Welcome to the ESO Black Drake Villa Dungeon Guide for both Normal and Veteran mode. The Black Drake Villa Dungeon is located in the Gold Coast and is a 4-player dungeon.

This dungeon has 7 bosses: 3 main bosses and 4 side bosses, for which you can do Hardmodes and a lot of trashmob packs. (Trashmob = Enemies that can add to the difficulty and liveliness of a dungeon/trial)

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The Story in Black Drake Villa Dungeon

Eveli Sharp-Arrow is looking for a book in the abandoned mansion’s library, that she needs to acquire for a client. She asks us if we want to join her and help her, while we can have all the spoils we find along the way.

Table of Contents:

Sets in Black Drake Villa ESO

3 different sets + 1 Monster Set drop in Black Drake Villa.


Trashmonsters in Black Drake Villa

  • Goblins: These come as melee and ranged NPCs.
  • Minotaurs: The minotaurs can deal quite a lot of damage, so be careful not to let them run loose in the group and avoid their various fire AoEs.
  • Blazing Salamanders: If an NPC stands in the blazing aura surrounding the salamander, they no longer take any damage until the salamander is killed.
  • Burning Specter: Ghosts made of fire and flame, can be kited and deal a moderate amount of damage.
  • Mudcrabs: Your regular mudcrabs.
  • River Troll: The river troll doesn’t have any special attacks, but comes with the Frigid Salamanders, that deal a lot of damage. They also shoot ice and should not be let loose on the group.
  • Fire Behemoth: The Fire Behemoths deal a lot of damage, and has a very hurtful Heavy Attack.


Special Mechanics

Avatar Fragments

These can be found throughout the dungeon and will increase your buff that you get by killing the optional bosses. 30 per player are needed to summon the final optional boss.

Ice Avatar Transformation

This is available through platforms by having at least 150 Ultimate. You can spend these on receiving a very unique buff that will make you able to apply a frozen status on adds and cast an interrupt on everything, including bosses.


Bosses, Treasure Chests & Heavy Sacks on the Map

Work in Progress

Black Drake Villa Bosses

Below you can find a list of all the bosses in X. You can also see how much health each boss has.

Kinras Ironeye4,811,384 / 9,142,798Blazing Salamanders
Captain Geminus4,511,248 / 10,150,308Shades, Air Atronach, Hounds
Pyroturge Encratis (Endboss)4,781,923 / 9,563,846Fire Giants, Fire Ghosts


Black Drake Villa Additional Bosses

Below you can find a list of all the bosses in X. You can also see how much health each boss has.

Avatar of  Zeal2,493,490
Avatar of Vigor2,077,908
Avatar of Fortitude2,493,490
Sentinel AksalazAll 3 Avatars over time


Kinras Ironeye

Inflamed Earth: While trying to stomp you into the ground with his mace, the boss will leave a fiery impact on the floor. This does a moderate amount of damage. You can avoid it by stepping out of it.

Wake of Fire: This is the boss’ Heavy Attack. While he is in melee stance, this attack is blockable without being pushed back. While he is in ranged stance, this attack has to be dodge rolled, otherwise you get thrown back and to the ground.

Wandering Flames: The boss will release three fireballs moving across the ground from where the boss is standing. If you tank the boss facing away from the group, it will not hit others, otherwise avoid these to not take additional damage!

Fiery Totem: From time to time, the boss will cast down a totem. This will release a Totemic Flame, dealing a moderate amount of damage. The totem should definitely be targeted by the DPS before continuing to kill the boss.

Blazing Salamander: Periodically, a salamander will spawn and attack the players. The real problem here is the Aura it emits. There will also be a large flame shooting out of a grate, dealing a lot of damage, so keep an eye out for that.

Blazing Salamander Aura: The aura will cause everything to stand in it to no longer take damage and will increase the DPS of enemies by a ton. Be sure to keep it out of the boss’ range!

Shout: From time to time, the boss will shout and cause the salamander to walk up to him. Interrupt it as soon as possible!

Phase Shift: At around 80% boss becomes ranged, throwing Fiery Blast, which deals a lot of damage. He also punches the ground, causing fire to errupt underneath two random players. The only way to avoid this attack is by continuing to move around. Additionally, the boss will make the ground erupt in a large area, dealing a lot of damage if you continue standing in it. At around 60% the boss will be going back to his melee stance.

Ice Avatar Effects: Turns you into an icy avatar, turning the Blazing Salamander’s protection aura into a damage afflicting aura if you attack them, so that the boss takes more damage. You can also freeze everything in the room by using the ability “Whiteout”. Attacking the totem while the Ice Aura is effective, will freeze the totem and stop it from attacking.



Increases the health and damage output by the boss.

Melee Phase:

Volcanic Smash: When this attack hits the ground, it will create a small volcano, erupting and spewing magma until the tank stands in it to block and preventing further damage to the group.

Ranged Phase:

Bursting Geyser: From time to time the boss will make a geyser spawn that will explode after some time. It will be a small radius, but everyone caught in it will receive a ton of damage.

Fire Chains: A random party member gets shackled by a chain that has to be interrupted, as it prevents the player from moving or attacking! This is usually followed directly by a bursting geyser, so keep an eye out for that!

Captain Geminus

Cyclone Shot: This is an AoE in form of a cone, sending out lightning orbs that deal Damage over Time (DoT). It deals a moderate amount of damage.

Incapacitating Trap: These traps incapacitate the target, dealing a moderate amount of DoT damage and making the trapped target unable to move. You can dodge roll through them, avoiding getting trapped.

Tectonic Slam: She will perform this attack usually after she teleported to a random player, dealing a moderate amount of damage. You can avoid this by dodge rolling the attack, or blocking. Otherwise you will get knocked down. This will be deadly in Hardmode, if not blocked! Spread out in order to avoid accidentally getting stomped into the ground.

Knuckle Duster: This is her Heavy Attack and this will deal a large amount of damage. Either block or dodge roll this attack to avoid the damage!

Shade of Geminus: The boss can summon up to four shades of herself, which will start casting a channeled attack on a player. Whoever is targeted will receive a circle around them that fills slowly. If this is not interrupted, it will deal a ton of damage to the player and knock them back.

Death Wish: This is a random debuff cast on a player and will increase the damage they take for a few seconds.

Shield Phase: At around 70% and 30% of her health, the boss will run into the center and shield herself up, sending out Seismic Tremors. These cause a moderate amount of damage and should be avoided.

Air Atronach: During the Shield Phase, an Air Atronach will appear and attack the group. This should definitely be tanked by the tank.

True-Sworn Flame Hound: These hounds can cause a lot of damage to the group and should be taunted by the tank as soon as they appear. The DPS can focus these over the Air Atronach, as their attacks really hit hard.

Daggers: After the first Shield Phase, the boss will attack the tank additionally with a combined attack. First she will thrown one dagger, followed by multiple. They deal a moderate amount of damage and should be blocked. Try to not stand in front of her, if you aren’t the tank.



This will buff her HP by a lot, as well as her damage output. It doesn’t add any other mechanics, though.

Pyroturge Encratis

Racing Inferno: The boss will call forth brimstone serpents – fiery snakes shooting from the center of the boss and dealing a moderate amount of damage.

Racing Eruption: Encratis will attack the tank with a flame breath. From there, Fire Salamanders will spawn, running around in the room at first and then targeting a random player. They are not targetable and will die upon impact with the player after a few seconds.

Immolation Sphere: The boss surrounds himself with a fiery inferno ring, dealing a high amount of damage if you stand in it. He will also summon Ghosts that you have to deal with.

Fire Storm: Sometimes, the boss will set the entire room on fire, only the center around the boss will be spared. During this, the boss will spawn a Fire Behemoth that has to be dealt with. Do NOT stand outside the safe zone!

Phase 2
At around 65% health, boss destroys back wall and runs into the inner part of the library, throwing fire at you until you attack him. He will also heal back to around 75%.

Heartsfire Inferno: Periodically, the boss will incinerate the upper arena, making you jump down in order to avoid getting roasted. You can now either wait out the Inferno, or use one of the geysers close to the boss in order to jump back and continue attacking the boss and the Fire Behemoth, as the boss will have an Eye of the Storm safety zone surround him. On Hardmode, the arena will additionally be filled with salamanders that you need to take care of, if you want to wait out the Inferno.

Heartsfire Spear: Now armed with a weapon, the boss will aim at a target with his weapon and throw it and upon impact bursting into a fire cone that will hit everyone standing behind the initial target. This attack should be blocked and otherwise deals a moderate amount of damage.



Hardmode doesn’t add any more abilities, but will increase the damage and HP by a lot!

Ghosts: Instead of 2 Ghosts spawning through the Immolation Sphere, there will now be 4 Ghosts. These can’t be taunted and need to be dealt with accordingly.

Firestorm: After the initial storm, some Dragon Heads, from which the fire spew, will stay intact. Make sure to not stand in front of them!

Optional Bosses

This dungeon has a total of 4 additional bosses.
You need to kill all 3 normal bosses and all 3 additional bosses in order to spawn the last optional boss, Sentinel Aksalaz, additionally to every player in the group collecting 30 Avatar Fragments.

You can unlock these side bosses by solving puzzles and upon killing they will give you each a buff.

Avatar of Zeal

Avatar of Zeal

Echo of Zeal – Weapon and Spell Damage increased by 50. Improved by Avatar Fragments up to a maximum of 350.

You can find this boss in the first area on the Estate Grounds. In the area before the boss you can find 4 pressure plates, one for each player to stand on. By clearing the entire map, you can coordinate to stand on them at the same time. Doing so will unlock a hatch located a little from the northeastern pressure plate.

At the end of a long cave you will find an Avatar Artefact. Upon activation this will begin the boss encounter.

Frost Beam: If everybody is standing in the same spot, this ability will jump to every player in the line of sight of the boss, dealing a lot of damage. The tank should face the boss away from the group, so that it only hits them!

Indrik Outburst: Rearing up on its behinds, the avatar will release several spectral Indriks that stun everyone getting hit by them. You can avoid this by sidestepping.

Ice Vortex: This will put a damage AoE on a player, causing the player to emit a damage aura that will hurt everyone standing too close by.

Teleportation: This will make the boss teleport to a random player. The tank has to be aware of this mechanic to reposition the boss afterwards.

Avatar of Vigor

Avatar of Vigor

Echo of Vigor – Stamina and Magicka Recovery increased by 200. Improved by Avatar Fragments up to a maximum of 500.

Upon entering the archive and fighting the first few trashmobs, you will find yourself in a room with four statues. Two of them have a glowing orb in front of them. The other two will have empty bowls. You will need to find the remaining orbs and put them in the bowl, in order to find the secret cave entrance.

Here’s how to find the orbs:
There will be stairs on either side of the room that you can now enter. Split into two pairs. You will find a couple of levers and a locked gate. Now, two players need to pull on the levers simultaneously, so that they can enter the unlocked gate. If you follow the path you will find two pressure plates in front of book cases. Both players must now stand on them to uncover the Guardian orb.

Since this happens on both side, both groups now take the orb and bring them back to the central room. There you can place them in the empty bowls (with a synergy) and a way will open up in the very center of the room. If you jump down now and follow the cave until the end you will find a monolith. Upon activation, the boss will spawn.

This boss is pretty simple and only really has two abilities. If you have her face away from the group, this should be easily doable.

Heavy Attack: Keep an eye out for her Heavy Attack, as this can cause a lot of damage. Block it in order to avoid this damage!

Geysers: Three geysers will spawn on the ground and will erupt after a few seconds, dealing a moderate amount of damage to nearby players. You can avoid these easily by stepping away from them.

Avatar of Fortitude

Avatar of Fortitude

Echo of Fortitude – Maximum Health increased by 500. Improved by Avatar Fragments up to a maximum of 3500.

Before you reach the second boss, you will find a room with two statues locking a gate. In front of that gate are two pressure plates and two levers. In order to unlock the gate, two people have to pull on the levers at the same time. This will open up a path to two balconies on either side of that room.

At the end of the balcony you can find a locked room containing an orb each. In front of the gate is a pressure plate. Two people have to stand on these two pressure plates. The statues will light up and the ones standing on the balcony will now be able to see pads having come active on the wall. These can be used to control the statues if you attack the pads with a Light Attack. The two people on the balcony now need to maneuver the statues onto the pressure plates by the first gate. This unlocks the gates on the balconies, so that you or your teammates can pick up the orbs. If you now place them in the bowls below another secret pathway will be uncovered, leading up to the third boss.

This boss also has few mechanics. The most important thing here is to block all of them, as the entire group when he shoots his projectiles.

Heavy Attack: Deals a lot of damage, should be blocked in order to mitigate the damage.

Projectiles: The boss will shoot projectiles at the entire party. If this isn’t blocked by everybody, the damage can stack up very highly.

Sentinel Aksalaz

In order to unlock this boss you need to meet these requirements:

  •  All 3 main bosses and all 3 side bosses need to be defeated.
  • Collect 30 Avatar Fragments per player.

If these conditions are met, you will be able to find the Avatar Artefact in the final boss chamber. In the northwest corner of the room you can see some steps which you will have to follow.
Next to the Avatar Artefact you can find 4 bowls. When each player examines the Avatar Artefact, they can deposit their fragments. For every player an orb will spawn. Once all four bowls are filled, the boss will spawn in the middle of the arena down where the water is.

You only have 6 tries to try and kill this boss!

Summon Avatars: At certain thresholds of the boss’ health, he will summon the former avatars that you already killed, only at half of their former HP. This will happen at 85% (Avatar of Zeal), 60% (Avatar of Vigor) and 35% HP (Avatar of Fortitude). All of them will have their abilities restored, so you will have to deal with these, additionally to that of the boss’ attacks.

Axe Swing: The boss’ Heavy Attack. Make sure to block this in order to mitigate this damage, as it does a lot of damage!

Ice Gash: Slashing forward, the boss will send out three icicles in a cone-wide attack.

Icicles: Summoning spikes of ice with his axe, they will follow each player until they stop. All players should keep on moving in order not to get hit by them. Will deal a lot of damage otherwise!

Frostkin: During the fight, the boss will summon these rather annoying Frostkin. They don’t do much damage, but combined with all the other effects, this can be quite annoying.

Frost Nova: Teleporting to the center of the room, the boss will start summoning tornadoes that move on the outer ring. At this point he will start summoning a powerful nova. The only safe spots are between these tornadoes on the outer ring. In order to avoid certain death, make sure to get between the tornadoes in time!

Execute Phase: In execute range, at around 25% HP, the boss will start shrinking the arena down the more health he looses. The outer edges will be covered in an ice storm and the grates will start firing ice that splits into three parts.



In order to kill this boss on Hardmode difficulty, you also have to have killed the regular last boss on Hardmode difficulty. This will then automatically activate Hardmode.

In Hardmode, everything has increased health and damage.

Ice Meteor: One player will get targeted with an Ice Meteor, seen by a large circle forming around them. Move this out of the group and don’t let it hit while standing close to someone. The more the fight drags out, the more people will get this, until at last all four party members will be targeted with meteors at the same time.

Frostbite: This is a DoT that causes a ton of damage! This will be applied to you, if you get hit by either the Ice Gash or the Icicles.


Skipping in Black Drake Villa

You can skip all the optional bosses.

Video Gameplay Black Drake Villa


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