Status Effects Elder Scrolls Online ESO

Status Effects ESO

Elemental Status Effects

  • Chilled – Applies Minor Maim, reducing targets damage done by 15%.
  • Concussion – Applies Minor Vulnerability, increasing damage taken by 8% for 4 seconds. Animation: electric sparkles. Chance to proc from any lightning damage. Does not proc off Staff Light and Heavy attacks. However, it can proc from the splash damage of Shock Heavy Attacks.
  • Burning – Flame damage over time for 4 seconds and ticks every 2 seconds. Chance to proc from any flame damage.
  • Poisoned – Poison damage over time for 6 seconds. Chance to proc from any poison damage.
  • Disease – Applies Minor Defile debuff for couple of seconds that reduces healing taken by 15%. Animation: green cloud and health bar has inward arrowheads. Chance to proc from any disease damage (meat bag siege catapults, werewolf infectious claws and foul weapon enchants)

The way status effects are applied was detailed in the 2.1 patch notes:

Standardized the chance an ability has to apply a secondary effect, such as burning, chilled, or concussed. These chances are:

  • Weapon enchants 20%
  • Standard ability 10%
  • Area of effect abilities 5%
  • Damage over time abilities 3%
  • Area of effect damage over time abilities 1%

Elemental status effect with a destro staff and Elemental Force passive apply the secondary effect at double the chance listed above.
Chilled, Concussion, Burning can not be procced against shielded enemies.

Disabling Effects [Loss of control]

  • Knocked Down: Totally disabled, knocked to the ground and cannot move or perform actions.
  • Stunned: Unable to move, attack, or perform any actions, frail to further cc during stun.
  • Off balance: Temporarily stuns an enemy, enemy takes increased damage from the next heavy attack (40%) and gets knocked down. Stun breaks on damage taken. Off balance effect lasts regardless of damage taken for 4 seconds, unless you do a heavy attack which completely consumes it.
  • Disoriented: Long but fragile disable (cannot perform action). Unlike stun, desorient will break from any damage taken. Disorient goes through block.
  • Silenced: Unable to cast spells, can move and use physical attacks.
  • Feared: Running away from the caster unable to perform any actions.
  • Pull: Pulled to the caster, while in air unable to perform any actions. Counts as hard cc as it triggers immunity on target in pvp.
  • Knockback: Pushed away from caster for 5 meters. Note: Spells can have Knockback in conjunction with other status effects like a knock down/stun/disorient effect.

Soft CC [Hinders Movement]

  • Immobile: Rooted, but can perform actions.
  • Snared: Slowed movement speed, but can perform attacks or other actions.

Other Effects

  • Taunted: Forced to attack you (PvE only) for 15 sec. (Jesus beam has a similar effect in PvP, especially if applied at 100% HP.)
  • Blind: Raised chance to miss. Meridia Set for example makes you miss 100% when the blind effect is applied.
  • Bleed: Physical damage over time that is not affected by Armor Penetration..
  • Immovability: “Immunity to knockback and disabling effects”, does not affect soft cc. Animation effect: swirling wind around the character). Gained when hard CC ends (naturally or when broken/reflected), from activating Immovable (heavy armour skill) or from potions.
  • Magicka /Stamina AoE: Magicka AoE can not be dodged while Stamina AoE can be dodged.
  • Unblockable: Some abilities can not be blocked. For example Petrify (you also get stunned), Fear, Werewolf Roar, Encase, Talons etc.

Counter Status Effects

  • Break Free: costs stamina; removes stun, disorient, knockdown, also get 7 seconds Immovability.
  • Dodge: costs stamina, breaks soft CC like immobilize. Using it repeatedly within 3 seconds will increase the cost further.
  • Cleanse/Purge/Purify: Removes negative effects.
  • Block: negates any attempt to CC, even if you take partial damage from the attack itself. Except Fear, Werewolf Roar, Petrify.
  • Reflect: negates attempt to CC and gives the effect to its caster instead. Channeled skills or AoE can not be reflected.
  • Invisibility: avoid attack completely if timed correctly, but does not prevent aoe effects from hitting.
  • Snare Break: Remove snare. Forward Momentum for example.

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