Outfit System Dragon Bones for Elder Scrolls Online ESO

Outfit System Dragon Bones DLC

With the Outfit System, you can change the appearance of your equipment to reflect any of your known crafting styles by visiting an Outfit Station (formerly known as Dye Stations). Whether you’re wearing Light, Medium, or Heavy armor, you’ll be able to alter its appearance, allowing you to always look your very best – and exactly how you want.

  • Dye stations will be updated to outfit stations, along with the ones that already are in your homes.
  • Hirarchy: Costumes > Outfits > Gear. This means that Costumes will overwrite the look of Outfits and Gear. Outfits will overwrite the look of your Gear. This also means that the Tabbard will not be visible with a full Outfit. if you choose to only apply for example Head & Shoulders, then the Tabbard should still show (this has not been fully confirmed).
  • Each character has one outfit slot, this means that you can individually create different outfits for each of your characters!
  • Each piece can be transformed individually. You can make light armor look like heavy armor and you can also change your Monster Helmet to something else.
  • You can also only change for example Head and Shoulder and leave the rest of the gear the same, the outfit system will only “overwrite” the Head and Shoulder and leave the other stuff like it was.
  • You will be able to also use lower level Styles for your max level armor. For example, there are 270 different leg styles that you can costumize.
  • Creating Outfits costs gold and the cost is dependant on how rare the style is. Base styles cost 100 gold per piece and the fancy ones cost 2000 gold per piece.
  • The Outfit system is account wide.
  • You can also Dye the color of your Weapons!
  • You can make a Sword look like an Axe, as long as it is in the same category. So for example you can not make a Bow look like an Axe.

Rich Lambert said that for Update 17 Dragon Bones the Outfit System will be based on crafting motifs but they have more planned. Rumours are that they plan to add Monster Set Styles and maybe even Costumes later on to the Outfit System!

Full Video Preview of the new System

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