A word from Alcast

In 2018 the Elder Scrolls Online as a game, the community and as a content creator have been a huge success. I want to thank the community and all people that supported me in some sort of way, be it Patreon, Twitch, Youtube, Website or Discord. All the support is very much appreciated and I am grateful to have such a nice community behind me. 2019 will be the most important year for me, I will finish school around July and can then finally focus on full time content creation. You can expect more stuff from me once I am done with that, especially a more stable Twitch live stream schedule, I know it is hard to catch me live stream as I never have fixed hours when I actually stream. I also plan to move to a new apartment and set up a full streaming room with the money from my Patreons that I saved (thanks!). Once that has happened, we are ready to roll! And as you have seen AlcastHQ.com had a lot of new content added to the website. Previously I mostly focused on builds, but since before Summerset launched I tried to create more guides for all kind of Elder Scrolls Online related things and more will follow in 2019!

A word from Woeler

2018 has been a wild ride for me. What started as a hobby, programming ESO projects such as Woeler.euESO-database, ESO-leaderboards and ESO Raidplanner and many more, almost became a second job. But one that I love. One could call it a hobby that got out of hand. Because of you, the community, and in particular my patrons I could expand our network infrastructure to heights I never would have imagined. Our network of websites is now powered by state of the art technology, and we are only able to sustain that because of you. Of course, we do not keep this resource to ourselves. We’ve given numerous ESO content creators free space on our servers. There is no reason others should pay for what we already have available anyway. After all, we all have the same goals. The same goes for other developers. All systems I’ve built come with an extensive api, that allow other developers to use the data to empower the applications they are building.

Looking back at 2018

As you have seen we have both teamed up on a lot of projects over the course of the year. In 2018 we released ESO-Sets.com and ESO-Skillbook.com (beta) with great success. We have also improved the overall performance of all our websites. Both ESO-Sets and ESO-Skillbook provide a lot of accurate information about sets and skills in the Elder Scrolls Online. Another great feature of those two websites is that they connect to our two main websites AlcastHQ.com and Woeler.eu to showcase accurate tooltips right away when you are checking out a build. We also heard to community feedback and implemented functions like Advanced Search and Set Comparison for ESO-Sets. Both Sets and Skillbook work great on mobile, so you can check out those websites without any issues while you are on your way home from work.

Another big project in 2018 was The Dwemer Automaton, an ESO themed Discord bot. This bot can deliver a variety of ESO related commands and news channel to your guild’s Discord server. We are very pleased to let you know that within about 6 months The Dwemer Automaton has grown to become the biggest Discord bot in the ESO universe. Serving over three thousand guilds, with that number growing every day.

Zenimax Online Studios also helped a lot of content creators in 2018 by creating the Official Elder Scrolls Online Stream Team. That way a lot of content creators have a better direct link to ZOS and also benefit from giveaway items and some other cool features to strengthen the community.

Thank you all so much for helping us grow a strong community to lead the way in ESO content creation! We are very much looking forward to what 2019 holds for us. We are very eager to learn about the next chapters in the ESO saga. But most of all, we are very eager and excited to start talking about upcoming projects that we have in the making for 2019.

We’ve got many exciting things in the pipeline for 2019, and we hope to see you there too! :)