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Item Set Location for Homestead Huge shoutout to Edenprime and her Guild Dragonborn Z for giving me this file for all the Sets in Elder Scrolls Online!!!! <3   Item Set Location ESO Delve bosses have a chance to drop a waist or feet set piece from the zone they are located in. Each boss also […]

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Champion Points Jump Points What are Champion Points Jump Points? Champion Points are a system implemented in Elder Scrolls Online. They boost your character like crazy. When we compare a 0 CP vs a 600 CP setup your character will be twice as strong because you get so much benefits from this system. The first […]

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Guide – Hel Ra Citadel Location of Hel Ra Citadel This Trial can be found in the South West of Craglorn   General Information for Hel Ra Citadel Raid team: 2 dedicated Healers, 1 Main Tank, 1 Off Tank, 8 Damage Dealers. Champion Points: The majority of the damage you will receive in this trial is […]

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ESO Grind Guide for Homestead Here you can find out how to get to level 50 very fast! 🙂 Before we begin: You get more exp while grinding as a duo(10% more exp) AoE (Area of Effect) is required to get the most out of grinding to kill multiple mobs fast You only gain full […]

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Warden Bow Build now available on my website!… @TESOnline
This will be a buff if...
Igneous Shield (Obsidian Shield morph): Decreased the duration of the Major Mending buff granted by this morph to 2.5 seconds from 6 seconds