you uncovered the area, you can start digging. Use the Hand Brush first to remove layers that are not equal, once they are all the same height you can use the Heavy Shovel to remove a lot of dirt at once.

Excavation Process Loot reward ESO

Check out the Loot!

After you uncovered the Antiquity, the whole process will finish. Sometimes you will get another lead right away that you can use to continue the adventure. Often you will also find bonus loot that you can sell at the vendor for decent money.

Excavation Process Items Loot ESO


You might have some questions that come up with the system, here are some helpful insights.

Do I need the Greymoor Chapter to use the Antiquties System?


For “Leads” to drop, do I need the Greymoor Chapter?

No, you can obtain “Leads” if you don’t have the Greymoor Chapter, you just can’t use them.

Are “Leads” character or account bound?

“Leads” in the Antiquities System are account bound.

Can I trade “Leads”?

No, they are bound to you and you can’t trade them with anyone else.

How long will “Leads” be in the waiting queue?

“Leads” will stay in the your system for 30 days, after that if you haven’t used them, they will disappear.

How do I find or get Mythic Items from the Antiquities System?

To get Mythic items you need to find five separate leads that will give you a piece of the item. Once you have all five of the items, you can create the Mythic item.

Do I need to be max level to find higher quality “Leads”?

Yes, it was confirmed in an ESO live stream that you will have to put points into the Antiquarian Insight to be able to get higher quality Leads.

Do All zones have Antiquities?

Almost all of the zones have them, that means you need the Chapters and DLCs (or ESO+) to get everything out of the system.

How do I start my Antiquities adventure?

Visit the Antiquarians Circle in the city of Solitude in Western Skyrim (right next to the Bards College) and speak to Verita Numida. She will also give you the Antiquarian’s Eye Tool, the tutorial quest and some basic “Leads” to get you started.

How do I get my first “Lead”?

After the introduction to the Antiquarians Circle, Verita Numida will give you some basic “Leads” to get you started in each zone. After tha,t sometimes “Leads” will drop after the excavation was successful, or from treasure chests, bosses etc.

Fastest way to level the Antiquities System

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Skill-Lines Showcase

In this section of the Antiquities Guide you can find a full list of all the obtainable passives from both skill-lines.

Scrying Skill-line

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Excavation Skill-line

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