What are Champion Points Jump Points?

The Champion Point system has been implemented into Elder Scrolls Online quite some time ago. Champion Points boost your offensive and defensive stats like crazy if set up correctly. When we compare a zero Champion Points Character vs a Character that has the max Champion Points available, then your character will be twice as strong because you get so much benefits from this system. The first 400 Champion Points are easy obtainable, so it should not take too long to get to a decent amount. Some of the CP Perks scale up to 35%, some to 25% and some to 15%.

If you are new to the game I can highly recommend reading the Champion Point Beginner Guide.

Jump Points

Champion Points are very front loaded, which means the first few points you put into a Champion Point Perk will give you way more benefits then the last ones, also called diminishing returns! For example, when you look at a 25% CP Perk, you see the points 81 and 100. So if you put points somewhere in between those two numbers lets say 90 Points, then it will give you ZERO benefit. So you need to make sure to exactly allocate your Champion Points according to those jump points!

What Champion Point Perks do have Jump Points?

Most of the Champion Point Perks are affected by those Jump Points. However, not all Champion Point Perks are affected by Jump Points, you can find a list of the not affected ones here:

CP Perks NOT affected by Jump Points:

  • Spell Erosion
  • Spell Shield
  • Piercing
  • Bashing Focus
  • Sprinter
  • Shade
  • Tumbling
  • Warlord
  • Resistant
  • Shadow Ward

CP Perks that are affected by Jump Points can be found in the list here:

Champion Points Jump Points

Befouled is also affected by Champion Points Jump Points, but can not be found in the list (I will add it as soon as possible to the 35% list)


If you are looking for a general introduction, I can recommend checking out this video.

The Most Powerful System in the game? Champion Points explained ESO

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