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Maelstrom Arena Introduction for Elder Scrolls Online

Introduction & when should you start with Maelstrom

Welcome to the veteran Maelstrom Arena Build Section. First you will see a short introduction to the Arena, after that I present you the setup for the class you have chosen. I do recommend having a minimum of 300 Championpoints before you try veteran Maelstrom Arena. The build will be balanced around 300 Championpoints to help newer players to find the right edge to complete veteran Maelstrom Arena! When the Maelstrom Arena originally was release, we also had 300 Championpoints available. You will also find Maelstrom Build Setups for each of my Trial/Dungeon Builds with maxed out CP.

Maelstrom Arena Playlist is a Youtube playlist dedicated to show off Maelstrom Runs and Guides.

How Difficult is Maelstrom?

Veteran Maelstrom Arena is the most difficult Solo content. It can take you a few hours or up to weeks to finish veteran Maelstrom Arena depending on your skillset! Situational awarness and reaction time are key to success. You will struggle at the beginning, no matter what. However, once you know the spawns of the mobs and which of those to focus first you will be able to complete it at some point, just do not give up too soon! I also do recommend using Sigils, those help tremendoulsy for completing the Arena, especially when you are not at maxium Championpoints.

What to expect from the Arena?

The veteran Maelstrom Arena has chains of lakes full of tears from players, I am not even exaggerating. It is flat out brutal, especially for people that have never cleared it before. The incoming damage from the monsters is insanse. Some monster literally oneshot you, most others take away about half your health in one hit. Because you are new to the Arena, you do not exactly know where the monsters spawn, you do not know which ones to focus first and you do not know what kind of attacks the monsters have in there. Those are the things you need to learn first.

What is the easiest setup to complete veteran Maelstrom Arena?

Setups that have big shields available & ranged playstyle are favoured. Which means, especially magicka Sorcerers and magicka Nightblades are a good way to start with the Arena. Those two setups are especially beginners friendly because they have big shields, good heals while dealing damage and a ranged fightstyle. However, if you want you can complete it with any setup you love, it will just be more difficult because most other setups require you to go melee. And being melee means there is a lot more incoming damage because you can not run away (kite) from the mobs while killing them.

The level of difficulty is ranked with the base gear setup & 300 Championpoints.

Level of difficultyClasses
EasyMagicka Sorcerer, Magicka Nightblade
NormalMagicka Templar, Magicka Dragonknight, Magicka Warden
HardStamina Sorcerer, Stamina Nightblade, Stamina Warden
InsanityStamina Templar, Stamina Dragonknight

You can find the beginner builds here:

Magicka Sorcerer
Magicka Nightblade
Magicka Templar
Magicka Dragonknight

Gear used

Law of Julianos
Mother's Sorrow
Valkyn Skoria

Kiting & Shields

Now you might wonder, why do magicka setups and ranged builds have an easier time in Maelstrom Arena? Magicka setups have access to huge shields that simply bolster all incoming damage, basically nullifying the damage. When your health drops low because your shield drops for a second, reapply it and get your health back up. Kiting means running away from the monsters and still doing damage to it. As most magicka setups have a ranged playstyle, you can simply avoid 70% of the damage in the Maelstrom Arena running away from the monsters and killing them.

Maelstrom Arena Guide

Here you can see one example of a shield. This shield is from Harness Magicka light armor skill-line. Before my health even gets touched the shield can absorb almost 13,000 damage. And you can reapply it before it is used up or ran out. One important thing, the shield lasts for 6 seconds so make sure no to drop it!


You can find a total of four different Sigils in Maelstrom Arena. Two of those are very important. The Shield Sigil gives you huge damage mitigation and makes all ranged attacks ricochet back to the attacker, basically making you immune to ranged attacks. The Axe gives you a lot more damage output. The Sigils reappear after every wave, so you can use plenty of them. In my videos I am also using those Sigils to show you how you can utilize them perfectly!

Maelstrom Arena GuideMaelstrom Arena Guide