Fishing Guide for Elder Scrolls Online ESO

 Fishing Guide ESO

Fishing Guide

Fishing became quite useful in ESO because of the Perfect Roe drop which allows you to create EXP drinks. You can find fishing holes all over Tamriel. Your chance is increased to catch Rare Fishes when you fish in groups (5% chance for one person, 10% with two people, 15% with three people and 25% with four or more people). Make sure that you take the right bait, otherwise you will never catch fishes!

Type Bait 1 (drop all over Tamriel) Bait 2 (drop from fishing)
Ocean (Saltwater) Worms Chub
Lake (Freshwater) Guts Minnow
River (River Fish) Insects Shad
Foul (Foul Fish) Crawlers Fish Roe



Rare Fish -> goes into achievements, sell them to vendors

Fish -> filet them, see below

Furnishing -> place them in your home

Wet Gunny Sack -> include materials

Used Bait -> useless, if you use wrong bait


Hissmir Fish-Eye Rye drink

If you drink this, you are able to see the fishing holes much clearer and it shows you what type of water it is when you point on it. This is very useful if you don’t have any addons.



When you filet the fishes (white fishes), you have a chance of getting Perfect Roe which can be used in provisioning to create EXP drinks or sell them for a high price in trading guilds.

You can craft the following Food & Drink with Perfect Roe:


Psijic Ambrosia

To get Psyijic Ambrosia recipe, you first need to find 7 fragments so you can convert them. You will get those fragments by doing the provisioning crafting writs.

Orzorga’s Smoked Bear Haunch

To get the Orzorga’s Smoked Bear Haunch you needthe receipt and the following ingredients (Perfect Roe, Tomato, White Cap, Frost Mirriam, Red Meat)



If you have caught all the Rare Fishes (achievements) in all non DLC zones, you get the title Master Angler and you will be able to buy the furnishing Fishing Vessel boat. There are also furnishings (like fishes) you get while fishing, which you can place in your home.


Rare Fish Tracker Addon

Rare Fish Tracker helps you keep track of the rare fish you have caught in your pursuit of fishing achievements. This add-on gives you a handy display window that automatically detects your current zone, the fishing achievement related to that zone, and your progress toward that achievement; and displays this info for you.

Fish are listed first by zone, then by rarity (color). You can choose whether the add-on highlights the fish you have caught or the fish you still need, move the window, and adjust its transparency. A keybinding allows you to show and hide the window with a keypress.

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