“War Machine”

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Type: Group Cyrodiil 12-16 Players

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Welcome to the ‘Stamina Warden DD Cyrodiil PvP Group Build “War Machine” for Elder Scrolls Online. Make sure to bookmark the link as I will keep updating the build for each new Update of ESO. The War Machine Build is optimized for Organized Group Play of 12-16 in Cyrodiil.

This build is a 5-1-1 medium setup with Clever AlchemistVicious Death and Balorgh.

  • Optimized for Organized Group Play of 12-16 in Cyrodiil
  • Dual Wield and Bow Setup
  • Medium Armor
  • Good utility, mobility and sustain
  • Great burst potential

In case you don’t know what weaving light attacks is, make sure to check out the “Weaving Beginner Guide” which explains how to weave light attacks between abilities, aka animation canceling.

Resource Management

Braised Rabbit With Spring Vegetables is the Food we use with this setup. Heavy attacks combined with the Combustion synergy from Energy Orbs and Hircine’s buff always active provide us with plenty of stamina sustain for prolonged fights.

  • Energy Orbs
  • Heavy attacks
  • Hircine’s Veneer
  • Master Staves
  • Potions

PvP Setup

With Champion Points

WarMachine stats

Buffs active: Major Resolve, Major Ward, Major Brutality, Alchemist + Balorgh 500 ultimate procs and Major Endurance were active when I took the screenshot.


We are running a 5-1-1 Medium Armor setup Clever AlchemistVicious Death with Balorgh. The main goal of this build is to buff Weapon and Spell Damage with Balorgh and Alchemist procs to empower both Stamina and Magicka abilities, Dawnbreaker/Permafrost and Vicious Death. Damage Synergies will also hit harder. This being said, I don’t recommend using Harmony on a Stamina build. Don’t forget to use your potion before your ultimate and your ultimate before the detonation.

With the Dragonhold DLC, I highly suggest to replace Clever Alchemist by New Moon Acolyte. It won’t give you as much flat weapon / spell damage but with the extra crit and penetration, the overall damage is almost the same and permanent. The increased cost won’t matter if you get orbs every 20-25 seconds.

Props to Tuvi for coming up with the gear choice and reasoning (Alchemist/VD/Balorgh).

ChestClever AlchemistMediumImpenetrableStamina
BeltClever AlchemistMediumImpenetrableTriStats
ShoesClever AlchemistMediumImpenetrableTriStats
PantsClever AlchemistMediumImpenetrableStamina
HandsClever AlchemistMediumImpenetrableTriStats
NecklaceVicious DeathJewelryRobustStamina Recovery
RingVicious DeathJewelryRobustStamina Recovery
RingVicious DeathJewelryRobustStamina Recovery
Weapon 1Vicious DeathSwordNirnhodedCrushing
Weapon 2Vicious DeathSwordSharpenedCrushing
Weapon 3AgilityBowInfusedWeapon Damage

Where can I get the gear?
Clever Alchemist: Crafted
Vicious Death: Cyrodiil
Balorgh: March of Sacrifices


  • Subterranean Assault: Time this skill to hit with Proximity Detonation and Dawnbreaker altogether. Keep in mind that Sub Assault and Proxi can be delayed up to 8seconds in some heavy latency scenarios.
  • Bird of Prey: This is used mainly for the passives in Animal Companions and the Minor Berserk. You don’t need to cast this skill since you get Major Expedition from dodge rolling already with the Bow passive.
  • Whirling Blades: With the introduction of Elsweyr, this morph now provides the execute. Even if the range got reduced, it hits 50% harder.
  • Shuffle: Use this skill in the buffing phase before any engagement for the Major Evasion and reapply on cooldown or when rooted.
  • Green Lotus: Prebuff with this ability before every engagement to provide you with Major Savagery.
  • Expansive Frost Cloak: Keep this ability up full time for Major Resolve. I suggest using addons such as Circonian’s BuffTracker or BuffTimers to maximize the uptime on your buffs.
  • Echoing Vigor: Use this ability during the offensive window of an enemy group, especially during a Negate Magic or when retreating / kitting. If you don’t have any Magicka Warden healer in your group, use one of these heals at least once every 20 seconds to provide Minor Toughness to your group.
  • Flawless Dawnbreaker: In a 12-16men group comp, you usually have magicka sorcerers handling hard CCs with Streak. As a result, I prefer using this morph of Dawnbreaker for the extra weapon damage which will empower Whirling Blades right after.
  • Permafrost: This ultimate can be used for several reasons. It provides more survivability with Major Protection for prolonged fights or against high incoming damage (storm, colossus, synergies, etc.) and better control with the 70% snares against enemies who tend to spread out quickly. Alchemist and Balorgh also buff the frost damage of this ability.
  • Shimmering Shield: During the kitting phase, use this ability while standing on the sides or behind your group to keep the uptime on Major Heroism.

Bull Netch Subterranean Assault Bird of Prey Whirling Blades Shuffle Flawless Dawnbreaker

Green Lotus Expansive Frost Cloak Echoing Vigor Shimmering Shield Proximity Detonation Permafrost
Dual Wield main barBow off bar
Slot 1: Bull NetchSlot 1: Green Lotus
Slot 2: Subterranean AssaultSlot 2: Expansive Frost Cloak
Slot 3: Bird of PreySlot 3: Echoing Vigor
Slot 4: Whirling BladesSlot 4: Shimmering Shield
Slot 5: ShuffleSlot 5: Proximity Detonation
Ultimate: Flawless DawnbreakerUltimate : Permafrost

Champion Points

Champion Points [810]

The Ritual
20 Thaumaturge, 66 Precise Strikes, 59 Piercing, 64 Mighty
The Atronach
61 Master-at-Arms
The Apprentice
The Shadow
61 Tumbling
The Lover
75 Mooncalf, 64 Tenacity
The Tower
1 Siphoner, 61 Warlord, 8 Sprinter
The Lord
11 Quick Recovery
The Lady
56 Hardy, 56 Elemental Defender, 56 Thick Skinned
The Steed
66 Ironclad, 25 Resistant

Championpoints [600]

The Ritual
Thaumaturge 20, Precise Strikes 40, Piercing 21, Mighty 49
The Atronach
Master-at-Arms 51
The Apprentice
19 Blessed
The Shadow
44 Tumbling, 2 Shadow Ward
The Lover
75 Mooncalf, 32 Tenacity
The Tower
1 Siphoner, 44 Warlord, 2 Sprinter
The Lord
11 Quick Recovery
The Lady
43 Hardy, 43 Elemental Defender, 48 Thick Skinned
The Steed
40 Ironclad, 15 Resistant

Important Info for Stamina Warden PvP Build


Braised Rabbit With Spring Vegetables

Mundus Stone

The Lover (Increased Penetration)




Immovability Potions
(CC Immunity, Health, Stamina)
(Mountain’s Flower, Namira’s Rot, Columbine)