Table of Contents:

The Season of the Dragon

All three DLCs and the Chapter will be connected to each other!

  • Q1 – Wrathstone DLC (on Public Test Server January 21st!)
  • Q2 – Elsweyr Chapter (Release Date: June 4th!)
  • Q3 – Unannounced DLC
  • Q4 – Unannounced DLC

Necromancer Class

The Necromancer will be the new Class that is going to be released with the Elsweyr Chapter. You can already find a detailed preview guide here: Necromancer Class Preview.

elsweyr chapter information


We will meet a variety of Dragons in the Elsweyr Chapter! Make sure to be prepared to fight against them!

Elsweyr Zone

Like with all new Chapters, we will also get a full new zone this time! Elsweyr is located in the Aldmeri Dominion Area and as you can see, the zone is huge! Elsweyr’s capital is the beautiful city of Rimmen, currently occupied by Imperial mercenaries, where the local Khajiit are equal part residents and captives. Beyond the city, meet wandering nomads, navigate the scorching deserts of the Scar, and explore timeless Khajiiti ruins that are not as abandoned as they might seem.

They also showed a picture of a few Alfiq that we will meet in Elsweyr :)

Sunspire 12 Man Trial

Sunspire is the new FULL Trial that we will be able to play once Elsweyr is released. The trial has one unique specification, all bosses will have their own hardmodes! For some more context: Dragons have overrun the ancient temple of Alkosh and claimed it as their own. You and your 12-player team must enter Sunspire, explore the temple, and put a stop to its new inhabitants. Exclusive gear and collectibles await those brave enough to stand against Nahviintaas and his followers.

Pre-Order Bonus

If you are pre-ordering the Chapter, you can also get the Droh-Matrha Horse for free, right now!

Wrathstone Q1 DLC

The Wrathstone DLC will be kicking off the Season of the Dragons! We will get a few quality of life updates and two new dungeons! The two dungeons are called Frost Vault and Depths of Malatar.

  • Dungeon 1 – Frost Vault
  • Dungeon 2 – Depths of Malatar

Quality of Life Updates

There will be a few quality of life updates throughout the year. So far we know of racial rebalancing, Imperial City changes, Guild search, Map guide, Guild finder, Search Bar for Guild traders, Performance and PvP Artifacts!

Character Slots

Rich Lambert confirmed that we are getting one extra character slot for free. He also said they are currently still deciding on how many extra slots they also want to offer us.

Champion Points

They also confirmed that Champion Points will no longer be increased. They are currently not happy on how the system performs because the game gets more and more grindy for new players. They want to re-evaluate the whole system, this will take a while.

Racial Passive Changes

Racial Passive changes are going to come with the Wrathstone DLC. Make sure to keep an eye on the Public Test Server to find the racial balance changes soon!

PvP Artifacts

Cyrodiil will get Artifacts with Elsweyr. They announced that the weapon “Volendrung” will make it into the game. It will be an unique weapon existing once per Campaign and the person that picks it up will transform into something and have special skills. You need to keep killing people with the weapon, if you do not kill enough enemies, the weapon will eat you alive and you will eventually die!

Imperial City

Imperial City will finally be separated from Cyrodiil and have its own queuing system. This will help with performance both for Cyrodiil and Imperial City. You will also have an easier way to actually get into Imperial City now instead of always having to go through a queue to Cyrodiil and then into Cyrodiil, those days will be over!

Guild Search Function

We will get a guild search function, that way you can easily search a guild for all your needs. After all this is a multiplayer game and it will make a lot of things easier for you!

Search Bar for Guild Traders

We will finally have search bars for traders. So you can search your unique item instantly instead of having to go through all the different stuff.

Zone Guide

The Zone Guide will help new players find the way through a zone. It can sometimes be very easy to loose the direction and this will help get right back on track!

Elsweyr Editions

You can choose between a lot of different editions, you can find more information about those here.

Digital and Collector’s Edition Content that you can get.