Stamina Templar Build for PvP Elder Scrolls Online ESO

Stamina Templar build for pvp

Stamina Templar Build “Plague”


Welcome to the Stamina Templar Build “Plague” for Elder Scrolls Online. Make sure to bookmark the link as I will keep updating the build for each new Update of ESO.

The “Plague” build is a heavy armor stamina Templar build for PvP. It works both for the Championpoints & Non-Championpoints campaign.

General Information

The “Plague” build is focusing on debuffing the enemy via heal debuffs from Fasalla’s Guile Set & Reverbating Bash skill from the Sword & Shield skill-tree. This makes it very hard for the enemies to heal back up. Especially in a group environment this can be fatal to the enemy group. This build also works on the Non-Championpoints campaign with some minor adjustments which I will explain down below. We are also almost immune versus enemy DoT builds as we simply can cleanse away negative effects with Extended Ritual. To success with this build, it is very important that you are aware of the combos that you need to kill your enemies. i explain those combos in the 2nd part of the video.

  • Insane heal debuffs
  • Good resource management
  • Very tanky
  • Heavy Armor
  • High burst damage combos
  • Almost “DoT” immune (Damage over Time)
  • Works on Non-Championpoints campaign

Gear [Best in Slot]

One Fasalla’s Guile set is enough in a group? In case someone else is already using Fasalla’s Guile set, you can swap it out for Blackrose to gain some more sustain!

Gear Set Weight Trait Enchantment
Chest Fasalla’s Guile Heavy Impenetrable Tri-Stat Glyph
Belt Fasalla’s Guile Heavy Impenetrable Stamina
Shoes Fasalla’s Guile Heavy Impenetrable Stamina
Pants Fasalla’s Guile Heavy Impenetrable Tri-Stat Glyph
Hands Fasalla’s Guile Heavy Impenetrable Stamina
Head Velidreth/ Selene Light Impenetrable Tri-Stat Glyph
Shoulder Velidreth/ Selene Medium Impenetrable Stamina
Necklace Viper Sting Jewelry Robust Weapon Damage
Ring Viper Sting Jewelry Robust Weapon Damage
Ring Viper Sting Jewelry Robust Weapon Damage
Weapon 1 S&B Viper Sting Dagger Sharpened Damage Health Poison
Weapon 1 S&B Viper Sting Shield Impenetrable Stamina
Weapon 2 2H Viper Sting/ MSA 2H Sword Sharpened Drain Magicka Poison

Gear [Easy to get setup]

The sets that are listed here can all be easily obtained through the Guildstore or via the Tel Var Merchant in Imperial City. You will have a very high stamina pool with this setup. Which is great for the beginning because it might take a while to get used to the resource mangement side of the stamina Templar build.

Gear Set Weight Trait Enchantment
Chest Black Rose Heavy Impenetrable Stamina
Belt Black Rose Heavy Impenetrable Stamina
Shoes Black Rose Heavy Impenetrable Stamina
Pants Black Rose Heavy Impenetrable Stamina
Hands Black Rose Heavy Impenetrable Stamina
Head Tremorscale Medium Impenetrable Stamina
Shoulder Tremorscale Light Impenetrable Stamina
Necklace Agility Jewelry Robust Weapon Damage
Ring Agility Jewelry Robust Weapon Damage
Ring Agility Jewelry Robust Weapon Damage
Weapon 1 S&B Warrior’s Fury 1H Weap Sharpened Drain Health Poison
Weapon 1 S&B Warrior’s Fury Shield Any Trait Stamina
Weapon 2 Warrior’s Fury 2H Axe Sharpened Drain Health Poison

Where can I get the gear?

Fasalla’s Guile: Guildvendor, PVP Rewards of the worthy
Velidreth: Cradle of Shadows
Viper Sting: Fungual Grotto (Sharpened Dagger drops on 2nd boss in Fungual 2 normal)
Warrior’s Fury: Rewards of the Worthy/ Guildstore
Agility: Imperial City Vaults/ Guildstore
Black Rose: Imperial City Tel Var Merchant/ Guildstore

Black Rose armor pieces only cost 5k Tel Var per piece in impenetrable, so it is pretty easy to get. The weapons need to be purchased from the Black Rose purple boxes which cost 3k Telvar each. Droprate is not that good, so it might take you a while to get the right trait! Also you can buy it from the Guildstores if people sell them!


Stamina Templar Build pvp

Extended Ritual vs Ritual of Retribution: You might think, why not use Ritual of Retribution for some extra damage? I do prefer Extended Ritual because it cleanses up to 5 negative effects on yourself, whereas Ritual of Retribution only cleanses two negative effects. And we will have a lot of negative effects on us in pvp, so go for Extended Ritaul.

Shielded Assault vs Invasion: Invasion stuns the enemy longer, tho most enemies will immediately break free anyway. Shielded Assault provides a small shield which helps more then you think. Why? Once we have a shield on us, no matter how small it is, the next hit can not be a critical strike because shields can not be critical striked. So it offers very good protection.

Sword & Shield Mainbar Two-Hander bar
Slot 1: Shielded Assault Slot 1: Rally
Slot 2: Reverbating Bash Slot 2: Repentance
Slot 3: Biting Jabs Slot 3: Reverse Slice
Slot 4: Extended Ritual Slot 4: Binding Javelin
Slot 5: Resolving Vigor Slot 5: Power of the Light
Ultimate: Spell Wall Ultimate: Dawnbreaker of Smiting

Championpoints [600 CP]

The Ritual
90 Mighty, 40 Piercing, 10 Thaumaturge
The Attronarch
30 Shattering Blows
The Apprentice
30 Blessed
The Shadow
50 Tumbling
The Lover
50 Mooncalf
The Tower
100 Warlord
The Lord
20 Quick Recovery
The Lady
80 Hardy, 60 Elemental Defender
The Steed
40 Resistant

Championpoints for Stamina Templar Build [300 CP]

The Ritual
80 Mighty
The Attronarch
The Apprentice
20 Blessed
The Shadow
The Lover
20 Tenacity
The Tower
80 Warlord
The Lord
The Lady
50 Hardy, 50 Elemental Defender
The Steed

Important Info for Stamina Templar Build “Plague”

Here you can find information about what race, buff-food, potions & poisons you want to use. I also do list all the passives that you need for this setup.

Braised Rabbit with Spring Vegetables (Max Health+Max Stamina)
Dubious Camoran Throne (Max Health+Max Stamina+Stamina Recovery)

Mundus Stone
The Serpent (Increased Stamina Recovery)

Redguard (Recommended)

Immovable Potion
(Stamina, CC Immunity, Speedbuff)
(Columbine, Namiras Root, Blessed Thistle)

Immovable Potion
(Health,Stamina, CC Immunity)
(Columbine, Namiras Root, Mounntain Flower)

Drain Health Posion
(Butterfly, Spider egg, Bugloss)

 Drain Magicka Poisons
Imp Stool, Emetic Russula, White Cap

In case you are still unsure on how to mix the ingredients together, you can check out a alchemy simulator here: Alchemy Simulator 

You will need the following passives:
Aedric Spear, Dawns Wrath, Restoring Light, Heavy Armor, Sword & Shield, Two-Hander, Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Undaunted, Assault, Support Alchemy: Medicinal Use

Non-Championpoints setup
The only thing you need to change is your buff-food. Make sure to use the Dubious Camoran Throne Drink which was introduced with the Jesters Festival. The Drink provides you with Max Health, Max Stamina and Stamina Recovery!

Update Log

03.04.2017 Added Youtube Video + Added new Drink to the Buff-food section “Dubious Camoran Throne Drink”

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