Updated: Harrowstorm DLC
Type: Group Cyrodiil 12-16 Players

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Welcome to the Magicka Dragonknight Support Cyrodiil Group Build “Firelord” for Elder Scrolls Online. Make sure to bookmark the link as I will keep updating the build for each new Update of ESO. The Firelord Build is optimized for Organized Group Play of 12-16 in Cyrodiil.

This build is a 5-1-1 heavy setup with Ebon Armory, Shroud of the Lich and Bloodspawn. With the Dragonhold update, the sustain for MagDK has never been that bad. As a result, I strongly suggest to cover the Support role instead of a damage dealer to make it easier on yourself. This being said, it is still viable and possible to make it work as a dd for experienced players.

The Dragonknight can cover two different approaches as a Support role in a group environment. Offensive or Defensive. We will cover the offensive role for this build and this is why heavy armor makes perfect sense.

Our role is to anticipate the leader next movement’s decision and to sprint ahead with Race Against Time to the biggest pack of enemies during a push. As we pass throught them, we rotate between Choking Talons, Mystic Orb and Shifting Standard providing 3 of the 6 damage synergies used in group play.

We also support the group off healing when the health of our group members fluctuates alot by providing the Overflowing Altar synergy and by applying Healing Ward with the Perfect Mender's Ward which increase healing taken by 30% for 3 seconds.

We provide Siege Weapon Shield anytime our group stays stationary for a few seconds and backup Efficient Purge for heavy siege situations.

Last and not the least, we buff the entire raid with Major Sorcery / Brutality with Igneous Weapons which has its duration increased to 54 seconds in Dragonhold and a huge range of 36 meters.

This is just a quick introduction of how useful this Support role is in a group environment. We will cover the other skills in the Rotation and Combos section.

  • Optimized for Organized Group Play of 12-16 in Cyrodiil
  • Frost Staff and Resto Staff Setup
  • Heavy Armor
  • Great mitigation
  • Amazing synergies
  • Great Crowd Control

In case you don’t know what weaving light attacks is, make sure to check out the “Weaving Beginner Guide” which explains how to weave light attacks between abilities, aka animation canceling.

Resource Management

Ghastly Eye Bowl is the Food we use with this setup.

The Combustion synergy from Energy Orb, Wormcult buff always active, Resto heavy attacks and potions are our only sources of sustain.

Using a Synergy Cooldown tracking addon such as RDK Group Tools helps to make good use of energy orbs.

Consider slotting Spell Symmetry for additional magicka sustain.

  • Energy Orbs
  • Resto Heavy attacks
  • Wormcult
  • Potions

PvP Setup

Buffs: Major Resolve, Major Sorcery and Lich proc were active when I took the screenshot.


We run a 5-1-1 HA Setup with Ebon Armory, Shroud of the Lich, Bloodspawn and Perfect Mender's Ward.

ChestEbon ArmoryHeavyImpenetrableTri-Stat
BeltEbon ArmoryHeavyImpenetrableTri-Stat
ShoesEbon ArmoryHeavyImpenetrableTri-Stat
PantsEbon ArmoryHeavyImpenetrableTri-Stat
HandsEbon ArmoryHeavyImpenetrableTri-Stat
NecklaceShroud of the LichJewelryArcaneMagicka Recovery
RingShroud of the LichJewelryArcaneMagicka Recovery
RingShroud of the LichJewelryArcaneMagicka Recovery
Weapon 1Shroud of the LichFrost StaffDecisiveSpell Damage
Weapon 2Perfect Mender's WardResto StaffDefendingAbsorb Stamina

Where can I get the gear?

Ebon Armory: Crypt of Hearts I, Crypt of Hearts II
Shroud of the Lich Set: Crypt of Hearts I, Crypt of Hearts II
Bloodspawn: Spindleclutch II
Mender's Ward: Veteran Blackrose Prison


Race Against Time Choking Talons Mystic Orb Fossilize Elemental Blockade Shifting Standard

Overflowing Altar Igneous Weapons Efficient Purge Healing Ward Siege Weapon Shield Replenishing Barrier
Frost Staff MainbarResto Staff off bar
Slot 1: Race Against TimeSlot 1: Overflowing Altar
Slot 2: Choking TalonsSlot 2: Igneous Weapons
Slot 3: Mystic OrbSlot 3: Efficient Purge
Slot 4: FossilizeSlot 4: Healing Ward
Slot 5: Blockade of FrostSlot 5: Siege Weapon Shield
Ultimate: Shifting StandardUltimate : Replenishing Barrier

Skills Explanation

  • Race Against Time: Use this offensively to sprint into a pack of enemies with Major Expedition and defensively to remove roots and snares.
  • Mystic Orb: Use this skill offensively to provide the damage from the synergy and defensively to provide the sustain from the synergy.
  • Fossilize: Use this skill to take down tanks, players trying to resurrect, burn sieges or enemy group leaders.
  • Blockade of Frost: You want to use this skill mainly during the kitting phase or when being stationnary for an extended period of time.
  • Overflowing Altar: Cast this skill on cooldown or as you move to a new location.
  • Efficient Purge: With this setup you are not a main Purger in the raid. You provide backup purges during heavy siege situations.
  • Healing Ward: Spam Ward on people getting stuck in the back for multiple reasons. Both morphs of this skill work and stack together.
  • Siege Weapon Shield: Reapply as you move during heavy siege scenarios, especially during keep fights.
  • Shifting Standard: Alternate between Choking Talons and Mystic Orbs. Everytime you shift, a new Shackle synergy is available.
  • Replenishing Barrier: Back up Barrier when the others are down. With a Decisive front bar weapon, Bloodspawn and Nord passives, it will be back up in seconds.

Rotation and Combos

Prebuffing Phase

With a Warden casting Expansive Frost Cloak to apply Major Resolve to the whole group, you don’t need to run Hardened Armor.

Before any engagement, you want to make sure to maintain the following buffs from your abilities :

Offensive window

In a magicka group focus, the leader will usually start an engagement by doing a countdown of Proximity Detonation. As you hear the countdown, cast Igneous Weapons and Overflowing Altar, then cast Race Against Time and sprint to the biggest pack of enemies before the leader even calls for it. Since you have to anticipate the decision, I recommend this role to be covered by an experienced player who has played with the leader for quite some time and is used to his calls.

Sprint throught the enemies in the direction they are going and alternate between Choking Talons and Mystic Orb.

Reapply Race Against Time to remove roots when needed. Cast Elemental Blockade if stationnary or when pushing back around corners or in choke points.

Ultimate Combo

Anytime you see 4 enemies or more stacked together, drop your Shifting Standard ahead of them and alternate between Choking Talons every global cooldown.

Kiting Phase

During the kitting phase, keep your buffs up and apply Elemental Blockade, especially around corners or in choke points.

During keep or resource fights, recast Siege Weapon Shield when stationnary for a few seconds. Use Efficient Purge during heavy siege.

When people call for help or when you see them in danger, cast Healing Ward to provide them with Major Vitality.

Champion Points [810]

The Ritual
The Apprentice
100 Blessed, 100 Elfborn, 2 Spell Erosion, 37 Elemental Expert
The Shadow
39 Befoul, 51 Tumbling, 28 Shadow Ward
The Lover
75 Arcanist, 23 Tenacity
The Tower
51 Warlord, 1 Siphoner, 2 Sprinter
The Lord
11 Quick Recovery
The Lady
56 Hardy, 56 Elemental Defender, 56 Thick Skinned
The Steed
66 Ironclad, 25 Resistant

Championpoints [600]

The Ritual
31 Thaumaturge
The Apprentice
64 Blessed, 61 Elfborn, 12 Spell Erosion, 32 Elemental Expert
The Shadow
37 Befoul, 31 Tumbling, 31 Shadow Ward
The Lover
64 Arcanist
The Tower
31 Warlord, 6 Sprinter
The Lord
11 Quick Recovery
The Lady
43 Hardy, 43 Elemental Defender, 43 Thick Skinned
The Steed
40 Ironclad, 20 Resistant

Important Info


Ghastly Eye Bowl

Mundus Stone

The Atronach (Increased Magicka Recovery)




Immovability Potions 
(CC Immunity, Health, Magicka)
(Bugloss, Namira’s Rot, Columbine)
Essence of Immovability Health and Mag



Soon TM

Update Log

12.17.2019 Updated Build by FrozyESO for the Dragonhold DLC, Magicka Dragonknight Support Cyrodiil Group Build.