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Beginner Guides for ESO

Welcome to the beginner section of the AlcastHQ website. All the content here is made for Elder Scrolls Online and is directed at new players or people that just returned to the game.

New Player Beginner Guide for ESO

I highly recommend reading the New Player Beginners Guide which really touches on all basics of ESO and makes sure you do not forget anything important when you start your adventure!


General Beginner Guides for ESO

Next up you can also find a few more specific beginner guides not related to classes:

Class Beginner Guides

You can also find a lot of Beginner Class Guides and Builds below, please start with the guide and then move on to the Beginner Build (Stamina Beginner Builds will follow soon).


You can also take a look at all the CRAFTING guides you need for the Elder Scrolls Online.


Sets, Skills & Housing

On ESO-Sets.com you can find all Elder Scrolls Online Sets up to date for every new patch. In addition, you can also make use of the compare and advanced search function of the website.


On ESO-Skillbook.com you can find all Elder Scrolls Online skills, up to date for every new patch. In addition, you can also find an advanced search function and a complete Champion Points Leveling Calculator on the website.


On ESO-Housing.com you can find all Elder Scrolls Online Housing Items. There are approximately 9000 items on this website! Some of the nice features that this site has is a complete housing guide, list of all furniture achievements, full list of all vendors you can find across Tamriel, Luxury Furnisher archive and an advanced search function. You can also submit your own Images and locations of items that you know to help us make the list more complete, thanks!


Champion Points Calculator

This is a tool for people who are currently leveling champion points. This calculator will help you find the optimal leveling path to your 810 points goal. Simply choose your class and role and enter the number of points you have at the moment.

Champion Points Calculator

The list here shows the beginner guides by popularity.