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Nightblade Builds ESO

Welcome to the Nightblade section of the website. Here you can find all the Nightblade Builds for Elder Scrolls Online ordered by popularity. Nightblade can be played as a damage dealer, a healer or a tank. They perform well in a group or a solo setting, depending on how you set up your build.

The Nightblade builds that you can find here focus on optimizing your setup as much as possible, so you can pull your best performance on your Nightblade. The builds also include beginner setups, sometimes the gear for Nightblades or any class in general can be hard to acquire, that is why I made sure that you have some options for all the setups. Nonetheless, I would always recommend getting the best setup like described in the build, to completely optimize your setup. Please keep in mind that combat changes occur all 3 months in the Elder Scrolls Online, therefore it can be that certain sets will change for your Nightblade!