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Summerset isles

With the embargo being lifted for some parts of the new Summerset Isles Chapter update, I want to give you a general overview of the changes I have seen at the ZOSHQ playtesting event.

Also keep in mind this is not a complete list of all the new things and changes that are coming. You can also find another article about the Summerset isles Chapter where I list up all of the new features of the new Summerset Isles Chapter, I will also be updating that article on the go the more information we get.

Keep in mind, those changes are not final, this is pre-PTS information


  • Itemization Changes
    • Two Handed Weapons
    • Set Changes
    • Light/ Heavy Attacks scaling
  • Jewelry Crafting
  • Class Balance Changes
  • Psijic Order Skill-line
  • Other
  • Feedback

Itemization Changes

Two Handed Weapons

Two Handed Weapons now count as two set pieces, thus making Staves and Two Handers worth two slots. This is an insane change and will impact balance and the possibilities of set combinations by a lot, especially for magicka setups as they are the most common users of two handed weapons.

Set Changes

Nightmother’s Gaze and Sunderflame five piece bonus were completely changed, both now apply Major Fracture instead of individual penetration bonuses.

Light and Heavy Attacks

Light and Heavy Attacks now scale differently, they now scale about the same with Magicka/ Stamina as with Spell/ Weapon damage. Therefore, weaving will be even more important from now on as the overall damage of both Light and Heavy Attacks got increased by a lot.

Jewelry Crafting

With jewelry crafting being introduced for Summerset Isles, we will also get 6 new traits, so we will be able to choose from a total of 9 different jewelry traits:

  • Robust – Increase Stamina by 870
  • Healthy – Increase Health by 957
  • Arcane – Increase Magicka by 870
  • Bloodthirsty – Increase execute damage by 20% when enemy is below 25%
  • Harmony – Increases the potency of Damage, Healing, Recovery & Damage Shields granted by Synergies by 35%
  • Infused – Increases the effect of the enchantment by 60%
  • Triune – Increases health, magicka, stamina by 435
  • Protective – Adds 1844 Physical resistance
  • Swift – Increased movement speed by 10%

Crafted Jewelry is sellable, so everyone can have access to this. Dropped jewelry needs to be re-traited in a Transmute station, to research the traits you need to own Summerset isles Chapter.

Class Balance Changes for Summerset Isles

I will list the abilities that got changed up as good as I can remember them, keep in mind that there will most likely be further changes for the Summerset isles Chapter. The main focus was making most classes more versatile, so a lot of the changes were directed towards under used morphs.


  • Combustion Passive
    • Every time you apply burning/poison, you can gain 500 magicka or stamina, this has a 5 seconds cooldown and both effects can proc seperately. So you can basically get 500 magicka and stamina every 5 seconds if you proc both status effects.
  • Cauterize
    • Radius got upgraded to 28 meters.
  • Reflective Plate
    • When activated, this now also removes all snares from you.
  • Stone Giant
    • Now grants Minor Ward
  • Fragmented Shield
    • This now applies Major Mending for 4-5 seconds.
  • Cinder Storm
    • This now heals instead of dealing damage, snare still applies to enemies.


  • Conjured Ward
    • This now also gives 10% increased max shields
  • Hardened Ward
    • Instead of 30% increased max shield, this now gives 20% increased max shield. (Value will be the same in the end as before)
  • Bound Armaments
    • This is no longer a toggle. 11% Light Attack dmg now instead Heavy Attack.
  • Bound Aegis
    • This is no more a toggle, when activated you will increase your block mitigation by 20% for 3 seconds, still gives the 8% resource buff.
  • Rune Cage
    • Instead of 2.5s stun, this now stuns for 5 seconds.
  • Daedric Mines
    • Reduced the cost by about 1000 magicka.
  • Lightning Flood
    • This now deals 15% more damage.


  • Bolstering Darkness
    • Now applies Major Protection to people who stand in the circle and the effect lasts for another 8 seconds after leaving the circle.
  • Dark Cloak
    • This morph was completely changed, this now heals for 33% of your max health. Does not put you in stealth anymore.
  • Strife
    • Increased the cost to match Force Pulse cost.
  • Dark Shade
    • Dark Shades is now Dark Shade, and the shade now applies Minor Maim to all targets in a radius around the shade via a spinning AoE cleave.


  • Puncturing Sweeps (And maybe also dmg increase for jabs, can’t recall)
    • Increased the damage done and healing received from this skill by 5%.
  • Solar Disturbance
    • Snare effect will go on for 4 seconds after leaving the AoE.
  • Dark Flare
    • Debuffs from this ability now apply even if the enemy dodges the attack.
  • Honor the Dead
    • Magicka returned from this skill is now completed after 4 seconds instead of 6 seconds.
  • Healing Ritual
    • This is now instant cast, cost was increased tremendously.
  • Enduring Rays Passive
    • This now increases the time of Sun Fire, Eclipse and Nova abilities by 2 seconds instead of 30%.


  • Shimmering Shield
    • Increased the cost of this skill
  • Arctic Wind
    • Increased initial heal by 20%
  • Bursting Vines
    • Instantly generates 10 Ultimates when cast on ally below 60% HP.
  • Deep Fissure
    • Now grants Major Breach, but no longer stuns the target

Fighters Guild

  • Silver Leash
    • This now pulls targets to you (Like Chains do), still costs Stamina.

Weapon Skill Line

  • Deadly Cloak: Damage reduced by 40%.

Effect Changes

  • Empower
    • Empower was completely reworked, instead of getting a 20% damage bonus on the next attack you now gain 40% more damage on your next Light attack.

Psijic Order Skill-Line with Summerset Isles

This is not the full list, I can only remember some of the abilities/passives.

  • Undo
    • When activated, you will regain your resources that you had 4 seconds ago. One of the morph also makes it possible to activate it while you are stunned.
  • Meditate
    • once cast, the player enters a meditative state, restoring Health, Magicka and Stamina every second. One morph grants you more resources per second, while the other gives you Major Protection during the channel. The skill can be bashed, but is not otherwise interrupted by incoming damage, although you are locked in place while channeling and cannot move.
  • Time Stop
    • This skill involves the player selecting an 8-meter radius area, and players in the area immediately begin to slow down. After 1.5s, any target within the radius of the skill are frozen-in-time for an additional 3s. If you manage to get out of the area before the 1.5s cast completes, you’ll be safe – but otherwise, this is a hard stun, very similar to the stun from the Warden Sleet Storm ultimate – it drops block and roots you.
  • Imbue Weapons
    • Casting this skill applies a buff that adds extra Physical Damage to your next two Light Attacks for 2s. One morph turns this into a Magicka skill and applies a random status effect (Burning, Concussed or Chilled). The other morph heals the caster for 15% of the damage done.
  • Acceleration
    • This skill is an instant-cast Magicka skill that grants you 3s of Major Expedition and 12s of Minor Force. One morph reduces the cost of Sprint by 50% for 12s, while the other morph becomes a channeled skill, but triples the duration (to 36s).
  • Unknown Skill
    • Your Light attacks now heal your group members.
  • Unknown Passive
    • You gain a 10k shield while blocking, this slowly recharges after you drop block.



All snares and CCs should have a duration that reflects its potency larger snares will now generally be much shorter, while small snares last longer.

Multi Core CPU Support

Multi Core CPU Support is coming with Update 18. This will hopefully help the performance of ESO by quite a bit.

Feedback at ZOSHQ Event

Feedback was mostly directed towards the overall “health” of the game, things we talked about:

  • New Psijic Skill-line
  • Jewelry Crafting
  • New Mini-Trial
  • New Zone
  • New Sets
  • Class Balance Changes (Focused on healing/tanking)
  • Frost Staff Tanking
  • Animations
  • New Base Game features
  • DPS Tests
  • Non-Combat related content
  • and many more that I can not recall at the moment.

More Information

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