Updated: Markarth DLC, Greymoor Chapter
Type: Dungeon, Trial, Arena & Overland

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Welcome to the Stamina Necromancer Build PvE “Reaper” for Elder Scrolls Online. Make sure to bookmark the link as I will keep updating the build for each new Update of ESO. The Reaper Build is optimized for Trials, Dungeons, Arena and Overland. You can also find plenty of other Stamina Necromancer content on the website such as:

Other Stamina Necromancer Guides:

Necromancers have access to a lot of stamina abilities which is great. The gear that we are using will also allow us to pull crazy high numbers and there are also several gear setups in case you don’t have all the gear. There are nice Stamina based Necromancer abilities that we use such as: Detonating Siphon, Blighted Blastbones, Skeletal Archer and the Ultimate Pestilent Colossus.

It is the first class to have that many Stamina abilities built in which makes it quite unique to play compared to most other Stamina based setups. It is currently also one of the strongest setups that you can play in the game!

  • Necromancer Class
  • High Burst Damage
  • High Single Target damage
  • High AoE Damage
  • Good Sustain
  • Dual Wield & Bow Setup
  • Trials, Dungeon & Arenas

Changes from the previous version

U28 Markarth DLC: Updated Gear & Character Screenshot.

Champion System

  • Reduced the Weapon and Spell Critical Chance granted from Perfect Strike and Spell Precision to 3% each, down from 9%.

Major/Minor System

  • Major Savagery and Prophecy: Increased to 12%, up from 10%.
  • Minor Berserk: Decreased to 5%, down from 8%.
  • Minor Vulnerability: Decreased to 5%, down from 8%.
  • Minor Magickasteal: Decreased to 168 per hit, down from 300.

Major Vulnerability can now be kept up a 100% of the time again and doesn’t have a cooldown. But the modifier took a hit from 25% to now being 10% but it will also last longer now.

Frozen Colossus:

  • Removed this Ultimate and the morphs’ Major Vulnerability invulnerability.
  • Increased the duration of Major Vulnerability applied from these to 12 seconds per hit, up from 8. This will increase the total duration to 15 seconds per cast.
    • Major Vulnerability: Decreased to 10%, down from 25%.

Resource Management

Keeping up the Skeletal Archer will allow you to have the Undead Confederate passive up a 100% of the time to benefit from the 200 Stamina Recovery.

Thanks to the Last Gasp passive we can use Lava Foot Soup and Saltrice Food and put 20 points into our Health attribute. That way we loose a little bit of health and stamina but gain around 200 extra Stamina Recovery, which we really need.

Energy Orb will always be present in a good group. When you get close to the Orb you can activate its synergy to regain resources.

Potions should always be used on cooldown to gain the maximum benefit from them.

Heavy Attacks help you restore Stamina, if you drop low on resources do a few Heavy Attacks between skills to refill your Stamina.

Trials & Dungeons Setup

5x Perfected Relequen, 5x Berserking Warrior, 2x Selene on an Orc with Artaeum Takeaway Broth food.

  • Unbuffed: Out of combat, buff-food active.
  • Buffed: In combat, Buff-food, Raid target dummy buffs, Weapon Damage Enchantment, Weapon Damage Potions.


You will find 3 different setups here. Setup 1 is the preferred setup. For people that do not have all the gear yet can use the Setup 2 which is easier to obtain and beginners can use Setup 3.

  • Setup 1 is with Trial Gear
  • Setup 2 is without Trial Gear
  • Setup 3 is for Beginners

There are a lot of good Stamina Sets available, you can find more viable stamina dps sets in this Stamina DPS Sets Article. I also elaborate on specific sets that are often used in this article to give you a bit more insight as to why they are used.

Gear Setup 1

ChestPerfect Arms of RelequenMediumDivineStamina
BeltPerfect Arms of RelequenMediumDivineStamina
ShoesPerfect Arms of RelequenMediumDivineStamina
PantsPerfect Arms of RelequenMediumDivineStamina
HandsPerfect Arms of RelequenMediumDivineStamina
NecklaceBerserking WarriorJewelryBloodthirstyWeapon Damage
RingBerserking WarriorJewelryBloodthirstyWeapon Damage
RingBerserking WarriorJewelryBloodthirstyWeapon Damage
Weapon 1 DWBerserking WarriorAxeNirnhonedDamage Health Poisons IX
Weapon 1 DWBerserking WarriorDaggerPreciseDamage Health Poisons IX
Weapon 2The Maelstrom's BowBowInfusedWeapon Damage Enchant

Gear Setup 2

This setup is for those that did not have the chances yet to step into a trial.

  • Briarheart Dagger: There is an unique Dagger “Materre’s Bodkin” that you can get fairly easy, instead of buying it expensive in the store.
ChestHunding's RageHeavyDivineStamina
BeltHunding's RageMediumDivineStamina
ShoesHunding's RageMediumDivineStamina
PantsHunding's RageMediumDivineStamina
HandsHunding's RageMediumDivineStamina
NecklaceBriarheartJewelryBloodthirstyWeapon Damage
RingBriarheartJewelryBloodthirstyWeapon Damage
RingBriarheartJewelryBloodthirstyWeapon Damage
Weapon 1 DWBriarheartAxeNirnhonedDamage Health Poisons IX
Weapon 1 DWBriarheartDaggerPreciseDamage Health Poisons IX
Weapon 2The Maelstrom's BowBowInfusedWeapon Damage Enchant

Gear Setup 3 Beginner

This setup is dedicated to people that have not had the chance to farm the necessary gear for the maximum damage potential. All the gear here is either craftable or cheap to get in a guildstore. Make sure to ask a friend to craft Hunding’s Rage and Night Mother’s Gaze. Agility jewelry can be obtained in the Guildstores. I do recommend having around 18k health (with buff-food). You can buy cheap Agility jewelry with healthy trait to reach this value if you want.

ChestHunding's RageHeavyDivineHealthy
BeltNight Mother's GazeMediumDivineStamina
ShoesNight Mother's GazeMediumDivineStamina
PantsHunding's RageMediumDivineStamina
HandsHunding's RageMediumDivineStamina
HeadNight Mother's GazeMediumDivineStamina
ShoulderNight Mother's GazeMediumDivineStamina
NecklaceAgilityJewelryRobustWeapon Damage
RingAgilityJewelryRobustWeapon Damage
RingAgilityJewelryRobustWeapon Damage
Weapon 1 DWHunding's RageAxeNirnhonedPoison Damage Enchant
Weapon 1 DWHunding's RageDaggerPreciseAbsorb Stamina Enchant
Weapon 2Hunding's RageBowInfusedWeapon Damage Enchant

Where can I get the gear?

Berserking Warrior: Hel Ra Citadel
Maelstrom Bow: vMaelstrom Arena
Perfect Arms of Relequen: vCloudrest
Perfect Spectral Cloak: vBlackrose Prison Arena
Twice-Fanged Serpent: Sanctum Ophidia
Vicious Serpent: Aetherian Archive, Sanctum Ophidia, Hel Ra Citadel
Hunding's Rage: Craftable
Night Mother's Gaze: Craftable
Agility: Guildstore
Velidreth: vCradle of Shadows
Selene: vSelene’s Web, Glirion
Briarheart: Wrothgar, Guildstore


Blighted Blastbones Deadly Cloak Rapid Strikes Detonating Siphon Whirling Blades Pestilent Colossus
Endless Hail Skeletal Archer Necrotic Potency Barbed Trap Resolving Vigor Pestilent Colossus
Dual Wield MainbarBow-second bar
Slot 1: Blighted BlastbonesSlot 1: Endless Hail
Slot 2: Deadly CloakSlot 2: Skeletal Archer
Slot 3: Rapid StrikesSlot 3: Necrotic Potency
Slot 4: Detonating SiphonSlot 4: Barbed Trap
Slot 5: Whirling BladesSlot 5: Resolving Vigor
Ultimate: Pestilent ColossusUltimate: Pestilent Colossus


Skills explanation:

  • Blighted Blastbones: Your main semi spammable ability.
  • Deadly Cloak: Deals AoE damage and gives us 20% AoE damage mitigation.
  • Rapid Strikes: Your main Single Target spammable.
  • Detonating Siphon: Deals a lot of damage both Single Target and AoE.
  • Whirling Blades: Your execute ability, use this instead of Rapid Strikes at around 25%.
  • Pestilent Colossus: Your Ultimate, activate this to gain a huge damage boost.
  • Endless Hail: Very powerful Single Target and AoE ability.
  • Skeletal Archer: This is your summon, keep it up all the times because it gives you extra Physical Penetration, extra Stamina Recovery and damage.
  • Necrotic Potency: Use this when there is corpses nearby, to regain a lot of Ultimate points.
  • Barbed Trap: We activate this once per rotation, gives us Minor Force, increasing our Critical Damage done by 10%.
  • Resolving Vigor: Your healing ability.

Champion Points

If you need optimized defensive Champion Points for a specific trial I recommend checking out my Maximize Damage Mitigation in Trials Article.

Champion Points [810]

The Ritual
64 Mighty, 48 Thaumaturge, 72 Precise Strikes
The Atronach
72 Master-at-Arms, 14 Physical Weapon Expert
The Apprentice
The Shadow
48 Shadow Ward, 48 Tumbling
The Lover
49 Tenacity, 100 Mooncalf
The Tower
23 Warlord, 2 Sprinter
The Lord
The Lady
49 Hardy, 49 Elemental Defender, 48 Thick Skinned
The Steed
81 Ironclad, 43 Spell Shield

Please note that the Piercing perk in the Champion Points Ritual Tree depends on your raid setup. Always ask your raid/group leader how much points you should place in Piercing. This depends on many factors such as debuffs and buffs, some raids may have more and therefore need less points in piercing, or the other way around.

Champion Points [600]

The Ritual
40 Thaumaturge, 64 Mighty, 44 Precise Strikes
The Atronach
37 Master at Arms, 14 Physical Weapon Expert
The Apprentice
The Shadow
25 Shadow Ward,  26 Tumbling
The Lover
49 Tenacity, 75 Mooncalf
The Tower
23 Warlord, 2 Sprinter
The Lord
The Lady
49 Hardy, 49 Elemental Defender, 37 Thick Skinned
The Steed
37 Ironclad, 28 Spell Shield

Champion Points [300]

The Ritual
18 Thaumaturge, 32 Mighty, 23 Precise Strikes
The Atronach
16 Master at Arms, 11 Physical Weapon Expert
The Apprentice
The Shadow
13 Tumbling, 13 Shadow Ward
The Lover
32 Mooncalf, 27 Tenacity
The Tower
15 Warlord
The Lord
The Lady
27 Hardy, 27 Elemental Defender, 28 Thick Skinned
The Steed
16 Ironclad, 2 Spell Shield

Important Info for Stamina Necromancer Build PvE


We are using the Lava Foot Soup and Saltrice Food to increase our overall stats, we loose a bit of Health and Stamina but gain a lot of extra Stamina Recovery!

Lava Foot Soup and Saltrice
(Saltrice, Flour, Potato, Scrib Jelly)

Food buff

Mundus Stone

The Shadow (Increased Critical Damage)


If you want to learn more about the different racial passives that each race offers, check out my Race Guide which explains everything in detail.

Wood Elf
Dark Elf


Weapon Crit Potions 
(Weap dmg, Weap Crit, Stamina)
(Blessed Thistle, Dragonthorn, Wormwood)

Essence of Weapon Power Potion new ESO


Damage Health Poison
(Damage Poison, Damage Poison)
(Fleshfly Larva, Nightshade, Nirnroot)

double health poisons



20 Health, 44 Stamina, 0 Magicka


Prebuff with: Skeletal Archer and Blighted Blastbones

Deadly Cloak: Always keep this up a 100% of the time.

Main rotation:

Rearming Trap > LA > Endless Hail > LA > Skeletal Archer > Weapon Swap

LA > BB > LA > Rapid Strikes > LA > BB > LA > 2x Rapid Strikes (with LA)  > LA > BB > LA > 2x Rapid Strikes (with LA) > LA > BB > 2x Rapid Strikes (with LA) > Weapon Swap


  • Reapply Deadly Cloak on cooldown.
  • BB = Blighted Blastbones
  • LA = Light Attack
  • Activate Detonating Siphon whenever you have time to reapply it

AoE Setup

This setup here is focusing on an AoE setup, this way you can be more effective when fighting trash packs or just a large amount of monsters.

Gear Setup

ChestNew Moon AcolyteMediumDivineStamina
BeltNew Moon AcolyteMediumDivineStamina
ShoesNew Moon AcolyteMediumDivineStamina
PantsNew Moon AcolyteMediumDivineStamina
HandsNew Moon AcolyteMediumDivineStamina
HeadMechanical AcuityMediumDivineStamina
ShoulderMechanical AcuityMediumDivineStamina
NecklaceMechanical AcuityJewelryInfusedWeapon Damage
RingMechanical AcuityJewelryInfusedWeapon Damage
RingMechanical AcuityJewelryInfusedWeapon Damage
Weapon 1 DWPerfect Spectral CloakDaggerNirnhonedDamage Health Poisons IX
Weapon 1 DWPerfect Spectral CloakDaggerPreciseDamage Health Poisons IX
Weapon 2The Maelstrom's BowBowInfusedWeapon Damage Enchant


Blighted Blastbones Deadly Cloak Rapid Strikes Detonating Siphon Whirling Blades Pestilent Colossus
Endless Hail Skeletal Archer Necrotic Potency Channeled Acceleration Resolving Vigor Pestilent Colossus

Note: You can also check out the Two Hander version of the AoE setup in case you want to run Dual Wield for Single Target and Two Hander for AOE like most players do.

Maelstrom Arena

I also recommend reading the in depth Maelstrom Arena Guide.


ChestHunding's RageMediumDivineStamina
BeltVicious SerpentMediumDivineStamina
ShoesVicious SerpentMediumDivineStamina
PantsHunding's RageMediumDivineStamina
HandsHunding's RageMediumDivineStamina
NecklaceVicious SerpentJewelryRobustWeapon Damage
RingVicious SerpentJewelryRobustWeapon Damage
RingVicious SerpentJewelryRobustWeapon Damage
Weapon 1 DWHunding's RageAxeNirnhonedDamage Health Poisons IX
Weapon 1 DWHunding's RageDaggerPreciseDamage Health Poisons IX
Weapon 2Hunding's RageBowInfusedWeapon Damage Enchant


Deadly Cloak Consuming Trap Venom Skull Blighted Blastbones Resolving Vigor Pestilent Colossus
Endless Hail Skeletal Archer Poison Injection Detonating Siphon Barbed Trap Pestilent Colossus

Update Log

11.08.2019 Updated Stamina Necromancer Build for the SCALEBREAKER DLC, Elsweyr Chapter, Stamina Necromancer Build PvE.
20.10.2019 Updated the Build for the DRAGONHOLD DLC.
19.02.2020 Updated the Build for the HARROWSTORM DLC.
23.05.2020 Updated the Build for the GREYMOOR CHAPTER.
20.08.2020 Updated the Build for the STONETHORN DLC, Greymoor Chapter.
03.09.2020 Updated the Champion Points 810, 600, 300 and changed from Nirnhoned/Sharpened to Nirnhoned/Precise.
31.10.2020 Updated the Build for the MARKARTH DLC, Greymoor Chapter.

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