Status Effects Elder Scrolls Online ESO

Status Effects ESO

Elemental Status Effects

  • Chilled – Applies Minor Maim, reducing targets damage done by 15%.
  • Concussion – Applies Minor Vulnerability, increasing damage taken by 8% for 4 seconds. Animation: electric sparkles. Chance to proc from any lightning damage. Does not proc off Staff Light and Heavy attacks. However, it can proc from the splash damage of Shock Heavy Attacks.
  • Burning – Flame damage over time for 3sec (tics 3 times, every 1,5 seconds. 0/1,5/3 seconds). Chance to proc from any flame damage.

The way status effects are applied was detailed in the 2.1 patch notes:

Standardized the chance an ability has to apply a secondary effect, such as burning, chilled, or concussed. These chances are:

  • Weapon enchants 20%
  • Standard ability 10%
  • Area of effect abilities 5%
  • Damage over time abilities 3%
  • Area of effect damage over time abilities 1%

Elemental status effect with a destro staff and Elemental Force passive apply the secondary effect at double the chance listed above.
Chilled, Concussion, Burning can not be procced against shielded enemies.

Disabling Effects [Loss of control]

  • Knocked Down: Totally disabled, knocked to the ground and cannot move or perform actions.
  • Stunned: Unable to move, attack, or perform any actions, frail to further cc during stun.
  • Off balance: Temporarily stuns an enemy, enemy takes increased damage from the next heavy attack (40%) and gets knocked down. Stun breaks on damage taken. Off balance effect lasts regardless of damage taken for 4 seconds, unless you do a heavy attack which completely consumes it.
  • Disoriented: Long but fragile disable (cannot perform action). Unlike stun, desorient will break from any damage taken. Disorient goes through block.
  • Silenced: Unable to cast spells, can move and use physical attacks.
  • Feared: Running away from the caster unable to perform any actions.
  • Pull: Pulled to the caster, while in air unable to perform any actions. Counts as hard cc as it triggers immunity on target in pvp.
  • Knockback: Pushed away from caster for 5 meters. Note: Spells can have Knockback in conjunction with other status effects like a knock down/stun/disorient effect.

Soft CC [Hinders Movement]

  • Immobile: Rooted, but can perform actions.
  • Snared: Slowed movement speed, but can perform attacks or other actions.

Other Effects

  • Taunted: Forced to attack you (PvE only) for 15 sec. (Jesus beam has a similar effect in PvP, especially if applied at 100% HP.)
  • Blind: Raised chance to miss. Meridia Set for example makes you miss 100% when the blind effect is applied.
  • Bleed: Physical damage over time that is not affected by Armor Penetration.
  • Poisoned: Poison damage over time for 12 sec. Poison is often applied in conjunction with healing reduction effect Minor Defile.
  • Diseased: Applies Minor Defile debuff for couple of seconds that reduces healing taken by 15% (suggested to be reduced health regeneration too). Animation: green cloud and health bar has inward arrowheads. Chance to proc from any disease damage (meat bag siege catapults, werewolf infectious claws and foul weapon enchants).
  • Immovability: “Immunity to knockback and disabling effects”, does not affect soft cc. Animation effect: swirling wind around the character). Gained when hard CC ends (naturally or when broken/reflected), from activating Immovable (heavy armour skill) or from potions.
  • Magicka /Stamina AoE: Magicka AoE can not be dodged while Stamina AoE can be dodged.
  • Unblockable: Some abilities can not be blocked. For example Petrify (you also get stunned), Fear, Werewolf Roar, Encase, Talons etc.

Counter Status Effects

  • Break Free: costs stamina; removes stun, disorient, knockdown, also get 7 seconds Immovability.
  • Dodge: costs stamina, breaks soft CC like immobilize. Using it repeatedly within 3 seconds will increase the cost further.
  • Cleanse/Purge/Purify: Removes negative effects.
  • Block: negates any attempt to CC, even if you take partial damage from the attack itself. Except Fear, Werewolf Roar, Petrify.
  • Reflect: negates attempt to CC and gives the effect to its caster instead. Channeled skills or AoE can not be reflected.
  • Invisibility: avoid attack completely if timed correctly, but does not prevent aoe effects from hitting.
  • Snare Break: Remove snare. Forward Momentum for example.

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