Welcome to the ESO Fungal Grotto 2 Guide for both Normal and Veteran mode. The Fungal Grotto 2 dungeon is located in Stonefalls, in the Ebonheart Pact, one of the major factions in The Elder Scrolls Online.

This dungeon has 6 bosses: 3 main bosses, 3 mini-boss encounters and trashmob packs. (Trashmob = Enemies that can add to the difficulty and liveliness of a dungeon/trial and are fillers in-between bosses)

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The Story in Fungal Grotto 2

The Fungal Grotto has changed and now it’s full of cultists. What did Vila Theran do to this cave? What did she discover?

Table of Contents:


3 different sets drop in Fungal Grotto 2, plus a Monster Set

Trashmonsters in Fungal Grotto 2

  • Spider Cultists, Spiders, Obsidian Warriors: This Trashmob features a wide variety of skills, ranging from healers, to tanks and nightblades. Be careful when engaging these and keep an open eye.

Boss Map & Treasure Chests

Bosses, Heavy Sacks and Treasure Chest location.

(click to enlarge)

Mephala’s Fang2,379,752Two Healers
Gamyne Bandu3,007,499Summon Shades
Ciirenas the Shepherd2,379,752Three Spiders
Spawn of Mephala5,702,217Spiders in a portal
Reggr Dark-Dawn2,974,690Has adds surrounding him
Vila Theran (Endboss)5,702,217None


Mephala’s Fang

mephalas fang Fungal Grotto 2 Dungeon

This is the first Mini Boss in Fungal Grotto 2. It comes with two adds that should be focused down first, as they are healers and they will heal the boss. This will make it a lot harder to actually kill the spider.

Spit Poison: This attack will land on a random member. It’s a DoT effect (Damage over Time) that will also place a poison effect on the ground. If you have it, try to place it along the walls, otherwise definitely get out of it, as the damage will most likely kill you if you don’t get healed.

Spray: The boss will also spit poison in from of a frontal cone, which is why it is important that the tank faces the boss away from the group. It can be interrupted.

Bite: The bosses Heavy Attack is like most bosses Heavy Attacks. Blocking it will not make you incapable of actions and also avoid taking too much damage.

Gamyne Bandu

gamyne bandu Fungal Grotto 2 Dungeon

Being frozen by some dark magic, she is awakened as the group enters a cave and has killed the spider cultists that roam there. This boss can be a group destroyer, as most people don’t understand the boss’ mechanic.

Shadow Execution: The important thing first. At one point, Gamyne will summon 4 shades that will chain a random player to the ground and a blade will slowly start sinking. If it reaches the player, this is an instant kill. The group here must focus on one of those shades to break the spell and to free the ally. Many people here attack either all different shades or none at all.

Shadow Chains: This ability can also be a make or break mechanic. The boss will, at one point, bind two players together, shown by a black tether. The players must run to opposite sides in order to break this chain. If the tank is chained to another player, that player has to run, otherwise there will be a huge amount of damage on both players.

Ripper: Gamyne’s Heavy Attack deals a lot of damage and knocks the tank back. To mitigate the damage and not being knocked back, simply block.

Obsidian Aspects: Randomly,  the boss will summon 4 aspects of herself, which need to be killed in order for the boss to reappear.

Ciirenas the Shepard

ciirenas the shepherd Fungal Grotto 2 Dungeon

Another very misunderstood boss in Fungal Grotto 2, Ciirenas the Shepard has three spiders which she sends out to kill you as soon as you engage her.


Why? Well, let me explain.

Spiders: These pesky little creatures will attack at first anyone, so if the tank can taunt them off to the side, it’s a good step to avoid players dying, as they do quite some damage. Regardless, Ciirenas will put pheromones on someone random in the group which the spiders will now attack. This is signified by a black beam.

If you have the spiders on you, run out of the group and range attack the boss. Do not attack the spiders and let the healer heal you.

If you kill the spiders, the boss will get a very high resistance and you only deal a fracture of your actual damage, making it take forever to kill this boss!

Dark Bolt: An attack that will make her run off to cast it from afar, which is why it makes a lot of sense for the tank to either taunt her from close up or range taunt her and then keep their distance off to the side, far away from the cliff. Otherwise she will run towards the cliff and will reset. Meaning the fight will start from the very beginning.

Spawn of Mephala

spawn of mephala Fungal Grotto 2 Dungeon

Coming from the islands, this boss will spawn as soon as you enter the plateau. This boss can be tricky as well, but for some other reason than the previous bosses.

Portal: During the fight, the Spawn of Mephala will open a portal from the cave mound you can see behind her. Anyone who stands closest to the cave/portal will be sucked into it and will have to fight various little spiders in order to be released. There’s a few tactics here. Either you send in someone that can deal quickly with the spiders (ideally with a self-heal), or you send in someone that doesn’t do a lot of damage overall and they will just ignore the spiders and wait to be released. Because at around 10% of the bosses’ health the portal will despawn and anyone inside is released again.

Beam: For anyone that remains on the surface, you will soon notice a beam appearing from the altars above, following a player around until it either hits them and then explodes, or until it explodes on itself. This deals a high amount of damage! You can also kite it through the room, or let the tank take the damage.

Explosion: Charging up a burst of energy, the boss will release a high damage explosion after a damage AoE has filled up around her. It will also stagger anyone that stands in it. You can simply avoid it by running out of it.

Shadow Bolt: Randomly, a light purple bolt will hit a player. You can roll dodge this attack. Otherwise you will be thrown backwards.

Reggr Dark-Dawn

reggr dark-dawn Fungal Grotto 2 Dungeon

This boss in Fungal Grotto 2 is very annoying for magicka players, as his special attack will drain any magicka from everyone. He himself doesn’t do a lot of damage, but players should not use a magicka potion before this attack has happened!
It isn’t necessary to kill all the adds in the room, as the boss can be range spotted from above, or players can jump directly down (instead of taking the stairs), but if you want to be on the safe side, kill the adds first.

Orb of Enervation: One of the most annoying game mechanics, this will especially be bugging players that mainly use magicka, such as healers and magicka damage dealers. When the boss casts this ability, he drains everyone of magicka over a short amount of time. Best here is to wait with a magicka potion until he has cast the ability and then take it, so that healing and damage can resume.

Frenzy: From time to time, the boss will start swinging his weapon around, causing a moderate amount of damage to everyone standing close by. You can avoid this by simply taking a few steps back.

Heavy Attack: As many other bosses, this boss also has a Heavy Attack. You can mitigate the large amount of damage by blocking.

Vila Theran

vila theran Fungal Grotto 2 Dungeon

After you have defeated Reggr, you will have to return to the very beginning of the dungeon. Gladly, you can do so by taking a short cut. By swimming through the river in the cave with the smaller islands, you can return to the beginning where Vila Theran waits for you.
She is the last and final boss, a known face if you have played through Fungal Grotto I. She was the one giving you the quest to clear the cave from the dreugh and goblins.

Shadow Bolt: Vila Theran is a very stationary boss. She will only ever cast this ability (aside from her other skills) and never physically attack. You can make her stand where you want her to stand by outranging her. If you are further away than her casting range, she will follow you. This is a very well known tactic for repositioning any kind of mage and especially her.

Growing Corruption: The boss will teleport to three different players, placing a growing darkness beneath them. If you want to have good control over the relatively small room, you can all stand together while fighting her and then waiting until she has placed the corruptions, then move to the other side of the room so that the group can stack upon her once more without being afflicted by the corruption.

Channeled Shadow: This is a very high damage ability which the boss will cast from time to time. You can either all stand together and the healer can all heal you in one spot, or you can run below the energy shield which will protect you from the damage of the laser beams.

Hardmode Vila Theran

Increased Health & Damage: Hardmode doesn’t have more mechanics.


There’s one way to skip one boss. Jump down the first waterfall after leaving the smaller cave into the bigger cave, swim straight forward under the first bridge and left to the second, and then jump upwards.

Video Gameplay

  • 1st Boss: Mephala’s Fang – 1:32
  • 2nd Boss: Gamyone Bandu – 3:31
  • 3rd Boss: Ciirenas the Shepherd – 6:52
  • 4th Boss: Spawn of Mephala – 8:29
  • 5th Boss: Reggr Dark-Dawn – 11:21
  • Endboss: Vila Theran – 14:53

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