Welcome to the ESO Spindleclutch 2 Dungeon Guide for both Normal and Veteran mode. The Spindleclutch 2 dungeon is located in Glenumbra, in the Daggerfall Covenant, one of the major factions in The Elder Scrolls Online.

This dungeon has 6 bosses: 3 main bosses, 3 mini-boss encounters and trashmob packs. (Trashmob = Enemies that can add to the difficulty and liveliness of a dungeon/trial and are fillers in-between bosses)

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The Story in Spindleclutch 2

Infested with Undead and Vampires, these tunnels beneath the Ayleid ruins of Dwynnarth harbor even more horrors!

Table of Contents:

Sets in Spindleclutch 2

3 different sets drop in Spindleclutch 2, plus a Monster Set.

Trashmonsters in Spindleclutch 2

  • Vampires, Flesh Atronachs, Skeletons, Bloodfiends, Nightmares and Thralled fighters: Featuring a wide variety of skills, the ones you should be most aware of are Heavy Attacks and…

Boss Map & Treasure Chests

Bosses, Heavy Sacks and Treasure Chest location.

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Spindleclutch 2 Bosses

Below you can find a full list of all the bosses that you will encounter in the Spindleclutch 2 dungeon.

Mad Mortine2,077,908A lot of bloodfiends
Praxin Douare3,007,499Multiple Addwaves
Flesh Atronach Triplets760,077 eachNone
Urvan Veleth2,077,908Four Ghosts
Vorenor Winterbourne5,702,217Sacrifices


Mad Mortine

This is the first boss encounter that you face shortly after entering Spindleclutch 2. He is accompanied by several adds that you can kill in the AoE that goes on the boss. Otherwise focus them first before killing the boss. Don’t try running away from them, because they will be scattered too far and that makes it harder for the group and especially the tank to control them.

Rending Slashes: This is a conal AoE and can do a lot of damage, if it isn’t blocked. Ideally, only the tank is standing in it, but in order to do so the tank must turn the boss from the group.

Slash: This Heavy Attack can hit quite hard. The boss will jump into the air to launch this attack. Since this is a Heavy Attack it’s strongly advised to block this, otherwise it will stun you and cause a lot of damage!


bloodspawn header

“Look at the size of this thing!” The famous quote from this dungeon indicates at the sheer size of this very big gargoyle that will appear seemingly out of nowhere, dropping from the ceiling unto the floor, after a short scene between the NCPs.

Smash: This is the bosses Heavy Attack. As with all other mobs in-game, it’s advisable to block this, otherwise you will be knocked backwards and take a large amount of damage.

Slamming the ground, this ability will be clearly visible as the whole room fills up with a damage AoE. Don’t panic here, just block and wait until it’s over. Only get out of the Crushing Rocks.

Crushing Rocks:
Falling down from the ceiling as the gargoyle starts slamming the ground with his Cave-In ability. These will often be an instant kill, so do not stand in them!

Praxin Douare

praxin douare header

This boss in Spindleclutch 2 might be confusing at first, as he has various phases. Foremost, don’t attack the boss, as there will be add phases in the very beginning and the boss itself will not take any damage.


  1. The first phase is a bunch of spiders that can be killed relatively easily with AoE. The tank additionally help here with either pulling in adds that like to scatter through the room, or skills such as Dragonclaw. Do not become paniced and start running through the room in order to get rid of an add. That usually never works out. Rather go to the tank and let them take it off of you.
  2. In the second phase the first boss from Spindleclutch I will reappear. It’s a huge spider with some adds, but doesn’t have any special skills.
  3. Now you will have to deal with two mini bosses from Spindleclutch I: Rabbu and Cerise. They will be accompanied by healers, so grouping all up will be a big gamechanger. If your group’s AoE isn’t very strong, kill the healers first, before turning to the two minibosses.
  4. The final encounter here is the Whisperer, the last boss from Spindleclutch I. She will have two adds which are healers, these need to be killed either while you attack the boss, or targeted down first, as they will heal the Whisperer. Important for the tank here is to face her away from the group, but otherwise everyone should be focused on killing her so that the tank doesn’t have to take her to the actual boss when he starts to become attackable. This doesn’t just happen after the last ghostboss is dead, but after a specific amount of time. If your group hasn’t managed to kill the ghosts yet, take them with you to the boss.

Praxin Douare: Turning into a wraith and no longer being a ghost, the main boss in this encounter is absolutely stationary. So tanking him up the stairs is not only needed, but also wise, as this boss will have a very special ability called Harrowing Ring.

Harrowing Ring: This ability will surround one random player with a red ring. The player must move with the ring and is not allowed to touch it. Nor are the other players allowed to touch the ring by either stepping in it or out of it. As soon as someone touches the ring it will explode and instantly kill the player/s. After a short while, the ring will disappear and players can move freely again.

Despair: Praxin will release three red lines in front of him, targeting everyone that stands in the way. Since it does a large amount of damage, the boss should be faced away from the group.

Drain: Targeting a random player, the boss will cast a sigil that will drain this player of their resources. You can avoid it by roll dodging, but if it hits you it will drain you to the point that you won’t be able to use your skills anymore.

Flesh Atronach Triplets

flesh atronach triplets header

These flesh atronachs don’t differ much from the other flesh atronachs throughout the game. There’s just one very unique ability to them which most players don’t know about.

Also, keep in mind to not face the atronachs to the group, as they do have a conal attack that will hit everyone standing in front of the atronachs.

Shared Survival Will: This isn’t necessary shared in the sense that killing one atronach will also lower the health of the others, but shared in the sense that if you kill one atronach, it will evenly split the health on the other two.

Same goes for killing two atronachs instead of all three. The third one will heal up by a lot and you have to bring down its health all over again. If you want this fight to be quickly over, kill all three at the same time, bringing their health down evenly. You have a few seconds before the health adds up again on the other atronachs.

Urvan Veleth

urvan veleth header

This boss in Spindleclutch 2 has 4 adds which should be killed as soon as you engage him, as they can be quite pesky with their Dragonknight standards.

Blood Swhirl: After you have attack the boss, there will be a moment where he just vanishes. He will leave a pool of blood and draining the health from everyone standing in it. Now, the boss will continue to follow the tank though, so make sure to kite him around, so that he doesn’t heal back up! After a while Urvan will become visible again and you can continue attacking him.

Heavy Attack: This bosses Heavy Attack is a little different than most others. He will block first before he does it, meaning that if the tank attacks him, he will get stunned instead of the boss. So keeping an eye out for that is very important, otherwise the tank has to break free! Directly after that block though, otherwise you will be kicked to the ground.

Vorenor Winterbourne

vorenor winterbourne header

The last boss in Spindleclutch 2 is a bit tricky, but not very hard to understand. He will be quite mobile, but at least he won’t have any adds. Not really, that is. At least none that attack!

Blood Pool: This blood pool will not be on the boss but underneath a random player. Standing in it will drain your health, so get out of it as soon as possible!

Blood Strike: This ability is a teleporting strike that will be clearly obvious by the boss teleporting to all four players after another and attacking them from behind. This deals a moderate amount of damage and should be blocked!

Open Wounds:  A red beam will be cast at a random player. This mechanic can’t be blocked or roll dodged and will drawn a small amount of health from the target.

Sacrifices: These are the so-called adds. In order to restore health, the boss will start draining health from these. You can kill them in order to keep the boss from healing. The longer the fight, the more health the boss will drain, so if you are on the weaker end of DPS you might consider killing these adds.

Hardmode Vorenor Winterbourne

Increased Health & Damage: Hardmode doesn’t have more mechanics, but it does more damage, and his health is increased quite a bit! You activate this Hardmode by not killing the sacrifices.

Skipping in Spindleclutch 2

There’s no skip available in this dungeon.

Video Gameplay

1. Boss: Mad Mortine 1:12
2. Boss: Bloodspawn- 2:43
3. Boss: Praxin Douare – 4:26
4. Boss: Flesh Atronach Triplets – 7:58
5. Boss: Urvan Veleth – 11:00
Endboss: Vorenor Winterbourne – 12:15

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