Grind Guide, Power Leveling Guide Elder Scrolls Online ESO

ESO Power Leveling Guide

ESO Grind Guide for Morrowind

Here you can find out how to grind to level 50 very fast & how you can gain Championpoints very fast! 🙂

Before we begin:

  • You get more exp while grinding as a duo(10% more exp)
  • AoE (Area of Effect) is required to get the most out of grinding to kill multiple mobs fast

The easy way? Grind Guide for Morrowind

Many people craft lv 6 or 10 gear and keep it till they are at max level. This is possible due to battle scaling in the Zones. It might take a bit longer, but at least you dont have to craft a ton of gear. You can literally grind everywhere, I usually recommend grinding on Zombie spots as they die pretty fast and you can level up your Fighters Guild skill line at the same time. The videos are here to give you an idea on what you need and I give you an example of where I grind.

I have two videos, that explain how grinding works:

  • The first video is a showcase of how and where you can grind.
  • The second video explains how you can achieve the highest % increase exp numbers.

Where should I grind?

I will show you the most effective and some easy grindspots.

  1. Easiest grindspot (+for Beginners) > Old Orsinium
  2. Most effective > Imperial Sewers Grindspot.
  3. Effective & fast > Skyreach Catacombs.
  4. Cyrodiil grindspots Cracked Woodcave and Lipsand Tarn

Orsinium Public Dungeons

Those 2 Dungeons, Old Orsinium & Rkindaleft, are the most effective way to level characters easy and fast. Tons of mobs and it easy to find a good rotation, plus the mobs do not hit that hard.

ESO Power Leveling Guide


Old Orsinium ESO Grind Guide

This is the easiest grindspot, you can start grinding here with level 3. The mobs do really low damage and they die super fast. The Video shows you how you can open the door to get into the right area for the grindspot.

ESO Power Leveling Guide

Old Orsinium rotation + how to open the Door

Here a quick video on how to do the most efficient rotation in the Old Orsinium dungeon and how to open the door!


In case old Orsinium is full you can go to Rkindaleft. Mobs hit a little bit harder but it is still quite easy compared to Imperial City!
ESO Power Leveling Guide

Rkindaleft Rotation

Imperial City Sewers

Imperial City has 2 very nice grindspots. Those 2 spots are basically the most efficient ones if you want to grind Championpoints up as fast as possible.
ESO Powerleveing GUide

Skyreach (Craglorn, in basegame)

Skyreach is one of the best grinding spots because it is instanced. Which means noone will steal your monsters! I recommend having at least 200-300 CP to actually be able to efficently kill the monsters. Make sure to kill mobpacks seperately if you are new. Later you can pull them all together and nuke them down.

Cyrodiil Grind spots

There is 2 really effective grindspots in Cyrodiil. Cracked Woodcave and Lispand Tarn. It is easy to grind there because mobs die really fast. Just watch out for enemy players!

ESO grind guide

Cracked Woodcave

Make sure to pull all the mobs together and kill them at the red dot marked on the map. You can watch the video below to see how it is done.

ESO Grind Guide

Cracked Woodcave Rotation

Lipsand Tarn

Make sure to pull all the mobs together and kill them at the red dot marked on the map. You can watch the video below to see how it is done.

ESO Grind Guide

Lipsand Tarn Rotation

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