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Ode to Alcast

Sandro, the new born baby boy
the-to-be Elder Scrolls Online joy,
swore his first rant
in beautiful Switzerland.

He became a legendary member
of Hodor, a PVE guild to remember.
They dominate the leaderboards
cause they run trials with 8 pet sorcs.

Pride and Glory of Cyrodiil
master of the xv1 kill,
passed his knowledge onto many
and did not claim a single penny.

His Twitch and Youtube channel,
his guidance at the ESO panel!
And this homepage made for you.
It shall support all, elite or new.

So if you enjoy the content
you could donate one or two cent.
Become one of Alcast Patreon’s
for only a month or the next eon.

Follow him on Twitter or Facebook,
It allows you to get the latest look
at secret information and guides
and you never want to ever change sides.

Now let us all unite
under the warm and sunny light
of Alcast’s Argonian heart
and let that roleplay start.

Thanks to frau_kanone for the beautiful “Ode to Alcast” masterpiece!

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