Welcome to the ESO City of Ash 1 Dungeon Guide for both Normal and Veteran mode. Both City of Ash 1 and City of Ash 2 are located in Greenshade.

This dungeon has 6 bosses: 3 main bosses, 3 mini-bosses and a lot of trashmob packs. (Trashmob = Enemies that can add to the difficulty and liveliness of a dungeon/trial)

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The Story in City of Ash 1

Whisper Grove is under attack from a recently opened Oblivion Gate. Some Wood Elves have resorted to making a pact with the Daedra, as they are not very happy about Valenwood joining the Aldmeri Dominion.

Help fight back the Daedra attack and close the Oblivion Gate to Mehrunes Dagon’s realm!

Table of Contents:

Sets in City of Ash 1

3 different sets drop in City of Ash 1.


Trashmonsters in City of Ash 1

  • Flame Atronach: Pesky and even more fire-loving than the scamps
  • Scamp & Banekin: The scamps love to shoot wildly with fire and flames
  • Dremora: Archer, Melee and Casters, block the Melee’s heavy attack and pull in the Caster & Archer as Tank
  • Dagonites & Exemplars: Melee and Ranged, these are Bosmer NPCs that have a variety of skills.

City of Ash 1 Trashmob


Bosses, Treasure Chests & Heavy Sacks on the Map

City of Ash 1 Bosses

Below you can find a list of all the bosses in City of Ash 1. You can also see how much health each boss has.

Infernal Guardian1,912,769--
Golor the Banekin Handler831,1633 Banekin/Scamps
Warden of the Shrine1,908,876--
Dark Ember1,745,443--
Rothariel Flameheart1,745,443Summons 3 copies of herself
Razor Master Erthas (Endboss)4,703,728/ 5,409,287Periodically Fire Atronachs


Infernal Guardian

Infernal Guardian City of Ash 1

City of Ash 1 is unique therein that — if you don’t follow the quest — you can go either left or right after you went down the tree at the beginning of the dungeon.

If you are new though, and pick up the quest, you want to first go left through the tree to kill the Infernal Guardian, which is why this is the first boss on this list.

Double Slam: This attack will cause a moderate amount of physical damage. Ideally, this lands on the Tank, otherwise block to mitigate some of the damage.

Thorny Backhand: This deals a moderate amount of physical damage as well, but also causes a Bleed on the target, which is a DoT (Damage over Time), causing more physical damage.

Ground Slam: This is an attack that you can visibly see very well, as a large circle will form around the boss. Everyone that gets caught in this will get staggered, meaning that you will stop whatever you were doing.

Fiery Explosion: Spitting fire, this can easily be avoided by not standing in the damage AoEs (Area of Effect). If you don’t move out of the (by default) red circles, you will most likely die to fire damage. This attack usually goes in front of the boss, so standing behind the boss (except for the Tank) is highly advised! There will also be flame damage around the boss, so keep an eye on your feet!

Tunneling Roots: If you are standing too far from the boss, this will be an ability that will hit you. The boss stomps and roots will shoot upward, dealing quite a moderate amount of damage and staggering the player. You can avoid this by moving out of the way of the roots, or dodge rolling.


Golor the Banekin Handler

Golor the Banekin Handler City of Ash 1

This mini-boss in City of Ash 1 is usually quickly dealt with, as he doesn’t have a lot of HP (Health Points). He is a Bosmer and accompanied by Banekin that he keeps on spawning during the fight.

Crushing Blow: As with most heavy attacks, this boss charges his melee attack first, so that a Tank can prepare on the incoming blow. It deals a lot of physical damage and knocks the Tank back if they don’t block it. It can also be dodge rolled.

Cleave: This is a 360° cleave, dealing damage to everyone that stands in the (by default) red circle. This can be avoided by not standing too close or moving out of it.

Summon Daedra: Upon entering the fight, there will be three Banekins. These, as well as Scamps, will be re-summoned during the fight. If your group DPS is low, then kill them first, otherwise the DD’s AoE will usually be strong enough to kill them when they are closely tanked by the boss.

Warden of the Shrine

Warden of the Shrine City of Ash 1

This boss in City of Ash 1 will appear after you have stepped forward to the circle.
One of the many problems that can arise is, if the Tank doesn’t know when to block. So, just to be sure, move the boss a bit into the platform, so that if the Tank misses a Heavy Attack, he won’t be thrown off the platform.

Measured Uppercut: This is a Heavy Attack and deals a lot of physical damage! If not blocked by the one holding aggro, this will knock back the player as well. This attack can be mitigated by either blocking, or avoided by dodge rolling.

Blazing Fire: Spinning around, the boss leaves a wheel of firepools around him. The Tank has to move the boss out of these, so that any melee DDs can do damage on the boss again. If the wheel is open enough to have players stand inside it, the Tank doesn’t have to move him.

Teleport Strike: If a player is standing too far away, the boss will teleport on that player, dealing quite a lot of damage to them and stunning them. Just move in a bit closer in order to avoid getting stunned! You can block this, if you notice in time, but best is to avoid this attack.


Dark Ember

Dark Ember City of Ash 1

This boss in City of Ash 1 will appear after you have killed the first three bosses. She can cause a lot of damage on the group, if they are not aware of all the fire that is going on during this fight.

Lava Geyser: During the fight, the boss will summon pillars of flame underneath each player, causing quite a lot of flame damage on the players, especially if they are vampires! You can easily avoid these by stepping out of them.

Combustion: When the boss dies, it will explode. This will be indicated by a (by default) red circle. Just move out of this to avoid a moderate amount of damage!


Rothariel Flameheart

Rothariel Flameheart City of Ash 1

This boss in City of Ash 1 is not too hard, but definitely an obstacle before you reach the final boss. Don’t move back down the stairs if you have engaged her into combat, as she will reset and return to her position. Everybody should stand on the area where she starts out on.

Crushing Blow: Her Heavy Attack deals a lot of damage and will knock the player back that has her aggro (ideally the Tank). You can block this attack or dodge roll it.

Berserker Frenzy: (By default) A red circle will appear and indicate that she is going to cast an ability. This is a 360° attack that deals quite a lot of damage and should be avoided by stepping away from her.

Burning Field & Summon Clones: The first round of attack will be pools of fire that she casts on the ground, dealing a fire DoT (Damage over Time). This is directly followed by her summoning 3 clones, the other is the original. The DDs have to kill these clones and then continue killing her.


Razor Master Erthas – City of Ash 1 Endboss

Razor Master Erthas City of Ash 1

Razor Master Erthas is the last boss in City of Ash 1.

Lava Pitch: This is a ground target AoE (Area of Effect) that will spread out in 4 lines of fire. You can avoid these by stepping out of them.

Blazing Arrow: This is one of the fun mechanics in this game, which most people don’t even know about. The boss will hit you with a flame arrow and you will take a lot of damage over time for quite a while! If you notice you are burning, all you have to do is step into one of the smaller rivers and swim through it. This will automatically purge you from this debuff.

Summon Flame Atronach: During the fight the boss will summon flame atronachs. If you don’t have a high DPS, these should be killed. Otherwise, at around 20%, the boss will summon 4 Atronachs at once.

Teleport: From time to time, the boss will teleport away and go to a different platform between the smaller rivers. The only advice here is that if you have an Ultimate ready, wait until he has teleported or directly at the beginning of the fight.


Hardmode Razor Master Erthas

Hardmode doesn’t add any more skills, but instead buffs his HP from 4,703,728 to 5,409,287.

Skipping in City of Ash 1

There is no mentionable skip in City of Ash 1. However, you can jump down the waterfall to your left upon entering the dungeon and avoid two trashmob pulls.

Video Gameplay City of Ash 1

  • 1st Boss: Infernal Guardian – 2:09
  • 2nd Boss: Golor the Banekin Handler – 4:38
  • 3rd Boss: Warden of the Shrine – 5:04
  • 4th Boss: Dark Ember – 6:07
  • 5th Boss: Rothariel Flameheart – 7:07
  • Endboss: Razor Master Erthas – 7:55

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