Welcome to the ESO The Cauldron Dungeon Guide for both Normal and Veteran mode. The Cauldron Dungeon is located in the western part of Deshaan. This dungeon is part of the Flames of Ambition DLC that was released on the 8th of March in 2021.

This dungeon has 5 bosses: 3 main bosses, 2 mini-bosses and a lot of trashmob packs. (Trashmob = Enemies that can add to the difficulty and liveliness of a dungeon/trial)

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The Story in The Cauldron

Lyranth is looking for a lockbox. Since these caves have been taken over by a cult that seems to be following Mehrunes Dagon, you need to help her acquire it, especially since the lockbox has been enchanted with a ward that blocks access to Daedra, such as her.

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Sets in The Cauldron ESO Dungeon

3 different sets drop in The Cauldron Dungeon.


Trashmonsters in The Cauldron Dungeon

  • Waking Flame Invokers & Torchlords: These are melee and ranged attackers.
  • Clannfears: These Clannfears will jump at you and bash you with their tail, which is why it’s best to block through their attacks.
  • Daedroth: The Daedroth behaves like in most other dungeons and will spit fire from time to time.
  • Electric Traps: After the first boss you will find Electric Traps on the ground. These can’t be dodge rolled and upon touching them they will stun the player. You can, however, block-walk into them, as the block prevents you from getting stunned in the beginning. They cause some damage.
  • Watcher: Gigantic, levitating eyes that will discharge fire lasers from their eyes, burning everyone standing in them. They have a flame-swirl charge with which they will run everyone over in their path, leaving them stunned. Mid-dungeon they will also be able to summon portals, from which Daedra will spawn.
  • Kagouti, Shalk & Fetcherfly Hive: Counting among the more annoyingly trashmob, the Fetcherfly Hives will discharge their Fetcherfly Swarms very often, which makes it more important to take them down first, and then the Kagouti or Shalks.


Bosses, Treasure Chests & Heavy Sacks on the Map

Work in Progress.


The Cauldron Bosses

Below you can find a list of all the bosses in The Cauldron. You can also see how much health each boss has.

Oxblood the Depraved5,263,123Summoned Globs
Taskmaster Viccia5,263,123Summoned Daedra
Molten Guardian4,511,248Molten Fiends
Lyranth’s Prison – Daedric Shield100%Waves of Daedra
Baron Zaudrus (Endboss)4,703,728/ 11,404,434Several Daedra


Oxblood the Depraved

Oxblood the Depraved, The Cauldron Dungeon

Noxious Release: Releasing three large gas clouds in short success, this boss farts into three different directions. This will cause quite a lot of damage, so do not try standing inside of it and avoid it at all costs! It’s relatively easy to get away from the circles, as they are very slow.

Summon Globs: Running into the center of the room, the boss spits out Gore and Bile Globs. The Gore Globs will start shooting at players with Discharge, a ranged attack. The Bile Globs will start wandering towards the boss which is usually the center of the arena, as the boss runs there when he summons them.

The DPS will have to prioritize killing the Bile Globs first, as when they reach the boss he will consume them and gain a damage buff, meaning he will deal a lot more damage! If the boss is also close to the Gore Blobs, he will consume them just as well.

Gore Rush: Immediately after summoning the Globs, the boss will prepare to charge and run over anyone that is in his way. Anyone can interrupt this ability, otherwise you will get thrown to the ground after having dealt a moderate amount of damage and are immobilized.

Butcher: The boss will also summon explosive anchors. These deal quite a lot of damage and should best be avoided by running out of them, especially as Oxblood will not move in that time and won’t attack physically.

Iron Maiden: One player will be put into a prison which deals a lot of damage and will cause the eventual death of the player, if it isn’t attacked. As it has a bit of health, it should best be attacked by the DPS.

Heavy Attack: This boss also has a very nasty and painful Heavy Attack, which you have to block, otherwise it will just kill you.

Taskmaster Viccia

Taskmaster Viccia, The Cauldron Dungeon ESO

Drathas: Drathas is supposed to help us here, but he is also very scared of the boss. If the boss comes too close he will run away to another corner eventually. There, after some time, he will cast a negate, removing any electric traps in his vicinity.

Electric Trap Discharge: This daedra will cause 4 Electric Traps to be spawned. You can either remove them yourself by blocking and walking into them, or hoping that Drathas removes them with his periodical Negate.

Summon Dremora: During the entire fight, the boss will summon Dremora. These are not only very annoying, but can also cast a stun AoE (Area of Effect) on the group. It’s important to kill these adds, too, before you get overrun by them.

Mace Slam: The boss will discharge her weapon in a large circle, causing a Damage over Time (DoT) ability to happen in this area with a moderate around of damage. Do not stand in it and move out of it quickly!

Upper Cut: This boss, too, has a very powerful Heavy Attack. Blocking is advised, as otherwise it will knock you back and down.

Molten Guardian

Molten Guardian, The Cauldron Dungeon ESO

Magmatic Eruption: In order for this skill not to fire off and kill the group, the one holding aggro should stay in melee range of the boss. Otherwise this will cause a lot of damage!

Molten Fiend Summon: From time to time, the boss will summon Molten Fiends, which are a copy of itself. They will target the group with Fire Volleys, dealing a moderate amount of damage and won’t stop until they have been killed.

Molten Blast: During the summoning of the Molten Fiends, the boss will also channel an attack that will cause damage to everyone in the group for as long as it isn’t interrupted. This should be interrupted as soon as possible! If it is interrupted, the boss will perform a Grand Slam, which should be blocked, otherwise it will cause a moderate amount of damage.

Fire Eruption: Periodically, the boss will erupt in fire pools that will be randomly placed among the group.

Lava Slam: This is the boss’ Heavy Attack. He will charge his Heavy Attack and then slam the ground, leaving a pool of lava from which the tank has to step away from, but not too far, as they still need to be in the boss’ melee range.

Lyranth’s Prison

Lyranth's Prison, The Cauldron Dungeon ESO

This boss is not one boss, but a series of waves in which you have to kill multiple enemies. The waves are determined by how many power module, that are holding Lyranth in her prison, are destroyed. Meaning the Dremora will only spawn after a power module has been destroyed.

Conductive Oil: This is used to destroy an active power module. A player has to pick it up and run to a power module, as well as run up close to Lyranth, as she will spawn daedric fire which will incinerate the oil and make the power modules explode.

Dremora Waves: These will appear when a power module has been destroyed and are comprised of multiple daedric enemies that you have already faced in this dungeon. At the end you will meet a Flame Titan, together with an Ogrim and a Bone Colossus.

Baron Zauldrus (Endboss)

Baron Zaudrus, The Cauldron ESO Dungeon

Galvanic Charge: Every player standing in his frontal cleave will get charged with this ability. They should stay away from the group, as this will also damage nearby players. This can be easily avoided be the group always standing behind the boss, or at least not in the cleave area.

Hammer Down: This is his Heavy Attack. This definitely has to be blocked, otherwise this will cause a lot of damage! It will also spawn a Molten Pillar.

Molten Pillar: If you leave these untouched and don’t destroy them, they will soon block the entire room and don’t leave you a lot of space to run around. So make sure the DPS takes care of these.

Fire Eruption: Periodically, flames will erupt from the boss. This can be easily avoided by walking out of the AoE.

Watchlings & Daedroth: These will cause additional confusion mainly, and should be killed off immediately, in order to avoid too many things being up at once.

Ash Vent: From time to time, you will see a flame laser move through the room. This will cause a lot of damage if it hits a group member and should be avoided by walking away from it.

Cold-Flame Infusion: This will give a party member some extra damage boost, so ideally one of the DPS takes this buff and destroys any of the Molten Pillars or the adds.


Baron Zaudrus – Hardmode

The Hardmode can be activated by the Challenge Banner on the left side of the entrance.
Upon activation, the boss’ health will increase dramatically and he will spawn a lot more adds during the fight. Additionally, he will summon a lava pool, in which no one is supposed to stand in.

At around 35% boss health, the boss will start spawning four Ash Vents instead of one, which will move through the room. Make sure to keep an eye out for those and move with the boss.

Skipping in The Cauldron

There’s no known skip in this dungeon.

Video Gameplay The Cauldron 


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