Content Creators for the Elder Scrolls Online received several letters from Sai Sahan with clues on where our next journey is going to be. There are four different maps going around and you can find all of them here. We are going to analyze all of them and see if we can create a connection between the four Skyrim maps. You can already find a forum discussion about this topic where people have some theories: Official ESO Forum

Elder Scrolls Online recently announced that the next chapter will be Skyrim with the yearly theme of “DarkHeartOfSkyrim”. The full reveal will happen on the 16th January 2020. Like always, we will see four different parts of content in 2020. Q1 will most likely be prologue dungeon content, Q2 the big Skyrim Chapter, Q3 more dungeon content and Q4 with the second part of the full story.

The letter that content creators received from Sai Sahan stated the following (the letters used here were from Nara Narra, Alcast, Stardancer and GNARLY_NATE).



Sai Sahan:

Adventurer, your efforts in Elsweyr were instrumental in dealing with the Dragon threat. For that, you have my thanks.

However, I fear I must alert you to a rising danger. This journal was entrusted to me by an old friend, as I now entrust it to you. Notice the strange markings. They hint at dark magic, of that I am certain.

Your talents are once again required, my friend. I leave this mystery in your capable hands.

Sai Sahan is saying that these strange markings have something to do with dark magic. They might be locations that we will be able to explore and free from dark magic. The letter does not reveal much, we still don’t know our true enemy that we are going to face in Skyrim.

All Maps

Here you can see all the four different maps that got revealed, click to enlarge.


All of the Skyrim maps had some things in common with each other, the black mark and the mountains.

Map Hint markers Skyrim Map ESO

Overlapping the Skyrim Maps

The next thing that was worth trying out is putting each map over each other. I tried to clean out the color a bit and then checked with a white and black background. Now you can see that all the mountains and the black mark can easily be aligned over each other.

Using another method with overlapping the maps, but this time I removed most of the items around the maps, click to enlarge. The first letter is all of them on top, the second one shows the respective map markers that belong to each of the four maps. The last Skyrim map is one of the parts on the bottom and the other three had their markers cut out.

Another important thing is, that you should not forget the mountains that are on the map, these will give us a pretty good picture what these markers actually might mean.

It looks like the Urn will be at the location with the same symbol as engraved in the urn, that might be our starting point. Unsure whether these marking fit anywhere on the original Skyrim map from the game.

Skyrim map deatiled preview

Objects and Signs

All the objects that could be found on the four different maps (Yes I know, amazing photoshop skills). Looking at some of these objects, it is pretty clear that you can see an urn there, the big question is just what can be found inside? There are also some sort of trees visible that might be corrupted by dark magic? Below the the tree on top you can also see two items that look like knives or some sort of item that you could use to open something as a key? The signs might mostly relate to dreamcatchers, or to catch the dark magic?

Objects displayed on skyrim maps_small

On the forums and social media people are mentioning that many of the symbols might be from the Reachman and Briarheart.

Daedric Letters

There are also Daedric letters that can be found on the four maps, some of them are identical or not readable, here are some that were readable. There are some more difficulties coming along with the Daedric language, as phrases can be written backwards, upside down or even be mirrored, sometimes singular letters are also used within circles.


  • This could be interpreted as a few things: Resist mortal tongues means death / Her ___ means death to mortal tongues / Her “SAI” means death to mortal tongues.
  • All of these three here talk about mortals and death, it is unclear what it is directed at.


  • This could be interpreted as: May they reap a great harvest.
  • This could mean that an attack is about to happen (great harvest), maybe dragons are preparing for a war. Or perhaps the Dragonleader is talking about his minions. We already know that we will have another dragon threat to face in Skyrim.


  • This could be interpreted as: Death is nothing but a long sleep.
  • This could be related to Vampires, as the description would fit pretty good.

LET IT          WORLD

  • These are two separated words, they are have most likely nothing in common


  • Deep down could be interpreted as the location of Blackreach

Interesting enough is also that not all of the text had a correct order.  However, this is not uncommon, because like mentioned before, the Daedric language is a bit tricky sometimes.  Phrases can be written backwards, upside down or even be mirrored, sometimes singular letters are also used within circles.

So Far

Please keep in mind, these are all theories.

  • All four maps seem to point to that urn with the same symbol on it. The urn most likely contains the dead (like mentioned in the text).
  • The four red signs could be the four entrances locations to Blackreach Mzinchaleft, Alftand, Tower of Mzark and Raldbthar. (Source @The_Saint, from Official Forums)
  • The four red signs could be the four cities Dawnstar, Morthal, Whiterun and Winterhold (Source @Casual_Ranger, Twitter)
  • The different objects also seem to display things from the so called Reachman, this might mean that we have to fight the Reachman.
  • Death is naught but a fitful sleep could relate to either Vampires or more dragons.
  • Sai Sahan mentioned Dark Magic, maybe Vampires/Reachman are using Dark Magic to wake up a Dragon?


Hopefully people will find more clues, if you have any more suggestions what it could be you can always join our community discord and let us know.